A virus is a macro, routine or script which is draft in together a way that the can reason some damage a machine by editing data, stealing personal information, screen messages or by sending out hoax emails. The virus spreads chin by copying itself all over when the is executed. A mobile phone call virus is actually a form of computer virus that gets itself adjusted to the environment of a mobile phone. The is draft in such a method that it can go native one mobile machine to another. Here you will gain to know about how to perform Phone Virus Scan utilizing PC.

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Is there yes, really anything such together a virus on your phone?

We all know what is a computer virus is and likewise the capacity of it. A variety of hackers usage the method of dispersing the virus and soon the term ‘virus’ became a an extremely common term for all species of malware. In instance of smartphones, over there is no virus that actually replicates itself, however there room some varieties of virus or malware that are of various types. For contemporary smartphones, that is recommended to check for phone call virus using antimalware for android like MalwareFox or looking for the likes top top Google play store and perform phone call virus scan.

So could ask yourself the if you have the virus on her cell phone wherein is the trouble right? however you execute keep important and also precious data on her phone i m sorry is very beneficial to you. The is why girlfriend should eliminate viruses that can impact you by causing great damage and perform phone call virus scan. You could be searching for programs of phone virus scan using pc. Right here is the way on how to scan phone for virus making use of pc.

Quick heal PC2 cell phone Scan

You have ever downloaded mobile applications that are cost-free and in reality turn into damaging your mobile an equipment in return? If yes, climate you should know what come after that! You have to confront lots and lots of trouble when you confront this situation. However when you very own a smartphone it method that girlfriend can attach it to her computer really easily and also without any kind that hassle! when these totally free applications are included to the mobile call they make the tools slow too. So when you do have actually a better connectivity option, why not usage it for a far better purpose?

There are countless programs come scan phone because that virus making use of PC yet Quick Heal has the best method to scan for viruses using a computer using an antivirus device that is currently installed in it. This software program serves the best answer on how to scan phone because that virus utilizing pc.


This brand-new technology presented by rapid Heal is referred to as PC2 mobile Scan. That is really handy as it actually enables the user to scan your phones because that virus and that as well without installing any type of kind that antivirus application on the mobile phone. Girlfriend just have to install the antivirus on her computer, and then you have actually to connect your mobile machine with it through the help of Bluetooth connection or USB. This is the simple way on how to scan phone for virus making use of pc.


Features of PC2 mobile Scan

This technology can be used on almost every platform the a mobile device is built. These platforms incorporate Linux based cell phone OS, home windows Mobile, and Symbian OS. PC2 mobile Scan is likewise supported through a variety of proprietary mobile firmware. This provides this the just product in the sector that actually supports this modern technology for various kinds the mobile devices that are easily accessible from large companies such together Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, HP, IMate, LG, HTC, Panasonic, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, and also O2. It is claimed that over 550 mobile call models space supported by this technology and certainly ideal to scan android phone for virus indigenous pc.


This software application is in reality a component of quick Heal full Security 2010 Suite. That is available at a an extremely minimum expense if you desire to subscribe because that one year. In other words, PC2Mobile Scan is actually a type of inbuilt software that is included in fast Heal total Security. In situation your mobile phone does support both the attributes of Bluetooth and also USB, usage USB cables in order to get far better results.


Important needs for this program:

This particular feature that mobile protection is supported only for home windows Vista or 32 bit, windows 7 and also Windows XP because that 64 bit and also 32 little respectively, windows 7, home windows 8, windows 8.1 and also Windows 10.If you room using a home windows phone, her mobile maker must have actually Microsoft energetic Sync 4.0 or later on versions on your computer.In case you are a Nokia user, you room recommended to install Nokia pc suite on your computer. And if you room using other mobile phones, you should install the particular software chauffeurs on her pc.Computers should have a Bluetooth device for Bluetooth connection. It need to be properly installed with perfect drivers.When you are using Bluetooth to work-related with PC2 Mobile, a number of mobile phones need being installed with quick Heal Connector. This wizard helps you to download this specific application on your smartphone.For apologize or iPhone devices you need to install iTunes on your system.‘Stay Awake’ and ‘USB debugging’ have to be kept enabled on her android device.

Note: quick Heal PC2 cell phone Scan is not supported for Server operation systems and also Windows 2000.


Some that the worries faced through users when phone virus scan utilizing PC:

You can not scan her Nokia 6600 version properly with quick Heal PC2 cell phone Scan.

Quick tip: girlfriend can quickly register your machine on the official website of rapid Heal if her mobile device does not support rapid Heal PC2 mobile Scan. Also, every the home windows Smartphone are supported through this application that is made upon operating device Windows Mobile variation 3.0 to 7.0.

So in bespeak to protect your mobile phone from this virus attacks, you need to disable the download that unknown application option on your Android machine which you can easily do through going to the settings option, then right into security, then under machine administration rotate off the option that states ‘unknown sources’.

Virus attacks on smart phones are enhancing day by job surprisingly and that is why every users must keep their phone updated and safe indigenous this malware and viruses. So why space you waiting? Follow these an easy steps ~ above how to scan phone for virus utilizing pc to stay safe and also secure.

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Wrapping Up

Mobile safety must be one of the priority the every mobile customers in today’s world. Scanning for viruses is among the best way to perform so. Below were several of the instances on how to scan phone because that virus using PC. We hope you obtained an idea on just how to perform phone virus scan. Please execute tell united state if this solutions functioned for you.