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Today show Info

Hours:Weekdays 7am-11am

When come Go:Weekday mornings

Seasonal Information:It runs all year, but dress because that the season

Important Information It"s free to stand outside throughout the NBC Today display filming, however don"t intend to obtain inside.

Today show Quick facts Occasional concerts and interactive occasions are held external for audience to see.You have the right to be on tv by being in the group behind the glass that the NBC Today display recording studio.

Address:30 Rockefeller Plz new York, US

Ticket info

Today display broadcasts live Mon.-Fri. Indigenous 7am-11am EST. There is no age requirement for guests that The this particular day Show. Signs, hats, and clothing should not endorse any type of kind of business or product and should not have web addresses printed on them. To attend a live taping that The this particular day Show, display up early on (around 6am) at the kiosks in ~ this address: The Today display Tickets, NBC Studios, 49th Street & 30 Rockefeller Plaza, new York, NY 10036


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