ns am creating a novel and I need a one word/short expression for the most common way an separation, personal, instance would worship a dog in lasignoralaura.com. One of two people the tantamount of the English phrase "Good Boy" or a popular alternative that a expert lasignoralaura.com reader would recognize right away.


It is really difficult, if not impossible, to tell the "most common/popular" phrase.

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In my opinion, an frequently heard expression to worship a dog is

Braver Hund!

Other possiblities would certainly be

Guter Hund! Fein gemacht!

I think all would certainly be recognized by a lasignoralaura.com speak in that sense. Ns would choose the first, however it"s her decision, i beg your pardon you choose best.


To praise dogs in lasignoralaura.com we generally use the phrases

Guter Junge


Gutes Mädchen

depending top top the gender.


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