What Is army Time?

Military time is a day clock that measures hours to 24 rather of 12 hrs like civilian time. Army time is provided to prevent confusion between a.m. And p.m. Hours. The 24-clock is offered by militaries, many European countries, and also businesses involved in 24-hour operations, choose airlines and railroads.

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Military Time Conversion

Here is a conversion graph converting consistent time to armed forces time and how girlfriend would check out or to speak that army time.

Military Time Chart12-Hour polite Time24-Hour military TimeHow to Say military Time
12:00 Midnight0000Zero hundred hours
1:00 a.m.0100Zero one hundred hours
2:00 a.m.0200Zero two hundred hours
3:00 a.m.0300Zero three hundred hours
4:00 a.m.0400Zero four hundred hours
5:00 a.m.0500Zero five hundred hours
6:00 a.m.0600Zero 6 hundred hours
7:00 a.m.0700Zero 7 hundred hours
8:00 a.m.0800Zero eight hundreds hours
9:00 a.m.0900Zero ripe hundred hours
10:00 a.m.1000Ten hundred hours
11:00 a.m.1100Eleven hundreds hours
12:00 p.m.1200Twelve hundreds hours
1:00 p.m.1300Thirteen hundred hours
2:00 p.m.1400Fourteen hundred hours
3:00 p.m.1500Fifteen hundred hours
4:00 p.m.1600Sixteen hundred hours
5:00 p.m.1700Seventeen hundreds hours
6:00 p.m.1800Eighteen hundred hours
7:00 p.m.1900Nineteen hundreds hours
8:00 p.m.2000Twenty hundred hours
9:00 p.m.2100Twenty-one hundred hours
10:00 p.m.2200Twenty-two hundred hours
11:00 p.m.2300Twenty-three hundreds hours
12:00 Midnight0000Twenty-four hundreds hours

Midnight In military Time

In the 24-hour format, midnight has actually two designations, 0000 and 2400:

If her day begins at midnight, you usage 0000 in military time, pronounce "zero hundreds hours."If your day ends at midnight, you finish your day in ~ 2400, express "24 hundred hours."


How carry out You Read military Time?

Military time review and talked to 4 digits. A leading 0 is review or talked for the very first 12 hrs of the day. ~ above radio and also for best clarity, every digit is spoken. As soon as reading or in casual conversation, times deserve to be read as three- or four-digit numbers:

0000 – Midnight and also the start of the work is referred to as "Zero hundreds hours."0100 – One a.m. Is "Zero one hundred hours."0630 – 6:30 a.m. Is "Zero six-thirty," or (better) "Zero six-three-zero."1045 – 10:45 a.m. Is check out or spoken as "Ten hundred forty-five" or "Ten hundred four-five."1159 – A minute before noon is "Eleven hundreds fifty-nine" or "Eleven hundred five-niner."


Spoken numbers follow the custom of the NATO phonetic Alphabet, so your pronunciation is exaggerated:

3 i do not care "tree"4 becomes "fow-er"5 becomes "fife"9 i do not care "nin-er"0 i do not care "zee-ro"

How Is armed forces Time Written?

Military time is composed in a four-digit format. Yet you really only need to issue yourself v the latter part of the day, since the at an early stage morning hours are familiar. Indigenous midnight the a new day come noon, the 12-hour and 24-hour times are just around the same:

0000 – 12 Midnight0100 – 1 a.m.0200 – 2 a.m.0900 – 9 a.m.1000 – 10 a.m.1100 – 11 a.m.1115 – 11:15 a.m.1130 – 11:30 a.m.1145 – 11:45 a.m.1200 – 12 noon


After getting to noon, add the an initial 12 hrs of the day to each of the 12-hour clock times to get the military time:

1300 – 1 p.m.1400 – 2 p.m.1500 – 3 p.m.2100 – 9 p.m.2200 – 10 p.m.2300 – 11 p.m.2315 – 11:15 p.m.2330 – 11:30 p.m.2345 – 11:45 p.m.2400 – 12 midnight


Why Is armed forces Time Used?

Military time is provided to avoid confusion between a.m. And p.m. Times. If you to be to species to satisfy a friend at 8, just how would her friend know whether you expected 8 a.m. Or 8 p.m.? With military time, no man exists, because 0800 is 8 a.m. And 2000 hrs is 8 p.m.


While the U.S. Military and also militaries approximately the civilization use military time, so carry out other large operators whose service takes lock through various time zones. Airlines frequently use the 24-hour clock. NASA, in the joined States, uses army time under to thousandths that a second.

Emergency services such together nursing homes, hospital wards, and intensive treatment units likewise use the 24-hour clock yet do not describe it as military time.

Military Time Quiz!

Spend some time trying her hand at these army time questions.

In your very own words, define military time.What would certainly be 12:15 a.m. As military time?What time is 0600 hours?What is 1900 hours in 12-hour clock time?What time is 7 o"clock in the morning in armed forces time?What is 1300 hours?How do you pronounce 0549 in military time?What time is 4:00 p.m. In military time?Please compose 8:35 p.m. In army time.What one armed forces time has actually two names?

Take a minute to carry out the work before you look in ~ our answers below.

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In your very own words, you can define military time as a 24-hour time layout that avoids the confusion of the 12-hour timekeeping format of civilian typical time.The 12-hour clock time 12:15 a.m. Would be 0015, pronounce "Zero hundred one-fife" or "Zero hundreds fifteen" as army time.The army time 0600 hours is 6 a.m.In 12-hour clock time, 1900 hours in armed forces time i do not care 7 p.m.The early on morning 7 o"clock time is 0700 in military time.The 12-hour clock way to to speak 1300 hours is 1 p.m., just an hour ~ noon.You express 0549 in armed forces time together "Zero five hundred fow-er-niner" or "Zero five hundred forty-nine."Our 12-hour clock time of 4 p.m. Is 1600 in armed forces time.To compose 8:35 p.m. In military time, add 8 to 12 (12 + 8 = 20); 2035, pronounce "Twenty hundreds three-fife" or "Twenty hundreds thirty-five."Midnight has two names, 0000 or 2400, relying on its use as the beginning or end of a person"s day.