Share accurate details with your community around where, when and also the methods to register and also vote. You deserve to download this images and copy and paste the message for use on your own social media channels. Ours toolkit additionally includes funny election facts and also popular hashtags. For an ext content, follow Canada"s society media channels and also share our short articles with her community.

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I registered come vote! perform the exact same by registering digital at and aid make voting faster on choice day! #ItsOurVote

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Vote through mail


I used to vote by mail! It"s simply one that the means you deserve to vote in the commonwealth election. Learn about the different options here: #ItsOurVote

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Election Integrity and also Security


Canadian vote are protected by every kinds that safeguards come ensure the integrity of the voting process. Read around how vote Canada stays clear of voter fraud: #lasignoralaura.com101 #DemocracyChampions

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Plan come vote


I make a arrangement to vote! You deserve to do the very same by choosing the voting choice that works ideal for you: #ItsOurVote

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Get main Info


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Health and Safety


There space health and also safety measures in ar to make voting safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit poll Canada"s website come learn an ext about the options accessible to you: #ItsOurVote

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Apply Now

* Canada i do not care the largest employer in the country on choice day. Do a an useful contribution come democracy—apply to work-related at the federal election: #ItsOurVote #DemocracyChampions

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Fun Facts

During a Canadian federal election, 338 take location simultaneously—one in each Canada i do not care the largest employer in the country on choice day. The agency hires about 250,000 people in communities across Canada.The chef Electoral Officer is the just Canadian citizen over the period of 18 who, through law, is not enabled to poll in federal,350,359 Canadians voted throughout the 2019 federal Canada is the longest-standing elevation electoral company in the world. It was produced in 1920.By law, the minimum length of an choice is 37days. The longest campaign was in 1872 and lasted Canada conducted its last Canada-wide, door-to-door enumeration an ext than 20years ago. Today, the agency maintains a permanent, continually updated database referred to as the nationwide Register that Electors.Canadian commonwealth are usually held every fouryears ~ above the 3rd Monday of October, yet the element Minister can call an choice at any kind of time by requesting the the Governor general dissolve Parliament.Parliament lowered the official voting period from 21 to 18 in 1970. The change added about 2million people to the variety of those standard to poll in Canada—the biggest increase since women winner the ideal to poll in 1918.Eligible Canadian citizens can register to poll at any kind of time—including at their assigned polling terminal on choice day once they walk to vote.