A very an easy yet incredibly beneficial phrase in Italian is Sì, (io) lo so which method Yes, i know or Yes, I understand that in English. The is consisted of of the following components:

( correctly ) + io ( i ) + lo ( direct object pronoun ‘it’ ) + so (first human being conjugation that sapere ‘to know’)

Important: The factor I’ve inserted io – the word for I in Italian – in base is due to the fact that Italians normally omit an individual pronouns unless it becomes absolutely necessary to recognize the subject.

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When I know is complied with by a noun, verb or clause in English, you have the right to use so on its own in Italian. For example:

So che Giulia no viene oggi.

I know Giulia isn’t comes today.

So dov’è la macchina.

I recognize where the auto is.

The collection expression I know yet (either ~ above its very own or complied with by the pronoun that) is always rendered in Italian with lo so (literally: I know it) and also never just with so. You can decide to add the (yes) or skip it, just as in English.

Giulia non viene oggi. – (Sì,) lo so.

Giulia isn’t coming today. – (Yes,) I recognize (that).

Maestro, lo so! – Teacher, i know!

The exact same rule applies to the an unfavorable sentence ns don’t know (non lo so) in Italian.

Dov’è la macchina? – non lo so.

Where is the car? – ns don’t know.

The only parts of speech you will frequently see accompanying lo so are adverbs such together the people below:

Lo for this reason già = I currently knowLo for this reason bene = I understand wellLo therefore benissimo = I know an extremely wellLo so più che bene = I know much more than wellLo therefore fin troppo bene = I understand only as well well

Knowing exactly how to say I know in Italian is, of course, extremely beneficial but being able come talk around other world is simply as important. In the chart below, you have the right to see all the different an individual pronouns paired with the verb sapere (to know).

(Io) lo so.I know.

(Tu) lo sai.You know. (informal)

(Lui) lo sa.He knows.

(Lei) lo sa.She knows.

(Noi) lo sappiamo.We know.

(Voi) lo sapete.You know. (plural)

(Loro) lo sanno.They know.

(Lei) lo sa.

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You know. (formal)

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