If you room from the joined States and also visiting or life in south Korea, among the very first things that would be advantageous to learn is how to phone call locals where you’re from. Friend may be able to do this in English together well, however they would absolutely be impressed if girlfriend belted out some korean with her introduction! that’s why, an initial and foremost, you need to learn just how to to speak the United claims in Korean.

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However, even if you room not from the joined States, however just intended to remain in southern Korea because that a period of time, learning how to speak United says in korean will be advantageous to you.


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‘United States’ in Korean

The exactly word for how to speak the United states in oriental is 미국 (miguk). To say ‘an American’, together in one American person, include 사람 (saram) after words 미국. In other words 미국 + 사람 = 미국사람 (miguksaram). Alternatively, you may additionally say 미국인 (migukin) to illustrate the exact same meaning, though this form is usually used when speak of another person together opposed to when referring to yourself.

Essentially, every little thing you great to to speak in relation to the unified States, even if it is it’s American politics, military, or something else, you may simply add the native 미국 in front of the noun needed. That really that simple!


A word of caution around Romanization

While it is feasible for girlfriend to examine the native in this write-up simply by reading their romanized versions, it will come in handy for you to be able to read Hangeul if you ever before wish to come to Korea. Hangeul is the oriental alphabet, and also not difficult to learn. In fact, you have the right to learn the in just 90 minutes.

After did you do it familiarized yourself through Hangeul, life in Korea will all of sudden seem so lot easier and also the country won’t show up so foreign for you. So, if she serious around learning Korean, why not discover Hangeul today?


Sample Sentences



요즘 미국의 정치 풍토는 어떻게 되고있습니까? (yojeum miguke jeongchi phungthoneun eoddeokhe dwegoissseumnigga?)

How is the politics climate in the United claims these days?



저는 미국에서 왔어요. (jeoneun migukeseo wasseoyo.)

I came from the joined States.

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미국에 가본적 있어요? 어디 가봤어요? (miguke kabonjeok isseoyo? eodi gabwasseoyo?)

Have you ever been to the States? where did you visit?



내 제일 친한 친구는 미국인이야. (nae jeil chinhan chinguneun migukiniya.)

My ideal friend is American.


난 미국에서 대학교를 다니고 싶어. (nan migukeseo daehakkyoreul danigo shipheo.)

I want to walk to university in the joined States.


Now that you know just how to to speak “United States” in Korean, what other countries would you like to learn? permit us understand in the comments below!