Streaming is a curious beast. One minute you"ll be enjoy it the 80s vibe that Stranger things (go watch it if friend haven"t already) and the following you"ll be struggling to pick something from the overwhelming catalog. Sometimes, though, you"ll stumble ~ above something the you"d typically never choose -- a Netflix suggestion from a friend or a recent enhancement that had actually escaped your glance together you navigated Amazon Video"s curated menus.

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However, once you"ve watched that movie or TV show and moved on, it might drop ago into relative obscurity, reduce your possibilities of remembering and paying that recommendation forward countless months later. You may also have watched something, hated it and want come make sure it doesn"t impact future recommendations. Luckily, both Netflix and Amazon store a running list of the things you"ve watched (if castle haven"t been eliminated from the brochure due to licensing agreements). Here"s how to find them.



Finding her viewing history on Netflix is a simple affair. Visit, ensure you"re logged in and then float over your profile name. Choose Your Account from the menu. Now, scroll under to the bottom and also select Viewing Activity. You need to now it is in presented with a list of every little thing you"ve streamed on your account.

Alternatively, you deserve to click here.

While you"re there, you deserve to decide exactly how your background impacts Netflix recommendations. Clicking the X alongside a title will certainly ensure it"s deleted from your freshly Watched or continue Watching row, but it will additionally ensure that Netflix doesn"t use a moment of streaming weakness versus you. Once it has been removed, the won"t appear in your list until you watch it again.

Amazon Video


Unlike Netflix, Amazon doesn"t do it simple to watch what you"ve formerly watched. In fact, that buries that is listing inside a number of links that you wouldn"t otherwise check.

If you desire to go the hands-on route, ensure you"re logged in on the Amazon website and also click the Your Account link on the height bar. Top top the resulting page, scroll under to Personalization and also click Improve your Recommendations. Now, top top the left menu, click Videos You"ve Watched.

The quicker method is to click below if you live in the united state or here if you live in the UK.

Here, you deserve to rate a TV display or movie so the Amazon can much better understand your likes and also dislikes or exclude that listing entirely. If you"ve discovered that both Netflix and Amazon have done a poor job of matching content to your interests, this is a good way to administer it with more insight.

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Oh, and also it"ll likewise ensure girlfriend can provide a girlfriend or household member the name of that an excellent film girlfriend watched yet couldn"t for the life of you remember.