For the 99.9% of americans who endure from short Battery Anxiety, a few sneaky culprits can be draining her phone"s juice there is no you even realizing it. These tricks space so valuable in saving battery life, also Wonder Woman would approve.

1. Clock how warm or cold your phone gets.

Extreme temps make her phone job-related harder to perform and also can drainpipe your battery life in doing so. Apple recommends maintaining your maker between 32 and also 95 degrees Fahrenheit for it to operate best.

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2. Don"t close your apps.

You may have heard that clearing "em out will conserve battery life, but it"s a myth. Frequently swiping as much as close apps actually offers up more battery power and makes her phone run slower.

3. Usage low power mode.


It"s simple: walk to settings > Battery and also select Low power Mode. You"ll hardly notification a difference, however the attribute turns off battery drainers prefer mail fetch, automatically downloads and details visual effects. It additionally lowers your phone"s brightness.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ~ above the go.


When these features are left on, your phone supplies up precious battery life by looking for a connection. Girlfriend can easily turn this on and also off in iOS 11 by swiping up and tapping the Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth signs in the top left box.

5. But do affix to Wi-Fi when it"s available.


using 4G or LTE soaks increase the many battery, for this reason it"s precious it come manually log in onto a Wi-Fi network once you can. Execute this by walk to settings > Wi-FI and also manually selecting a network.

6. Find out i beg your pardon of her apps room using the many battery.


walk into setting > Battery for a list of apps that space draining her phone the most. There could be seldom-used apps that are sucking away your battery life unnecessarily.

7. Revolve down her brightness.


It renders looking at her phone simpler on her eyes and is a super simple way to save battery life. Just swipe increase in iOS11 and also you can drag the level under to your heart"s desire.

8. Rotate off Bluetooth if you"re in ~ it.

You likely don"t require it on unless you room pairing her phone v another maker (like wireless headphones). You deserve to toggle it off by swiping up and clicking the switch with 2 triangles in the top left box.

9. Look the end for Background application Refresh.

This feature is good for keeping your apps up to date automatically, but it"s also a secret battery killer. You have the right to disable and manually update your apps by walk to setup > basic > Background application Refresh and choose "Off."

10. Turn off notifications for non-essential apps.

Chances room you don"t require notifications indigenous that video game you play when you"re bored, and also the continuous alerts room wiping the life from your phone. Walk to setup > notification to select your preferences for every app.

11. Ditch vibrate mode.

It sound unreal, however having your phone collection to buzz because that every call, message or notification drains your battery much an ext than silent or loud mode. Move to among the last to prolong your phone"s life.

12. Always install iOS updates.

Yes, a significant one (looking at you, iOS 11!) could kill her battery in ~ first, but updates often include fixes that will resolve these juice-sucking bugs. You deserve to see if over there is a new update by walk to settings > basic > software Update.

13. Pair with an external battery or charging phone call case.

Plug your phone into these portable accessories on the walk to because that a complete charge in a pinch. The great Housekeeping academy loves the Mophie portable power terminal ($43, The brand likewise offers a charging case ($65, you deserve to put best on her phone.

14. Examine your battery"s performance.

walk to setups > Battery and scroll every the way to the bottom. You"ll see two numbers: One because that standby and one because that usage. The intake number should be means lower. If it"s not, that"s a authorize that your phone could not it is in resting like it should. You can test this by locking her phone because that 5 minutes and then check again. (Ideally your phone shouldn"t be doing anything throughout this time, which means you"ll have to restart if you obtain a call, message or notification.) If her standby time is 5 minutes higher, that"s a good sign, yet if your usage time has actually bumped up a minute or more, you could have a battery drain issue. If this is the case, do a Genius Bar appointment to figure out what"s bring about the issue.

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15. Make certain your computer has power as soon as you plug in your phone.

If it"s in standby or sleep mode and not actively charging your phone, it could be draining the device"s battery.

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