Here"s exactly how to screenshot ~ above Chromebook so you can capture either a full screen, a partial display screen or a certain window

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There are many reasons why you could want come know exactly how to screenshot top top Chromebook, and fortunately it"s a very straightforward point to do.

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As through Windows 10 and macOS, you can record whatever is ~ above your display by simply pressing a pair of keys. Yet Chrome OS goes further than part operating systems, by including a neat screenshot widget within it. This lets you record a partial screenshot, or a screenshot of a certain window, amongst other things.

We"ll display you just how to perform each of this below, so review on to discover out exactly how to screenshot ~ above Chromebook.

How to screenshot top top Chromebook

Taking a straightforward screenshot top top a Chromebook is an extremely simple. This is the technique you"d use if you desire to catch whatever wake up to be displayed on your screen at a given time.

1. Find the content you want to screenshot. on a Chromebook, this can be pretty much anything: it"ll occupational for web pages, apps, her desktop… every little thing you desire to capture.

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3. Uncover your screenshot. by default, Chrome OS will have actually saved it come the downloads folder within My Files. You can discover this by opened the Files application (search for it via the launcher, if girlfriend don"t recognize where that is).

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Your screenshot will also have been copied to your clipboard, which is helpful if you desire to dough it straight right into a Google Docs or Slides document.

And finally, on some Chromebooks you"ll additionally see a window appear in the bottom right of the screen once you take it. Friend can click on this to take you straight to the records app.

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How to take a partial screenshot on Chromebook

Taking a partial screenshot the only records a specific area the the Chromebook display screen is simply as basic as taking a standard screenshot.

1. Discover the content you desire to take it a screenshot of.

2. Host down the Ctrl and transition keys and then push the present Windows key.

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3. A post will show up telling you to "Drag to select an area to capture." Your cursor will likewise have readjusted into a crosshair and also the screen will have actually dimmed.

4. Using the mouse/trackpad, drag to choose the area you wish to capture. The area girlfriend are catching will it is in highlighted.

5. Push the "Capture" switch in the centre of the screenshot. As before, her screenshot will be saved into the mine Files/Downloads area.

How to take a screenshot that a window on Chromebook

If you don"t desire a messy screenshot that likewise includes her taskbar, you have the right to use the screenshot tool in Chrome OS to record just one particular window. Here"s you execute that:

1. Uncover the content you want to take it a screenshot of.

2. Hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys and also then push the display Windows key.

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4. This will carry up the Chrome OS Screenshot toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

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5. Push the right-most that the three central icons on the toolbar. This is the "Window screenshot" option.

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6. through that choice selected, her cursor will certainly have readjusted into a camera icon. Position the symbol over the home window you want to screenshot and also click. This will record just the one window, rather than your whole screen. Together before, her screenshot will certainly be saved right into your My records folder.

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