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Elon Musk and also Grimes had Twitter in a tizzy this week as soon as they announced the they had actually named your child, X Æ A-12.

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The brand-new mom required to Twitter to explain the an interpretation behind the distinctive moniker, and Musk shared how to express the surname while onThe Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

The billionairetechnology entrepreneur revealed the his child was born on might 4, akaMay the 4th Be through You, which Rogan stated was "the perfect day" because that Musk, a Star Wars fan.

Rogan fully asked just how to pronounceX Æ A-12, which garnered a laugh from Musk. "Is the a placeholder?" the podcast organize inquired.

"Well, very first of all, it to be my companion who actually mainly came up through the name," Musk shared. "She"s brilliant."

As for just how to say the name, the Tesla founder explained, "So, it"s simply X,the letter x, and also then theÆ is pronounce Ash."

Musk"s donation to the name is A-12, which is one ode come theArchangel 12, the "precursor come SR-71, the coolest aircraft ever."

So follow to Musk, his son"s name is X Ash Archangel Twelve. "It"s great," he said proudly.

However, Grimes,real surname Claire Elise Boucher, told among her Twitter followers that "it’s just X, choose the letter X, climate A.I. Like exactly how you said the letter A climate I."

At 48, this isMusk"s sixth child and his very first with 32-year-old Grimes. "I think it"s much better being older and also having a kid," the said. "I appreciate it more. Babies space awesome."

Earlier this week, Grimes attempted come share she newborn son"s name and offer an explanation, but flubbed the part of the small one"s name the Musk came up with.

The singer claimed that A-12 refers to an plane which is the "precursor to SR-17 (our favorite aircraft). No weapons, no defenses, just speed. An excellent in battle, however non-violent."

Musk latercorrected her on Twitter, writing: "SR-71, however yes."

Grimes replied to the father of her child, "I to be recovering native surgery and barely alive so may my typos b forgiven but, damnit. That was meant to be profound ?."

While no Grimes no one Musk have shown where she offered birth, numerous fans think she had the infant in California. As numerous media outlets have actually reported, if she go in fact give birth there, the name will certainly not be embraced by the state.

In California, girlfriend are just to use the 26 letter in the alphabetfor a infant name, and also an apostrophe if needed. Numbers, roman inn numerals, emojis, accents or other symbols room not acceptable.

Just before welcoming another child, Musk announced that he was gettingrid that almost all of his worldly possessions.

"I"m contempt sad around it actually," he admitted to Rogan top top his podcast. "I think possessions sort of sweet you down. They"re kind of an attack factor. They"llsay, "Hey, billionaire, you obtained a most stuff." Well, currently I don"t have the stuff. Currently what space you going come do?"

Musk will be keeping a few Teslas because that "research" purposes, as well as some clothes and possessions with an individual importance come him. That will, however, be selling every one of his homes and also renting a place instead.

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As for Grimes, former to providing birth, she put her infant bump on screen for Vogue Italiaand shared what it was favor being pregnant amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"It is certainly an extremely demanding to it is in pregnant in the center of a pandemic. It"s tough not to be able to see friends and also family," Grimes admitted. "A girlfriend of mine freshly died and it to be a nightmare no being able to it is in close to her loved ones. It won"t be easy in the hospital, ns don"t get in details yet I feel very empathetic v those who space going through this phase. And also I to trust what the maternity wards room doing to regulate the situation, i have an excellent respect because that the occupational of the doctors."