"Hello, I just wonder is it feasible to transfer message messages from iphone phone to computer system so that I have the right to read all text messages on computer directly. I tried numerous ways to check out iPhone message messages on PC yet failed, please help! Thanks!"

Way 1. Just how to straight View iPhone message Messages on computer system (Windows/Mac)?

Since the iTunes backups can not be opened and also viewed top top the desktop computer, so if you really wish to check out iPhone messages on pc or Mac, you can shot to back-up iPhone text messages on computer without iTunes. Actually, over there are several iPhone backups tools on the Internet, and lasignoralaura.com Assistant for iOS is the ideal of them, which can aid you export and save selected message messages from iphone to computer system as readable document formats. After ~ that, friend can directly open and also read these exported text records without restrictions. This can be the easiest and also safest way to check out iPhone message messages on computer or Mac.

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Now, let"s have a brief look ~ above the crucial features of iphone phone SMS Exporter:

Preview in-depth text conversation ~ above PC prior to exporting as you like. Export and also backup iPhone message messages in 4 different formats, including HTML, CSV, Text, DB. You can straight open and view these records on computer as you like. Backup other species of papers from iphone to computer system easily, including contacts, notes, calendars, bookmarks, music, photos, etc. Compatible with almost all models of iPhone, iPad and also iPod. Easy-to-use operations and user-friendly interface.

Here"s how to get iPhone messages on computer in details:

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer system with USB cable and launch the program that you"ve installed on your windows or Mac computer. To trust it on your an equipment and once the link is successful, you"ll check out an user interface like below:


Step 2. Choose "Messages" in the left panel, climate you can preview all iPhone text conversation in the program. If girlfriend only must view this messages, climate you deserve to stop here. However if you wish to export and also save lock on her computer, you have to to proceed the process.


Step 3. Tick the iPhone message messages you wish to export to computer and also hit "Export" button. Then, select an output format and begin the whole procedure of transferring the selected SMS come PC.

All the iPhone text messages will certainly be copied to computer and saved as HTML paper format. You deserve to check and also read all text messages on computer directly now.


- Two different ways to view text messages from iphone phone on computer;

- Not only works as a basic iPhone SMS Reader, but also performs well together a skilled iPhone backup tool.

- easy to use and worth come trust.

- 100% safe.


- free trail variation has function limitation, and also if you great to gain the complete function, you must pay for it.

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Way 2. Exactly how to view iPhone text Messages on computer from iTunes Backup?

How come view text messages on iTunes? together we discussed above, the data you donate up through iTunes is unreadable top top computer. But here is a tool referred to as iPhone backup Extractor, which enables users to straight get access to the backups and extract your essential data from that within couple of clicks. V it, you have the right to extract text messages native iTunes backups, then review them on the computer.

Steps to view iPhone messages on PC complimentary from iTunes

Step 1. Download and install the iPhone backup Extractor. Switch to "Recover indigenous iTunes backup File" ~ launching the program, then pick the backup document you should extract, and also hit "Start Scan" switch to start scan for files.


Step 2. Once the scanning is finished, you can pick "Messages" and also "Message Attachment" to check out the thorough contents.

Step 3. Mite all message you desire to watch on PC, and also hit "Recover" button to save them on your computer. After that, straight open the output document to check out the iphone phone messages freely.

Way 3. How to review iPhone text Messages on pc from iCloud Backup?

Not only iTunes, numerous people additionally like to back-up the iPhone text messages v iCloud. The iPhone back-up Extractor can quickly extract your needed iPhone message messages native iCloud backup files.

Step 1. Choose "Recover indigenous iCloud back-up File", then login with your iCloud account follow to the onscreen instructions.


Step 2. Now, you have the right to see a perform of iCloud backups in the program, select your target one and also click "Download" button and also wait because that the end.


Step 3. Click "Messages" in the left panel and also then you have the right to view something in the ideal panel. Or girlfriend can pick the messages and also export them come your computer if you have actually a need.



- enable users to see iPhone text messages on computer without phone.

