There are countless ways to score points in a football game. The most usual point-scoring plays encompass a touchdown (6 points) and also a ar goal (3 points).

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Smaller point totals are additionally given because that conversions after ~ a touchdown, including 1 allude for an extra allude and 2 points for what"s known as a two-point conversion.

Teams can also score 2 clues on a safety, i beg your pardon is a much rarer occurrence.

Even much more rare is a 1-point safety.

This scoring beat is so rarely that not many people even recognize it exist -- yet it does.

Let"s take it a look in ~ the history of the 1-point safety, and also what a team would need to do in stimulate to transform one.

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What is a 1-Point Safety?

It’s rather complicated for a team to score a 1-point safety.

Part that the factor for this is that it can only take place when an offensive team is either attempting one extra allude or a 2-point conversion ~ scoring a touchdown.

There are three ways that a 1-point safety have the right to occur.

1. The attack team attempting the switch somehow gets tackled in their own finish zone

The reason this is following to difficult to imagine is that the offensive team will certainly attempt this conversion from the opponent"s two-yard heat in many instances.

In the national Football League, extra points room attempted native the 15-yard line.

This means that the attack team would must fumble the ball and also have it bounce every the way back to their own finish zone. Then, an offensive player would have to recover the ball and also get downed in his own finish zone.

That would result in the protective team gaining 1 point.

Obviously, this is highly, very unlikely come happen.

2. The violation fumbles the ball forward into the opponent"s finish zone

Then a defender would need to be referred to as for one infraction because that illegally knocking the ball out the bounds.

If the does this, he would certainly be called for a safety, and also the offense would certainly be awarded 1 point.

3. The offense fumbles the football during its conversion attempt

Then a defender would must cleanly recoup the football and also attempt to advancement the ball.

While make the efforts to advance the ball, if that goes backward and is tackled in his own end zone, climate a safety would be called.

Because this happened throughout a switch attempt, the offense would certainly be vested 1 point instead the the classic 2 point out a safety usually gets.


The background of the 1-Point Safety

Until recently, just the first instance described over could have also happened in the NFL.

In 2015, the experienced football league readjusted its conversion rules a little bit that opened up up the opportunity for the 2nd and 3rd examples come happen.

Before the preeminence was changed, a play was automatically called dead if a protective player acquired possession the the football during a two-point or extra-point conversion attempt.

It would have been impossible for the 2nd or third example to occur prior to that change.

In other levels of football, a 1-point safety has happened.

One of the most popular instances taken place in college football in 2013 in ~ the Fiesta Bowl that year between Kansas State and also Oregon.

Here’s exactly how it happened...

Oregon scored a touchdown.

A Kansas State player then clogged the extra suggest attempt.

The sphere was then picked increase by a Kansas State player, who then ran the ball right into his own end zone. That was ultimately downed in the finish zone, giving Oregon a 1-point safety.

The one concern you may have is why would a defender also put self in the position that he might be tackled in his own finish zone.

The reason is that in college football (and the NFL now, too), the defending team have the right to score 2 point out if castle return a clogged kick, fumble, or interception on a conversion attempt to the other end zone.

This offers them an ideas for trying come return a recovered ball, which subsequently activates the possibility of a 1-point safety happening.


While the opportunity for converting a 1-point safety is fairly remote, it’s quiet a little-known means that a team deserve to score 1 allude in a football game.

Most human being think that the only means to score 1 suggest is to kick an extra point.

But that"s merely not true.

Still, it"s very an overwhelming to transform and, therefore, a very rare occurrence.


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