If you’re thinking of datingUkrainian woman, it’s crucial to remember that Eastern european ladies choose aprolonged courting period. In a romantic relationship with a Slavic girl you’resupposed to it is in a perfect old-fashioned gentleman who showers she withcompliments.

Whether youdate her online or in genuine life, paying compliments is a must. And if you curious howto say you’re beautiful in Ukrainian, it’s not difficult at every – Ty garna (Тигарна). You can likewise say Ty duzhe garna (Ти дуже гарна), which way You’revery beautiful.


A woman will certainly be happy come hear you speak Ukrainian, and also it’s additionally a an excellent opening line when you nothing know exactly how to start a conversation.

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There are likewise variations come thisstatement. The most renowned of them include Ty duzhe myla (Ти дуже мила) –you’re for this reason cute, or Ty duzhe pryvablyva (Ти дуже приваблива) – you’re veryattractive. That said, friend shouldn’t focus on she appearance alone – there areother elements to her personality precious admiring.

It’s no only about the looks

If you’rethinking the a connection with a an extremely attractive Ukrainian girl, that highlyrecommended to avoid concentrating on her appearance when giving her compliments. She knows she’s pretty –she’s been told that numerous times. Plenty of men called her beautiful inUkrainian, English and a number of other languages. You i will not ~ sound originalwhen admiring her appearance – anyone does.

Of course, Ukrainian ladies pay a lotof fist to your appearance and do their ideal to look at attractive andalluring, and also it’s pleasant because that them to view the effect they have actually on men. At thesame time, once a mrs is complemented exclusively for the method she looks, she can’thelped feeling choose a sex object. What you should do is to show her that youvalue her as a person, and her intelligence, wit, and creativity is asastounding together her looks.

Read she profile closely and shot tofigure out what sort of person she is. Pointout few of the points she could be proud of and also surprise her as soon as chattingonline. For part reason, numerous men on dating sites don’t bother to read awoman’s file – they just click an “expression the interest” button or senda cheesy, meaningless one-line message.

But a mail choose “Hi, beautiful, howare you?”, is no going to admire anyone. Periodically they also research just how tosay you beautiful in Ukrainian, however it never ever goes any further. Don’t be oneof those guys.


When the alright to compliment her looks

But if you’ve known a mrs for quite a while and also you’ve i found it somechanges in her appearance, it’s alright to pay she compliment. If her she’sgot a different hairstyle, to buy a brand-new dress, readjusted her usual lipstick tosomething drastically different, make certain to to speak something nice. She’llappreciate your attention.

To let her know she looks terrific in Ukrainian, to speak Ty chudovo vyglyadajesh (Ти чудово виглядаєш).


If you’d prefer to allude what exactlyyou uncover attractive, use the expression Tobi lychyt’ (you look an excellent with…). Tosay “You look an excellent with this hairstyle”, say Tobi lychyt’ tsya zachiskla (Тобіличить ця зачіска).

To speak “These shirt looks quite onyou”, say Tobi lychyt’ tsya sorochka (Тобі личить ця сорочка). This is auniversal compliment the will assist you the end in a variety of situations. It canalso be supplied as an ice-breaker when you nothing know how to start a conversation.

Even if you’re a shy and introvertedman, and also paying compliments is no your thing, make sure to identify theefforts she soaked up order to look good. It’s possible she’s done specially foryou.

Compliments to avoid

Firstly, you do not do it say she looksgood today. That sound like usually speaking she no look that attractive,but this day for some factor you find her quite pretty. Also, don’t compare herto your ex girlfriends, wives and girls you had actually a crush on. Speak somethinglike “my ex provided to layout her hair just the method you do” is a silly thing to do.

Tell her it’s a satisfied to have a conversation v her

If you day her online, you largelyrely upon email, messages and Skype chats. In real life, a couple wouldsometimes walk follow me the city highways or a beautiful park holding hands whilekeeping silent and enjoying the agency of every other.

It’s not vital to speak all thetimes, right? Or they would certainly watch a movie, or hear to the music. IF you chose to offer a walk to online dating in Ukraine, it’simportant to connect a lot of in bespeak to save the fire burning. Let her knowyou really enjoy talking to her. Tell her she’s a good listener and an exciting storyteller:

Z toboyu tsikavo rozmovlyaty (З тобою цікаво розмовляти) –It’s interesting to speak to you. Ty zavzhdy mozhesh pidibraty pravyl’ni slova (Ти завжди можешпідібрати правильні слова) – You have a method with words.

Compliments favor these space veryencouraging for a non English speaker. And speaking of languages, nothing forgetto phone call her how much you evaluate the truth that she tries to speak English inorder to do this connection work. This is no a little thing. Everythingthat forced mental effort deserves acknowledgment, and also it’s much morerewarding than to hear one much more You’re Beautiful in Ukrainian.

Comment on her character traits, talents and achievements

Generally speaking, beautiful Ukrainian ladies space kind-hearted,compassionate, down-to-earth, open-minded, intelligent, loving and also caring. Ifthe woman you date online possesses these character traits, don’t take it it forgranted. Make sure to allow her recognize you really evaluate the type of person sheis:

Ty duzhe rozumna (Ти дуже розумна) – you’re an extremely clever. U tebe dobre sertse (У тебе добре серце) – you have actually a kind heart.

If she has actually a hobby and also you reallylike the means she sings, paints, embroiders, dances or takes treatment of yourgarden, let she know about that! to say “you’re an excellent at…”, use the phrase “utebe garno vyhodyt” (у тебе гарно виходить).

Same go for her professionalachievements – if you feeling she’s a an excellent specialist, let her recognize you like herdevotion and also career choices. In the human being of today, that not basic to find aperson that would reap their job and be good at it.

Ukrainian or Russian?

Before youeven begin learning exactly how to to speak this or that in her mommy tongue, it’simportant to uncover out what language she in reality speaks. many foreign menautomatically assume that everyone speaks Ukrainian in Ukraine. Others, top top thecontrary, are sure the they speak only Russian in all the write-up sovietcountries. In reality, both languages are talked in Ukraine:

In the west they speak mostly Ukrainian and are veryproud that their mom tongue. And they should be – Ukrainian is secondmelodious language in the human being after Italian. In the east and also south the bulk of world speak Russian. In Kiev, the resources city of the country, both languages arespoken.

So beforelearning how to work You’re Beautiful in Ukrainian, probably you should learn howto say the in Russian.

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Ty ochen’ krasivaya (Ты очень красивая) – this is exactly how aRussian equivalent of “you’re very beautiful” sounds.

These are only some recommendation onhow to salary compliments to a Ukrainian girl trying to find marriage on an internationaldating site. Yet of food it goes without saying the every person is uniqueand these tips shouldn’t it is in taken together an instruction. Feel cost-free to experimentand use various strategies.

The most essential thing is your real intention to please her, and also it’s yes, really the thought that counts. Don’t be fear to appear clumsy or too many sentimental and also romantic – if Ukrainian women space really as smart as they’re portrayed, they’ll have no problems with that.