In part ways, lawmakers' finances watch a lot like those of countless Americans. Castle include diverse portfolios of stocks, bonds, shared funds and also real estate. Castle have financial institution accounts, credit cards and mortgages. The difference: Politicians generally have an ext money, must make their investments public and also routinely have access to nonpublic information.

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In this section, discover what lawmakers reported in personal financial disclosures through 2018, i beg your pardon we provided to estimate their net worth. (Learn around our methodology and also why these reports matter).

listed below are the top ten wealthiest members of both the House and Senate, collectively they account for almost fifty percent of the whole net worth of Congress.





The value of a common member of congress is $174,000. No one is qualifying for food stamps, yet some legislator carry far-ranging personal and/or organization debt. Below are those "poorest" members.
not all politicians come right into office wealthy – but many leave the way. Right here are the optimal 10 winners of the previous decade.
This graph displays the median of the estimated net worth of Senate and House members. In 2018, because that example, fifty percent of the Senate was worth much more than $1,696,020 million. In the House, fifty percent of the members to be worth much less than $489,514.

The tables top top this web page are based upon 2018 filings, the latest an individual finance disclosure info available. Explore specific politicians in our "Net Worth" section.

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