You only have to search for channels if you room using an antenna connection without a cable or satellite box.

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Before you carry out the environment procedure, be certain that friend have connected the incoming cable or antenna cable to the ‘ANTENNA’ input in ~ the behind bottom that the TV.

Follow the instructions below to regime the TV:

TV"s behind bottom connectors


1) press the button on the remote control to accessibility the menu.

2) lasignoralaura.comge the cursor buttons to pick and also press the switch to confirm.

3) pick and press the switch to accessibility the automatically installation screen.


4) If the boy lock is activated, the screen will prompt you to enter your access code. If you have actually forgotten your accessibility code, you can reset the accessibility code in the > > > menu. Describe the FAQ (I have actually forgotten my 4-digit accessibility code. How can I reset it?).

5) select or and press the button.

when is selected, the TV will upgrade your existing channel list. As soon as is selected, the TV will search and store all networks again.

Select or in the installation mode depending upon the type of antenna link used and also press the button. A. When is selected, the TV will detect antenna signals and will search for antenna TV channels accessible in your local area. B. As soon as is selected, the TV will detect cable agency supplied signals and also will search for cable TV channels obtainable in your area.

6) choose and press the switch to auto programming.

7) The menu display disappears and the progress of auto programming is displayed. The development bar shows the variety of analogue and digital networks found.

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8) once the installation is completed, press the button and also the TV will instantly exit the menu.

If her TV walk not find the channels after the channel search;

Make sure that her TV has actually the latest software installed examine the just arrive cable or antenna signal connection to make certain that it is correctly secured to the TV"s antenna input attach the antenna straight to the TV. Execute not use an antenna cable splitter or loop through your external an equipment such as set-top crate or DVD recorder

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