- Both existing and deleted messages can be found and also displayed in the regime for viewing.

- 100% safe and also easy to use.

- great UI style that will certainly make you feel comfortable throughout the entirety process.


- no a cost-free program and the price is a small bit expensive.

- The scanning always take lots of time.

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Way 4. Just how to review iPhone text Messages virtual (3 Choices)?

Nowadays, you can read your text messages without your phone. So, if you left your iPhone at home or it was stolen, damaged or no working, you deserve to read your text messages online so the you"ll never lose any kind of essential messages. That course, you require to uncover some apps together your assistant, and also here us have collected and picked up the top 3 online iPhone SMS reader for your reference so the you deserve to view iPhone text messages on computer system without phone.

Choice 1 - cell phone Spy

Mobile Spy is a message application for iphone users. It deserve to records every sent or obtained messages from your iPhone 12 on the computer system so that you can view iPhone text messages online. With it, girlfriend don"t have actually to examine your phone because that every notification, and all components can be viewed and replied indigenous your an individual computer or tablet without restrictions. What"s more, this app also enables users to get full access to her iPhone history, like browsing history, GPS, call history, etc. So, in bespeak to protect your an individual privacy, please store your password to the website secure.

Finally, you need to understand that this organization starts at $49 per quarter. So, if girlfriend doesn"t have sufficient budget, it might not the best tool for you.


Choice 2 - MySMS

MySMS is another excellent texting app, which can be offered on your personal computer or tablet computer well. Through it, you deserve to not only inspect iPhone SMS online, but likewise directly check who is text massage you and also its detailed contents without your phone. This application is a overcome platform, and can be downloaded and installed ~ above both Android and iOS devices.


Choice 3 - YouArchive.It

This app permits you come upload your text messages from iphone to YouArchive.It for for sure keeping. But it only save the past text message on your iPhone 12 and also doesn"t enable you to watch or reply new messages you received. To view the backed up messages, you only must log right into the website, then all uploaded messages will be displayed for viewing.


- online service and also never occupy the storage space on her iPhone;

- enhance your working effectiveness when you must work in the front of computer for lengthy time.


- every one of them are forced a great network situation, for this reason you might not may be to view iPhone messages offline.

- some of them may cost lots for permanent using.

Way 5. Just how to examine iPhone message Messages from computer via iOS App?

If girlfriend don"t like the services we pointed out above, climate you deserve to take this method into consideration. The encourage SMS violin is an application from apologize Store, and also can be downloaded and also installed on her iPhone directly. This app can help users to export iphone messages to CSV or XML format without connecting your iPhone to computer. Friend can select to copy the record to computer when you have a need. Generally speaking, SMS fiddle is a simple app, i beg your pardon can assist you deal with SMS exporting concerns well, yet it is no a free app, therefore you have to spend some money for gaining it.


Here"s how:

Step 1. Go to apple store and also install the SMS export on her iPhone. Then open up it and also directly click "Export Messages" to define an output folder on her iPhone.

Step 2. Connect iPhone come computer, then open up the folder and copy the CSV or XML record to her computer.

Step 3. Open up the CSV or XML file on her computer, climate you deserve to view the detailed materials as you like.


- Export and save text messages together readable styles anytime anywhere.

- straightforward to use and 100% safe.


- accounting a large amount that storage room on her iPhone, especially for lengthy term using.

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- Not free and no free trial version.

Wrapping Up

In this page, we have actually recommended an ext than 5 different ways to aid all of you check out iPhone message messages top top computer. Some of them have the right to be excellent on pc or Mac no issue you"re online or offline, some of them call for a an excellent network situation. Introduce to the price, some space cheaper, some are expensive. Just pick a solution according come your own needs. In my opinion, to save you indigenous the trouble, lasignoralaura.com Assistant because that iOS is definitely the finest choice. The is able come export message messages from iphone to computer or Mac with one click, so that you can view iPhone text messages on computer freely. You can download the totally free trial come backup, edit and view message messages on computer right now!