*** White home tours have actually been in the interim suspended. Existing status: speak to the 24-hour information line at (202) 456-7041

White house Public Tours: eastern Wing and also the Residence

Public tours of the White residence are cost-free of charge and can be booked through her congressional representative. Describe the ticketing section for details. travellers will enter the White home complexfrom the southern side of east Executive Avenue. After ~ passing with the protection screening area, guests will enter the east Wingof the White House and proceed under the eastern Colonnade adhering to the route to the Residence illustrated on the White house tour map below.

White residence Tour Map

White House family Movie theater Now included in Tours

The family Theater is now included as part of the self-guided windy White residence tour.

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Photos are Now allowed on the White home Tour!

In 2015, the White residence lifted its longstanding camera and also photo half on windy tours. Guest are currently welcome to take photos throughout the White residence tour routeand are urged to share your photos utilizing the hashtag #lasignoralaura.comTour. Phones and also compact tho cameras v a lens no much longer than 3 inches space allowed.


West wing Tours

While the conventional public tourism is amazing for architectural and also historical reasons, nothing can beat the excited of the West soup Tour. This coveted tours space led byknowledgeable members that the White house staff and secret Service. They take it you right into the working locations of the White home and permit you come witness our democracy in action.

From the West Wing tour booklet:

"In 1902, president Theodore Roosevelt relocated his office indigenous the second floor that theresidence come this newly built building. The West Wing has expanded and undergone several renovations due to the fact that then, yet it has remained the officialworkplace of the President. In our country, the halls of government are not reserved for a privileged few, and also the President’s workplace have to be no exception."At this time, the only way to experience a West Wing tourism is by invitation from the White residence or through a an individual connection to a White home staffer willing to lead you on one after-hours tour.Download the main West Wing tourism booklet indigenous the White House.

Official list of West Wing tourism Participants

You may be wondering simply who it s okay to go on a West soup tour. This details was very first made easily accessible by the Obama management via the publication of the main White house Visitors Records. Thispracticewas discontinued under the trumped Administration, but has to be reestablished under the Biden White House.


View the Obama White house Visitor Logs

West Wing tour Map

Map of White house Grounds

White residence Tour Tickets

Public Tour

Requests because that the White house tour should be submitted through your Member of congress in one of two people the house or Senate.White house tours are booked on a an initial come, an initial served basis and also they need to be requested a minimum of 21 days in advance of your visit. Requests deserve to be it is registered up to 3 months in advance.Want to watch the holiday decorations? Submit her Christmas tourism requests in the Fall. All tours are free of charge.
White residence Tour security All guest 14 years of age or older are required by the joined States secret Service to submittheir name, day of birth, social protection number and country the citizenship.All guest 18 and older will be compelled to present photo to know with details exactly corresponding the namepreviously submitted because that clearance.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited item include, but are not minimal to, the following: handbags, book bags,backpacks, purses, food and also beverages of any type of kind, strollers, video cameras, take self sticks, tobacco products, personal grooming items (make-up,hair brush or comb, lip or hand lotions, etc.), any pointed objects (pens, knittingneedles, etc.), aerosol containers, guns, ammunition, fireworks, electric stun guns,mace, martial art weapons/devices, or knives of any kind of size. The U.S. An enig Service reserves the best to prohibit any type of other an individual items. Umbrellas, wallets, compact cameras with a lens no longer than 3 inches, cellphones and car keys are permitted. Come prepared; there room no storage framework on-site. Refer to the tourism & occasions page the the White home website for thorough security requirements.


The the next Metrorail stations to the White residence are commonwealth Triangle (blue and orange lines),Metro center (blue, orange, and red lines) and also McPherson Square (blue and also orange lines).On-street parking is not accessible near the White House, and use that public transport is strong encouraged.


The nearest windy restrooms to the White house are in the Ellipse VisitorPavilion (the park area south of the White House) and in the White house Visitor Center. Pleasetake advantage of this public infrastructure prior to your tour.
White house Spring Garden Tour and also Fall Garden TourGuests space invited to stroll through the White residence gardens during certain weekends in the Spring and Fall. For an ext information around upcoming tours, visit the White house Spring/Fall Garden tourism page.
If you have children, you can get in the Easter Egg role lottery because that a chance to to visit the Easter Egg Roll held every feather on the southern Lawn the the White House.

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White house Online Tour

Explore the White residence online by using your computer mouse to click and also navigate around. Watch if you can discover the Blue Room, Red Room, environment-friendly Room, eastern Room, and State Dining Room.Can you find the staircase that heads upstairs come the Lincoln Bedroom? click the "1" top top the bottom best side that the screen to discover the floor Floor.
This White residence Tour informational website is not connected with The White House. Tour information from the White residence website have the right to be found here.More information around this website