I want you to shot and think ago to when you to be in elementary school school. You’re sit at your desk with your pencil and document ready to learn the great of the day when suddenly her teacher speak you to stand for the Pledge the Allegiance. 

You recognize the procedure: stand up right with your hand over your heart and say, “I pledge allegiance to the Flag the the United states of America, and to the Republic because that which it stands, one country under God, indivisible, v liberty and also justice for all.”

If you to be a child that to visit elementary, middle and high college in the U.S., then you recognize the Pledge by heart; that ingrained in you, even if it is you choose it or not.

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I need to admit the it’s a small weird to understand something word for word ever due to the fact that you were 5, yet still have actually absolutely no idea what it yes, really means. I’m a senior in college, and if i don’t have a complete understanding that the Pledge climate I deserve to only imagine what youngsters today think about it. Us were taught to repeat this words every single day however were never given a back-story regarding where they came from and also why it to be so crucial to Pledge our allegiance. So, what were us pledging and also why?

The Pledge that Allegiance was an initial introduced to us in 1892 through a socialist minister called Francis Bellamy. He created it so the citizens from any country about the civilization could usage it if they so desired. In fact, the native “the Flag that the United says of America” weren’t included until 1923, which mirrors that the Pledge no written particularly for the U.S. Or american for the matter.

The Pledge has undergone plenty of tweaks and also changes over the last 128 years the we’ve to be reciting it. The Pledge to be originally claimed to be stated while sticking your right arm out in former of you, but since the Nazid do an similar salute, it was changed to placing your hand over your heart. The “under God” section of the oath was added in 1954 by Congress. 

These adjustments weren’t made in vain; they to be made so that the kids of America would have actually the perfect oath to repeat before beginning class. If friend asked a son what the Pledge that Allegiance way or what it stands for, you’re more than likely not walk to receive a well-informed answer. The initial reason behind youngsters saying the Pledge to be to instill a feeling of patriotism for your country. 

I asked Georgia State senior Allison Smith her thoughts on having to say the Pledge in school.

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“Well, i didn’t think it was creepy back then because I thought it was simply something we had to say,” smith said. “I had actually no real expertise of what actually goes on here, therefore I had actually no context. Now that I understand what i was pledging ‘allegiance’ to, the is sort of weird. But, i guess youngsters are impressionable.”

Whether you wary that our nation’s Pledge or not, ns think we deserve to all agree that it is threaded transparent U.S. Background as well as our own.

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