a social occasion at i beg your pardon a group of human being meet to talk, eat, drink, dance, etc., regularly in order come celebrate a distinct occasion

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UK a fancy-dress (US costume) party (= a party where civilization wear garments that make them look choose someone or something else) (美国)化装舞会

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an organization of human being with details political ideas that competes in vote to shot to win positions in neighborhood or national government
one the the people or teams of people affiliated in an official argument, arrangement, or similar situation
The UN referred to as on all parties in the problem to take it a optimistic stance in the direction of the new peace initiative. 联合国呼吁冲突各方对新的和平倡议采取积极姿态。
It"s often difficult to create who the guilty party is following a web traffic accident. 发生交通意外后常常很难确定谁是有错的一方。
at the same time, they centre on establishments that, prefer parties, room in direct competition through each other.
Errors the overnomination can occur only when a party"s nominating strategy results in one or much more losing candidacies.
First, us scored all parties as having a left-right place equal to its mean value end the entire post-war period.
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