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Primakov/Shutterstock.comA necessary part of every road expedition is the all-important gas stop. Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand when your next opportunity to fill up will be. You have the right to easily add gas stations come your take trip plans through Google Maps.

This is a an excellent trick come know because you don’t have to exit navigation to carry out it. You can simply include a stop to your existing route, to fill up your auto at the gas station, and also then proceed on the trip. Girlfriend never need to stop Google Maps.

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To get started, open up Google Maps on your iPhone, iPad, or Android an equipment and start navigating to your location by tapping “Start.”

Now insanity the magnifying glass symbol on the appropriate side the the map to do a search.

You can choose “Gas Stations” or execute a search for a details gas station name. This watch slightly different on iPhone.


Gas stations will certainly be shown over the optimal of her route. They also display the existing price that gas and how lot time will certainly be included to your pilgrimage if you stop. Scroll around your route and select one of the locations.

Next, the gas station information will be displayed at the bottom the the screen. Girlfriend can select “Cancel” or “Add Stop.” The gas terminal will immediately be included to the path if girlfriend wait a couple of seconds; this is a hands-free feature.

That’s it! Google Maps will now take you to the gas station when you strategy it. After her stop, girlfriend can proceed on her route. You can add gas stations at any time simply by using the find feature during your trip.

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Joe FedewaJoe Fedewa is a employee Writer in ~ How-To Geek. He has close to a decade of experience spanning consumer modern technology and previously worked as a News Editor in ~ XDA Developers. Joe loves all things modern technology and is also an avid DIYer in ~ heart. He has written hundreds of articles, hundreds of tutorials, and dozens that reviews. Read full Bio »
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