Today is mine 20th birthday! My party will be at the fifth house on the second avenue. Together of now, she the first to know! Ok, ok, so now isn’t yes, really my birthday, but without the use of ordinal numbers, i wouldn’t be able to tell you all about it. Ordinal numbers tell us about an object’s place in relation to others. They are the numerical labels that aid us species objects or principles in order: first, second, third, etc. They are various from cardinal numbers, or natural numbers, that stand for a quantity that we deserve to count. As soon as we learn about ordinal numbers in, it’s crucial to psychic the vocabulary as well as the methods that they space used.

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Ordinal numbers 1-10

The most typically used números ordinales in room numbers 1-10. As you will soon see, the number after 10 grow in complexity and length, which has actually undoubtedly persuaded speaker to use the cardinal numbers between 11 and also a million much an ext frequently. Let’s begin with a perform of the numbers 1-10 in your ordinal form with a together cheat sheet!

It is vital to take keep in mind that we carry out not use these ordinal number in exactly the same way that we use them in English. For example, unlike English, we write the job of the month v the cardinal number to specify a date. The only exception is for the an initial day that the month, whereby we usage the ordinal number:

Cardinal number: El diez de agosto (August 10th)

Ordinal number for the an initial day of any month: El primero de abril (April 1st), el primero de agosto (August 1st)

The use of the ordinal number to signify the first of the month is a general and also common ascendancy for, but it is acceptable just in Spain to usage uno rather of primero (El uno de abril).


Give the a try

Here is a fast quiz to view if you have the right to fill in the blanks with the exactly ordinal number, making use of the chart over to help! (See the answers in ~ the end of the blog to examine your work!)

1. El ______________ (8th) carro2. El ______________ (1st) de noviembre3. El ______________ (10th) suéter4. El ______________ (5th) hermano5. El ______________ (9th) cuadro

Ordinal matches Cardinal

While cardinal numbers act together adjectives, ordinal numbers can be adverbs, pronouns, and adjectives. The significant difference between them is that cardinal numbers perform not usually adjust according to the sex and variety of the noun, together ordinal numbers do. Here are a few examples that display how ordinal numbers adjust in stimulate to it is adapted to the noun the they describe:

Ordinal Numbers
Today i bought my 2nd car.Hoy compré mi segundo carro.
We live on 5th street.Vivimos en la quinta calle.
They game the an initial ticket.Me dieron el primer boleto.
It’s the 3rd time that I’ve called you.Es la tercera vez que te llamo.

Cardinal Numbers
I have two cars.Yo tengo dos carros.
We live 5 blocks from here.Vivimos a cinco cuadras de aquí.
You have actually one ticket.Tienes un boleto.
I called you three times.Te llamé tres veces.

You will check out that the ordinal number finishing in ‘o’ comes before masculine nouns, when the ordinal number ending in ‘a’ comes before feminine nouns.Do you notification anything weird in the chart above? take it a closer look at the ordinal number in the sentence Me dieron el inside wall boleto. In ours example, that no mistake that primer is written without the last ‘o’. Ordinal number primero and also tercero both lose the last ‘o’ when they are in front of a singular noun. This is the situation even if another word is in between, together in, el inside wall gran día (the first big day).

El primer momento libre = the very first free momentEl ganador del tercer lugar = the 3rd place winner

Give the a try

Which ordinal or cardinal numbers perform you need to fill in the following blanks? (See the answers in ~ the finish of the blog to check your work!)

6. Tengo ______________ (2) animales.7. Tengo el ______________ (2nd) animal.8. Hoy es la ______________ (1st) vez.9. Lo hago solo ______________ (1) vez.10. Comienza la ______________ (4th) entrada.

Click right here to see the answer key.

Number Order

We have actually just learned that ordinal number are often adjectives. As you may know, an adjective generally comes after the noun it defines in In the instance of ordinal numbers, however, they come before the noun unless discussing a member of aristocracy or the pope.

El sexto libro = the 6th bookMi primera foto = my first photoJuan Carlos Primero = Juan Carlos the First, the previous king of Spain San Juan Pablo Segundo = Pope man Paul the Second

Numbers 11 to 100

Ordinal numbers are not ordinarily used after 10, however it is still vital to reveal yourself to them so the you have the right to recognize them once they execute appear. Both 11th and also 12th have two agree forms, i beg your pardon the chart below shows. While over there is, unfortunately, no formula come memorize for every the ordinal numbers after 11, there space a few guidelines we can follow. For numbers 13-19, we use a combination of decimo + ordinal number 3-9, together in decimocuarto (14th). Because that numbers in between 20-100, we use the ordinal number ending in -gésimo or -agésimo + the unique singular ordinal number 1-9, as in vigésimo primero (21st).

As you view the chart, store in mental that all of these ordinal numbers deserve to be written with each other or apart, together in decimoprimero or décimo primero. Additionally, if they explain a feminine noun, their type changes come decimaprimera or décima primera.

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Similar to English, ordinal numbers can be created in long form or using superscriptions. If in English we usage “st” “nd” “rd” and “th” as the superscriptions (as in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and also 4th), offers “o” because that masculine nouns or “a” because that feminine nouns, together in the complying with examples:


Long form: Primer capítuloSuperscript: 1er capítuloEnglish: first chapter

Long form: Cuarto capítuloSuperscript: 4to capítuloEnglish: 4th chapter


Long form: Primera damaSuperscript: 1a damaEnglish: 1st lady

Another means of abbreviating numbers is by using roman numerals, i beg your pardon we check out as ordinal numbers. We have the right to use roman numerals v centuries, popes, monarchs, emperors, books, volumes, chapters, and also recurring events. Save in mind that in unshened speech, the usage of ordinal numbers over 10 is relatively rare. Rather of saying, el quincuagésimo capítulo, one would much more likely to speak el capítulo cincuenta.

Number Knowledge

Now the you have learned how to use ordinal numbers, be certain to save practicing them frequently in speech and also writing. Be certain to examine out ours blog top top cardinal number to refresh her memory or learn brand-new vocabulary! To boost your language skills, schedule a cost-free class at Homeschool Academy and start speak with a indigenous speaker today!