I newly saw the adhering to question on Yahoo Answers and thought it would be perfect for a short article and also another video: “How come say BLESS girlfriend in Russian?” Is there a difference between saying BLESS girlfriend in Russian formal and also informal way? exactly how is it created in Russian alphabet and also how is it pronounced? Anything certain about utilizing it or is it pretty lot the same?

Russians usage BLESS friend in the really same cases as here, i.e. If who sneezes that is polite come say BLESS you in Russian. Together you might currently know Russians differentiate between formal and also informal means of address, and saying Bless girlfriend is not an exception. To say that in a formal way addressing to your manager, boss, a human being much older than you are or together a authorize of respect, you should say БУДЬТЕ ЗДОРОВЫ / BOOT’-TYE ZDAH-ROH-VEE. That is amazing that accurate we are actually speak “Be healthy”. Now saying the same to a female girlfriend of yours would certainly be БУДЬ ЗДОРОВА pronounce in English together BOOT’ ZDAH-ROH-VAH. The same phrase addressing a male informally would be БУДЬ ЗДОРОВ pronounce in English together BOOT’ ZDAH-ROH-F. Every one of them literally median “be healthy” in Russian and are offered as an indistinguishable of speak “Bless you”.

I likewise recorded a video clip lesson so that you can learn how to speak Bless girlfriend in Russian by the town hall me speak it in ~ a consistent speed and also a tiny slower and repeating that a variety of times because that you to listen and also repeat. If you have any type of questions top top this lessons: “How to say BLESS girlfriend in Russian”, you re welcome feel complimentary to comment here or send us a message at Requests
lasignoralaura.com I will certainly be happy come answer any type of of the questions and also perhaps document a video clip of interest for you.

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