There are numerous home-improvement projects that call for you come screw or nail into concrete, such as once affixing shelf brackets to a concrete basement wall, screwing under a 2x4 sole plate to a concrete floor, fastening metal conduitto concrete surfaces, or securing steel short article anchors come a concrete patio. Unfortunately for numerous DIYers, using concrete screws or fasterners deserve to be a frustratingly difficult and nearly impossible task. However when armed with the correct tools and also a few committed fasteners, anyone can learn to fasten nearly anything come concrete.

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Here, we’ll explain four various techniques and types of concrete screws and fasteners particularly designed because that attaching to concrete, and most can also be used to fasten into brick, stone, and concrete block together well. Keep in mind that prior to installing most concrete fasteners, friend must first drill a hole with a carbide-tipped stonework bit. The quickest, easiest means to drill into concrete is v a hammer drill, which offers both little bit rotation and concussive blows to boring the holes. If friend don’t very own a hammer drill you have the right to use a traditional corded electric drill or cordless battery-powered drill, yet it’ll take at least twice as long to drill each hole. It’s additionally important to constantly blow or vacuum out the concrete dust from the hole before inserting the fastener. That’s because concrete fasteners fixed much an ext securely in clean, dust-free holes.

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Hammer-Set Anchors


If friend don’t think fastening to concrete have the right to be fun, climate you’ve never used a powder-actuated fastener. This device is essentially a .22-caliber pistol the fires hardened nails right into concrete. Just how cool is that? (Some device manufacturers likewise offer .25- and also .27-caliber models.)

Powder-actuated fasteners are right for securing 2x4 sleepers to floors, furring strips come walls, and plywood subfloors come concrete slabs. They carry out an incredibly strong and fast means to attach to concrete—but you can’t remove the nails as soon as they’ve to be fired in.

The pistol accepts a wide selection of nails, dubbed pins, ranging from about 1/2 come 3 inches, and various charges, likewise known together loads. The larger the load, the more gunpowder that contains. Lots are numbered and also color-coded for straightforward identification, varying from Gray No. 1 (least powerful) to violet No. 6 (most powerful). Which fill to use relies on number of factors, including the nail length, thickness of product being fastened, and also hardness the the concrete.

Warning: A powder-actuated fastener is a potentially dangerous tool. Usage it only to close to poured concrete—never to concrete block or brick. Keep people well clear of the job-related area, and always wear security goggles and also hearing protection.

Powder-actuated fasteners come in a wide variety of prices, beginning at around $85. Friend can also rent one for about $40 every day, not including pins and loads. Intend to pay about $12 because that a 100-piece box of 2-inch pins, and around $12 for 100 Yellow No. 4 loads.

Finally, it’s worth discussing that for about $30 you can buy a manual powder-actuated fastener

that friend hit with a hammer to fire the load and also drive the pin.

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