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Dell labels the publish Screen crucial in various ways on different models of Dell laptops. Press the specialized Print Screen key located on the peak upper-right row of the keyboard.Use Ctrl + V to paste the caught screenshot in any application, conversation windows, or society media message.

This post will present you how to take it a screenshot ~ above a Dell laptop v the keyboard's Print display screen key. 

how to use Print display on a Dell Laptop

The print Screen switch is component of most computer keyboards. Most Dell laptop computers models likewise have a specialized Print Screen an essential placed on the an initial row that the keyboard alongside the function keys. Dell generally labels it as Print screen or PrtScr.

It can be abbreviated together PrintScreen, PrntScrn, PrntScr, PrtScn, PrtScr, or PrtSc also. In this article, us will usage PrtScr to refer to the key.

Some Dell laptops have the right to have another key paired with publish Screen. Because that instance, the Dell Latitude 7310 and Dell XPS 13 9310 have actually the F10 function on the same button located listed below the Print display screen key. Together the print Screen key is top top top, press it without utilizing the function (Fn) crucial as a modifier. If the Print display screen is placed below the other duty on the same switch on any type of keyboard, then host down the Function (Fn) crucial on her keyboard prior to pressing the Print display key.

Go to the display screen which you want to take a screenshot of. It deserve to be the desktop, a webpage, or one more open application. 


Some key-boards may not have a separate Print display key. In together cases, do a publish Screen activity by pressing and also holding under the Fn + Insert tricks together.

Capture the entire display screen or simply the open, active window or dialog box. 

To record the entire screen: push the PrtScr key.To catch only the energetic window: push the Alt + PrtScr secrets together.

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Press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot into an additional document, email, society media message, or picture editor. 

After you take the very first screenshot, home windows creates a Screenshots folder in the Pictures folder. You can accessibility the folder from windows search or through navigating come the pictures folder, which friend can also find through this path: C:UsersOneDrivePicturesScreenshots. 

Take multiple screenshots and use the home windows Clipboard’s background to dough them in other areas as a batch. V Windows Clipboard, you can sync the recorded screenshots come other devices with the exact same Microsoft login.