Q: "How execute I transfer message messages from my Android to mine computer? I have actually tons of message on mine Android tablet computer and require a back-up because the looks favor a chaos in my current messaging app.

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Although social software is becoming an ext and an ext popular, text messaging is quiet an indispensable function on Android phones. Nowadays, we send and also receive a most text message on Android phones. In ~ the same time, us are likewise worried that these messages will certainly be lost for assorted unpredictable reasons. The is why human being want to look for how to transfer text messages from Android to computer today. In this way, you can compensate because that its vulnerability and also strengthen the security.

This post will present you four methods that Android SMS deliver to PC. Let us find out them one through one, and also then choose the technique that suits girlfriend best.


Way 1: Transfer text Messages indigenous Android to computer via Android Assistant

If there are thousands of thousands of text messages save in your Android phone, the best means to copy them indigenous Android to computer system is using the professional Android SMS carry tool called lasignoralaura.com Assistant because that Android. It can help you transfer text messages indigenous Android to computer as a back-up without any type of hassle and keep all her Android data and settings in the initial state. Additionally, it supports virtually all Android device models.

A short look at Assistant for Android:

- Export message messages from Android to computer in one click.

- regulate Android SMS top top computer, such as earlier up and also restore Android SMS, send and also reply message messages on computer directly, delete unwanted messages native Android in a batch.

- Transfer and manage other types of Android data, including contacts, call logs, apps, photos, videos, music, etc.

- support a wide variety of Android phone call brands, such together Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony, ZTE, and also many more.

If you room interested in it, simply click the icon listed below to download and install this helpful Android SMS transfer tool:

How to download message messages native Android to computer system with Assistant for Android?

Step 1. Download and install Assistant because that Android on pc

After downloading and installing the program on her computer, beginning it, and also the main interface of that will present up like the following.


Step 2. Connect your Android phone to the computer

Use a USB cable to attach your Android device to the computer. Climate go with the on-screen prompts to do the associated phone recognized by the software. Once connected, you will view the brief information about your phone call is displayed on the interface.


If your Android phone call couldn"t be detected by the program, please make certain USB debugging is turned on and also USB drive was installed on the computer.

Step 3. Select the text messages come transfer

Click the "SMS" alternative in the left panel, the software will start to scan the messages saved on your mobile phone and list every the messages in the right panel. You deserve to now read and preview all her Android text messages on the program.


Step 4. Copy message messages from Android call to computer

Tick off the messages that you great to extract indigenous the Android phone and hit the "Export" switch from the top food selection to fiddle them indigenous Android to PC.


The Android message messages have actually been transferred to the computer successfully. Now, girlfriend can check the text messages from your computer system without restrictions. Here is a comprehensive guide about how to see Android text messages ~ above computer.

Video tutorial about how to extract text messages indigenous an Android phone and also save them to PC:

lasignoralaura.com Assistant because that Android additionally equips the "1-click back-up & Restore" feature, which allows you to directly back up and restore the totality message folder top top the computer with one simple click. So, if you great to back-up all SMS top top Android to PC, you can also use the "1-click Backup" feature of this regime to achieve your goal easily.

Quick guide: connect your Android to pc > Tap on "Super Toolkit" > "Backup" top top the major interface. Inspect the "Messages" option and hit "Back Up" to begin the Android message messages backup to PC.


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Way 2: save Text messages to computer system from Android via Android back-up & Restore

lasignoralaura.com back-up Manager because that Android is a reputable Android data backup & regain tool specializing in producing backups and restoring indigenous them for your Android phones/tablets. In addition to text messages, it deserve to also earlier up Android contacts, photos, call logs, videos, music, documents, apps, and much more on a computer. It allows you to attach an Android phone come the computer system via USB or WiFi and supports almost all Android devices and also Android OSes.


How to obtain text messages turn off phone onto computer with Android backup & Restore:

Step 1: connect the Android device to computer

Ensure the the Android backup and restore regime is already open on your computer. Affix your Android phone come the same computer via USB or WiFi. You will certainly then gain a new screen of the program choose below:


Step 2: pick the text messages to backup

Click the "Backup" choice from the key interface and also you will gain a perform of data types. Simply check the choice for "Messages". You can also tick turn off other record types according to her needs.


Step 3: start to copy text messages native Android phone call to computer

You can click "Browser" to specify a location for saving these calculation messages. Then, click the "Back Up" switch to begin the Android SMS backup process.


Way 3: save Text messages from Android to computer system with official Software

In bespeak to do it less complicated for individuals to use their very own branded mobile phones, some mobile call manufacturers have occurred official software to enable users to far better manage mobile phone call data. For example, Samsung Kies, LG computer Suite, Huawei HiSuite, etc. Currently we take it Samsung Kies as an example to tell you just how to use it to move text messages from phone come computer. Please note that the adhering to steps are just for Samsung devices.

Download and install Samsung Kies device on her computer. Affix Samsung maker to the computer system via USB cable or WiFi. Kies will immediately detect your Samsung device. Click the "Back up/Restore" option and also find "Data Backup". Mite the "Message" option and click "Backup" to ago up SMS come pc.


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Way 4: Transfer text Messages native Android to computer with Android Apps

Can friend copy text messages indigenous Android to computer system without desktop computer software? for convenience, more and an ext people choose to regulate their gadgets through apps. And also many Android applications for assorted purposes have likewise appeared in the Google play store. Amongst them, friend can find highly rated SMS backup applications such as SMS Backup+ and SMS backup & Restore. In this part, we will take SMS back-up & reclaim as one example.

How to get text messages turn off of Android call by making use of SMS backup & Restore:

Download, install and also run the SMS back-up & Restore application on her Android phone. Choose the "Backup" button from the key screen.


pick what friend would favor to backup. Girlfriend can back-up all the messages, consisting of MMS and conversations.


pick a location on her phone to save the back-up file. Here, girlfriend can likewise upload the message to Google journey if you signed in with your Gmail account.


check the settings over by tapping ~ above OK. Click "BACK up NOW" to start the SMS backup process.

However, the disadvantage of using mobile apps is that if your phone is stolen or crashes, you will not have the ability to use this an approach to import text messages indigenous phone come computer. In addition, these apps room only accessible for greater version Android devices. Therefore, if you find that this an approach does not work on her phone, please try the various other methods described in the article.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are four various ways available for you to transfer message messages indigenous Android to computer or Mac. I beg your pardon one is the best in your mind? In my opinion, the first method - using Assistant for Android, is the ideal selection because it not only allows you to conserve text messages from Android come computer, but additionally empowers girlfriend to manage other papers on her device. Perform you agree through me? simply share her thoughts in the comments section below.