All clogged or missed call will present up in the Firewall Recents call log. To gain there, just tap Recents at the bottom that the app. You’ll watch the full background of every calls that come through and any outbound phone call made v the app.

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In Recents you have the right to see the phone call number and also whether it to be an Allowed, Missed, Blocked or Firewalled call:

Allowed calls room successful call from number in the whitelist. Enabled calls likewise include any outbound call that are initiated from within the app.


Missed calls are whitelisted calls the were no answered. To let go calls show up in red text.


Blocked calls are calls that Firewall immediately blocks because they’re well-known spam/robocalls. Clogged calls will have actually a little red lightning bolt to the left that the phone number.

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Firewalled callsare either blocked or Screened calls.Screened call that space not well-known robocallers but are additionally not in your whitelist are sent out to voicemail. This calls will show a grey lightning bolt alongside the number in Recents.


You’ll also see any type of voicemails the were left ~ above Recents. You deserve to play the voicemail and/or check out its transcription!

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last updated ~ above January 11, 2021

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