My husband and also I are very lucky live just a stone’s throw away native the beach, which converts as spiaggia (feminine, plural: spiagge) in Italian. That is a derivative that the now-obsolete indigenous piaggia which way a selection of things consisting of slope, shore and also land.

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IPA: <ˈspjaddʒa>

Below space the verb you’ll most regularly see provided with the word spiaggia in context:

andare alla / in spiaggia = to walk to the beachstare sulla spiaggia = to stay on the beachscendere in spiaggia = to walk (down) to the beachtrascorrere la giornata in spiaggia = to invest the day in ~ the beachpasseggiare sulla / lungo la spiaggia = come walk along the beachtrascinare sulla spiaggia = to to wash up top top the beach

Mi piace camminare lungo la spiaggia al tramonto.

I favor walking follow me the beach at sunset.


There are a number of different kinds of beaches people can visit as soon as they go on holiday to the seaside with their families. A spiaggia libera is a complimentary public stretch of beach whereby you can bring your own umbrella and also beach chair indigenous home, whereas at a spiaggia a pagamento, friend are required to salary a fees to use the beach. A spiaggia attrezzata has finish amenities including beach loungers and also umbrellas.

Unfortunately it isn’t straightforward to uncover a spiaggia tranquilla (quiet beach) in Italy during the summer months so most need to settle for spiaggie affollate (crowded beaches).

Fitness sulla spiaggia = Fitness ~ above the beach

Some renowned things you’ll watch at the beach include:

sabbia = sandmare = seaconchiglia = shellombrellone da spiaggia = beach umbrellalettino da spiaggia = coast loungercastello di sabbia = sand castlecostume da bagno = swimming costumepaletta = spadesecchiello = bucket
Costruiscono un castello di sabbia sulla spiaggia. = They’re structure a sand lock on the beach.

Spiaggia can likewise translate as any type of shore whereby the floor meets a body of water. They might be sabbiosa (sandy), rocciosa (rocky) or fangosa (muddy).

If you speak to someone a tipo/a da spiaggia (lit: a coast type), the implication is the they space a little bit strange or bizarre. This expression is one allusion to how a person wearing beach clothes – say, a bathing suit and water wings – would certainly be perceived in the paper definition of everyday life.

Another famous expression is ultima spiaggia (lit: last beach) i m sorry is another way of speak l’ultima speranza (last hope) or last resort.

Per molti lavoratori stranieri l’Italia è l’ultima spiaggia.

For countless foreign workers, Italy is the last hope.

A synonym offered to define a touristic sandy beach finish with lounge chairs, umbrellas, and also bars marketing refreshments is lido. It also stands for a strip of soil which the end the sea indigenous a lagoon such as, for example, the Lido di Venezia.

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