I uncovered the best slang terms and also vulgar native in a course for Spanish for regulation Enforcement. It's been a year or so the was v SpanishOnPatrol.com. One gets to cuss prefer a sailor in this one, the native come from every over main and latin america - LingoHut, ABR 27, 2010
I love the SpanishOnPatrol.com suggestion. Amazing stuff, and I have the right to actually view where that can be helpful in mine future. - DJ_Huero, FEB 12, 2013

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Now for slang you have to offer us the exact place

In Spain (Julian, I never heard her words:bug


los grises (the uniform )

La pasma

un madero



In Argentina:

Yuta (both the Police and also individual policemen)

Rati (policeman)

Gorra (policeman, additionally other authority figures such as a boss)

Cobani (policeman - only provided by very, an extremely marginal speakers, such together inmates)

In Uruguay:

cana, fem. Para la institución, masc. Para los individuos.

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milico, el personal.

botón, el an individual (por los botones brillantes del uniforme).n

"Mataperros";many, plenty of years ago police police officers on the beat were claimed to end stray dog on the spot,


Tombo/Tongo= Policia

En los Estados Unidos una de ras jergas es "popo"

En Bolivia


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Nice collection, Heidita! "Tombo" and "Paco" are also used in Venezuela. - Gekkosan, ABR 26, 2010
Ha, ha, popo...that's American English street slang...guess it caught on in our hispanic communities, too. I observed it top top a authorize of an abandoned bar in a bad area near my own...it said, "No loitering. Popo will be called." - webdunce, DIC 7, 2011

In Mexico City, traffic cops room Los Tamarindos (because of the color of their uniforms). Judicial police are Los Judis.

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Argentina: azul zorros vigilante yuta cana gorra bigote rati

Bolivia: paco cana

Brasil - Portunhol: os homi tira

Chile: pacos amigo en su camino paco rati

Colombia: sapo gendarme ley chupa los tombos, la tomba aguacate tomba tombo

Costa Rica: paco paca tombos la tomba la ley leyla tombo

Ecuador: paco chapa

El Salvador: chepa antimotin chonte tira cuilio cuilia chota la jura julia

Guatemala: tira chonte jura

Honduras: chepos zopilote chepo jura chepa chafa la poli la chonta la jura chepito chota quilio

Mexico: tira azules cuico poli chintos la chota puerco perro gendarme pituco chota tecolote juda la placa pitufo policarpio la tira migra

Nicaragua: pesca jura tombo

Panama: tongo

Paraguay: tahachi (tajashí) cana

Peru: raya tombo

Puerto Rico: jara los perros,agua

España: madero guindilla pasma pitufo come cocos guripa poli bofia la plas

Uruguay: milico cana

Venezuela: pacos tombo matuteCuba: mona fiana

From localspanish period com

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La jura

La chota

Los tamarindos

I i do not know think of any more. There room more, yet I cant think that them.

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En Argentina Azules


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May sound as well simple, but I was reading a book by a Spanish writer that merely used words "poli" for policía. I assumed it was comparable to "cops".

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I've certainly heard poli in Spain. - sinmeta, FEB 2, 2013
In Spain that's what they call them. - JoyceM, FEB 12, 2013
Definitely poli in Spain. - sinmeta, FEB 12, 2013

Puerco (derogatory) slang indigenous Mexico.

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I have been referred to as this however never indigenous a indigenous Spanish speaker!

In England the hatchet Smurf is regularly used, color of the uniform!

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An added term I"ve heard provided by Puerto Ricans and I didn"t an alert listened above, used to express to law enforcement in basic would it is in "la hada". Of food it"s no the many common and probably a an ext street term 보다 anything, but I"ve even seen it in a publication so it should be understood by a fixed of part sort.

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