If you short article lots of YouTube comments, you could want come review and delete those now and also then. Here’s how.

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How many YouTube comments have actually you posted? Is that a chuck number, choose 7,000, or just a handful?

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At part point, you"ll want to watch all your YouTube comments to view if they"re still appropriate. Us live in a fast-paced world, which means your opinions won’t always age well. They have the right to sound offensive, off-topic, or downright cringey as soon as you review them several weeks later.

Luckily, yes a simple means to find your comments on YouTube. Let’s dive right into a step-by-step tutorial.

how to do a YouTube Comment Search

Go come the YouTube homepage and find the left-hand navigation menu. Click History.On the best side of this screen, you’ll check out a dashboard called history Type. Select the Comments option.The following thing you’ll watch is a repertoire of comments you’ve posted ~ above YouTube. These will certainly be in chronological order, starting with your most recent comments. If girlfriend see any kind of cringey ones, click on the video clip link or article link (in blue) to go straight to the comment. Click the three dots to the right of her comment to edit or delete it.

Here"s what the comment history panel looks like. Clicking the links highlighted in blue, such as, "this video breaks the algorithm," bring away you straight to the comment in inquiry (so friend can modify or delete it).


exactly how to evaluation YouTube Live present Comments

Now the we’ve taken treatment of continuous comments, let’s review the ones in her live streams:

Return to the History kind panel and also switch your choice from comments to Live Chat. Now you can cycle through any type of live stream conversation messages you’ve posted.

2 drawbacks of making use of YouTube’s Comment testimonial Tool

On the surface, this device for viewing previous comments is very useful. In the most basic sense, it does what it promises and allows you to review and also delete comments. However here’s the catch (and that a pretty huge one): If you desire to do any kind of of this with ease or speed, you’re out of luck.

The tool lacks:

Filters and search parameters to narrow your results. all you can do is role the comment in chronological order till the page has to dynamically load, i m sorry takes forever.An all-time comment history. we at lasignoralaura.com reply to thousands of comments every time us post brand-new videos. It feels prefer this tool only collects the comment we write-up from a YouTube clock page and not every the comments we reply to within the YouTube Studio.

I say all that to to speak this: If your goal is come dig v years of comment to discover the embarrassing ones, it won’t be straightforward or efficient. However, this is the means to go till there"s a far better way to check out your comments on YouTube.

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Did you recognize you can additionally see who articles the most comments on your YouTube videos? Here"s a brief guide to present you how.