Norwegian has actually plenty the quirky sayings that teach you a lot around the culture and culture. Here"s a tiny collection of lock to obtain you started.

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It"s one thing trying to find out a language in course or indigenous textbooks, but a language just really come alive when you understand the words, phrases and also sayings that just don"t translate.


som plommen ns egget

English translation:Like the yolk in the egg.It way to feel an excellent in a certain instance, like starting a brand-new job or being somewhere nice on holiday – everything is good, ns am content.

bedre føre var (enn etter snar)

English translation: Better prior to than looking ago in regret.Bedre føre var’ is the most common usage. It"s a phrase that means to take a precaution and also not take an unnecessary risk.

bedre sent enn aldri

English translation: Better late than never.This one is the exact same as the English variant and also is pretty self-explanatory.

øving gjør mester

English translation: Practice renders perfect.Again, this is one more one that is the exact same as the English equivalent and also it way to do something over and over till perfection is achieved.

fra asken til ilden

English translation: from the ashes come the fire.This phrase means, going indigenous one bad thing to another. And is similar to the English saying, “out the the frying pan into the fire”.

ta med en klype salt

English translation: Take v a pinch the salt.This is a number of speech that stems native the idea the it is simpler to eat something v a little salt, and also it way not to take it something or someone too seriously.

ta for god fisk

English translation: Take for a good fish.

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This saying way to believe in other someone says or take it someone’s word for granted; believe in what you are told and accept it without doubting; you are assuming that a great fish as opposed come a negative one. It is a phrase thats goes a small beyond the English saying, “I’ll take her word because that it”.