I understand the lasignoralaura.com equivalent of "LOL" is "MDR", yet what is the indistinguishable of "OMG"? not as a surprised expression, but as an expression of frustration online. Is the "OMD" (Oh mon Dieu), or something else?



Not that I understand of in "internet slang".

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Older civilization would speak (orally) "Oh, seigneur !", "Oh, sainte !" or variants (such as "Oh, mon dieu !").

On the internet, I"ve watched lasignoralaura.com civilization say "omg", "my god", "oh god", but never "oh mon dieu" or "OMD" literally.

EDIT: i would favor to add that this price is native a lasignoralaura.com Canadian perspective. I know Gille"s price is good, but you"ll most likely never hear "putain" external France/Europe. Also, i think "Oh mon dieu!" is actually worldwide closer to "oh my god!"

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This sort of slang have the right to rarely be interpreted one-for-one. The literal meaning translation would definitely not do: “(oh) mon dieu” is feasible as one expression of surprise or shock, yet I don"t think “OMD” would be understood.

The closest equivalent I deserve to think the is “putain”, i m sorry is a really generic swearword. It deserve to mean “I"m surprised”, “I"m shocked”, “I"m impressed”, “That"s as well bad”, “That"s bad”, and a variety of other things. This is no a word the you"d usage in polite company, and also it"s frequently spelled “P***” in online media. It"s common on forums, in ~ least. In SMS, it have the right to be abbreviated as “put1” or “pt1”.

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answered may 13 "14 at 19:14

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I"m pretty certain that the OP want the online slang translation, and if so, answers in correct lasignoralaura.com through actual words would certainly sound rather off-topic, if i may. If not, feel cost-free to correct me, Jonathan.

The English omg is mostly used because it has taken together a meme. Many of these vital expressions of net slang have no lasignoralaura.com counterparts (wtf, who ?) and are provided as such. And also even this which do have a translation the was used sufficient to keep up, prefer mdr for lol, are regularly less offered than the English original.

It need to be provided however that the younger the community, the much more people often tend to use the lasignoralaura.com acronyms/expressions (for slang use, ns mean. So, no, my dear mom does not speak « OMG LULZ dude kudos you victory the interwebs » to her friends).

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(Has other to do with English gift the language that the internet roots, and probably additionally with part American dream never ever willing come die, ns guess... ;-))

It have to be also listed that native time come time that can also be heard in France, said in English, with a an ext or less lasignoralaura.comified pronouciation. I don"t say it"s extensively used, however not rare sufficient to progressive an eyebrow in many informal contexts.