Did you understand that you deserve to save the photos you take with yourAndroid phone directly to the SD card? whether you"re rocking anold-schoolGalaxy S3, or a (relatively) newGalaxy S10, you have the right to save storage an are on the phone by pushing your shotsstraight come theSD card. Some versions of Android and specific Android skin don"t officially allow you perform this, yet it"s tho possible.Read ~ above to uncover out how.

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The procedure for most phones is relatively similar, therefore it can be used to virtually any Android phone v a MicroSD card slot. If the steps might differ a bit from phone to phone, or in between Android versions, you"ll usually discover your way if girlfriend dig roughly a bit.


How to save photos to SD map on Android 11

Phones to run a stock version of Android 11 may suffer from the lack of an option to save photos to microSD cards. The being said, the is constantly a an excellent option to inspect your camera settings prior to you start in search of solutions.

This is because, on some phones to run stock Android, the option to conserve photos come the SD card might not show up unless you insert one SD map in the first place. That is, therefore, always a great idea to insert the card and then inspect for the choice within the camera settings.

Here"s just how we saved the default storage space to one SD card on a phone running MIUI 12 based on Android 11.

Open the "Camera" app.Tap the three lines to open up camera options.Tap "Settings".Make certain the "Save come SD card" choice is selected.

In case you still execute not check out the alternative to save to SD card, you can want to explore the alternatives given below.

How to conserve photosto SD card on Oreo, Pie, or Android 10

Google is no a pan of microSD cards and also so the default Android camera app won"t allow you save to SD card on Android phones running Android Oreo, Android Pie, or Android 10. However there room workarounds for this. While the ispossible to collection a microSD map as interior storage, it"s simpler just to download a camera app that will let you conserve to microSD through default. One of the apps we recommend is the one called CameraMX.


Just open up the app, open up the setups with the equipment icon, check Custom storage location and select your SD card.

Camera MX - photograph & video Camera

How to conserve photosto SD map on Android Marshmallow

The an initial thing you have to store images directly in the exterior memory is one SD card. Insert it right into your phone,open the camera application and also a messagewill show up asking if you desire to adjust the storage ar to the SD card. The exact same popup wake up on most tools when opened the camera app after inserting one SD card.Agree to your phone"s request and all future pictures will be stored in the exterior memory card. Simple.

If by some possibility this article doesn’t appear, or you have an SD map in her phone already,you have to configure the manually. To perform this, yougo come Settings in the camera appand scroll under to Storage. That"s where you room able come choose between Device andMemory Card.

Be aware, the on Marshmallow, girlfriend now also have the choice to format an SD map as inner storage, an interpretation your photos will immediately be stored on it there is no doing any of the above. However if you execute this, the card will only job-related on the phone friend formatted that on. That method you have actually to attach your phone come a computer via USB if you desire to manually move files. The map itself will certainly not be known by any other devices. Read much more about this here:


How to conserve photosto SD card on Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop changedthings again, making it less complicated toset the save location for picture (as well together safer). Apps as soon as again haveread and also write access to directories on removable storage. All you should do is make sure your phone has a camera app with anAPI that provides use of thenew permissions. If your stock camera won"t permit you save to the SD card, you have the right to download a different camera app. Check the settings in the app and look for a storage option.

How to save photosto SD card on Android 4.4 KitKat

Android 4.4 KitKat doesn"t like SD cards so much andimages are saved in the interior memory by defaultwith no easy means to adjust the save location.One basic solution is come downloadthe MX Camera application in i beg your pardon you"llfind alternatives to select the storage destination for pictures. The app is may be tooverride KitKat"s preferences.

Simply open the application and go to Settings, then Camera and lastly Customsave location.


How to conserve photosto SD map on Samsung devices

Samsung has slowly started retiring the SD card slot on most of that is high end devices. Top top its lower-end models, the choice still remains. Here"s just how you have the right to save photos come SD cards on more recent Samsung tools running OneUI.

Insert the SD map properly.Once the card is inserted, open the settings menu and also tap maker care".Make sure that the SD card shows up in ~ the bottom.

Note: If the map doesn"t display up here, girlfriend won"t have the ability to proceed further.

Once this is done, continue to the 2nd step.

Open the Camera app and then tap theSettings icon ~ above the height left corner.Scroll down and also look for the Storage location option and select SD card.

That"s it!

How to save photos to SD card on old Samsung devices

On older Samsung phones, just insert one SD card and also open the camera app. All being well, you will be presented through a home window offering friend the alternative to usage the SD card as your storage option of choice.


If girlfriend don"t take place to see this window, climate you deserve to open the Settings menu in the camera application (the equipment icon) and scroll down toStorage location,press it and selectedMemory card.Job done.

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Do you save your photos come an SD card? What execute you feel space the benefits anddangers? let us recognize in the comments.