Facebook is heavily focused on video-first approach. Many marketers establish that and also started incorporating videos in their social media marketing.

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However, gaining engagement ~ above your facebook videos can seem choose a daunting task. With the audience always being on the hunt for more compelling and also entertaining content, just producing a thumb-stopping video might no be enough.

Luckily, facebook is here to help. One of the good features that you could want to start using is Facebook video polls.

Here’s why and how to collection one up.

What is a Facebook video clip poll

For some reason, people like share the information around themselves. It can have to perform with the fact that we desire to it is in heard and noticed through others the end there. Another reason could be that we desire to do our opinion matter and compare it to what other people say and also do.

This could be the reason why world love acquisition quizzes and also answering polls.


A Thorough guide to Personalization in social Media Marketing

Adding a poll to your video clip on facebook will assist people personalize your experience and interact with your content.

So, what is a Facebook video poll exactly?

A Facebook video poll is a poll girlfriend can set up to present while your video clip is playing. Here’s a quote from on facebook itself: “Polling lets partners add questions through a collection of answers, come quickly and easily gain their fans’ opinions”.

Video polls top top Facebook room a fun and easy method to communicate with her viewers best on the spot, if they room watching the video clip you developed for them.

You can collection a particular time when you want the poll to show. It will appear as a short note in the upper right edge of your video.


From here, her viewers can click the take it the poll link and also submit your replies. It’s as easy as it gets!

How to add a poll to your on facebook video

It’s pretty easy to add a vote to your Facebook video clip and start engaging the audience. Girlfriend can add a poll come both live and regular in-feed videos. This is what you desire to do.

1. Upload a video clip to Facebook.

In order to be able to add a poll come video, you need to upload your video clip first.

2. Click the Edit short article button.

Once did you do it uploaded the video, click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the post and also choose the option “Edit Post”.


3. Select the alternative “Polls”.

In the video editing options, scroll under to Polls and click the switch “Create Poll”.


4. Ask her question.

You have the right to then ask your inquiry and administer answer options. Through default, there space two choices to go with. However, friend can add up come 6 alternatives if you require to. You can likewise specify when precisely the poll will be displayed on video, i.e. In ~ what time on the timeline that begins and also ends.


5. Conserve your Facebook video clip poll.

When did you do it finished setup up your video poll on Facebook, just go ahead, inspect how the turned out and also start collecting the results. It is it!

5 ways to usage Facebook video polls to rise engagement

Facebook video polls are a great way come make her videos more engaging and personal. When taking a poll, your viewers feel the the video is not just systematized at them. Instead, castle are actively participating in the process.

Here space a few ways just how you have the right to use Facebook video polls to far better interact through your audience.

Ask the audience a truth related come the video

It’s a good idea come use video polls for asking inquiries on a video-related topic. For example, us could post a how-to video clip that explains how to turn posts into blog posts. 


We can then ask our audience a basic question prefer “Do you repurpose her blog short articles into videos?” If you manage to collection a significant amount that replies to your question, girlfriend can even use this data as insightful stats for your marketing activities.

Collect your feedback ~ above the video content

When tuning your social contents strategy, you absolutely want to understand what resonates with your audience better. Facebook video clip polls enable you to do simply that.


Instead the guessing whether your viewers liked the videos you’ve been sharing, questioning them straight with a straightforward video poll. A rapid question choose “Was this video helpful?” will carry out the trick.

Offer options on the next video topic

What perform your viewers want you come talk around in your next video? 


If you room contemplating what come shoot your next video about, ask her audience to action in. Because that instance, you could offer numerous topic principles for her next video or blog post, and also suggest vote on the preferred option.

Learn who your viewers are

To far better tune your contents strategy, it renders sense to frequently research her audience and also know that your viewers are. Facebook analytics can only tell you this much around them. However what around what kind of coffee they like? What colors do they prefer? What publications do they read?


Use Facebook video clip polls come collect systematic information about your viewers. Make sure to readjust your social media and also content strategy accordingly.

Get audience insights

Facebook video polls are also a good way come learn more about your customers’ pains points. You deserve to ask a question choose “What have actually you to be struggling through recently?” and provide several answers because that them to select from.

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You can then pass this information to her customer support and also content team, and also come up v truly valuable content and solutions that your audience will certainly be thankful for.


Facebook video polls room yet another means to make her videos more engaging and exciting. Have actually you already tried using this feature? re-superstructure in the comment below!