Timestamp in message apps is critical when you want to understand the exact time a certain message was sent out or received during a conversation. While Facebook-owned WhatsApp plainly shows the timestamp beside individual chat messages. ~ above the other hand, Instagram lets you view the timestamps that DMs but hides lock in the main chat window.

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Meanwhile, those making use of the Messenger app must have actually noticed the there is no option to see blog post time in Messenger. Despite Facebook reflects the date and also time in ~ the beginning of a brand-new or follow-up conversation on a certain day. However, over there is no way to examine the timestamp the individual chat messages in the Messenger app, both on iPhone and Android. Ns feel the timestamps are concealed to keep the chat experience clean.

No timestamp because that messages in the Messenger app

So what might one carry out if they desire to see the moment a post was sent on Messenger? Thankfully, there is an easy workaround to check out the timestamps on Messenger. Apparently, facebook keeps a record of every the timestamps but chooses to save them concealed in the Messenger app.

Why timestamps are necessary? making use of a timestamp, one can discover the precise time the sent and received messages on Messenger. This means you deserve to simply view what time someone sent out a blog post or at what time girlfriend messaged a person. The said, it is not feasible to see the blog post seen time or what time a blog post was read on on facebook Messenger.

Now let’s discover out just how to see the exact time a Facebook message was sent out or received.

How come see blog post time in Messenger

Since the Messenger app doesn’t display the time stamp, you have actually to access Messenger on your computer. Because that this, you have the right to either visit facebook.com, messenger.com or use the facebook Messenger desktop app because that Windows and Mac.

To check the time of message in Messenger, open the certain chat conversation top top messenger.com. Then float your mouse cursor end the certain message in the chat window. You have the right to now see the time stamp for every message together with the date. Note that the timestamp continues to be visible as long as you ar the cursor end a chat message.

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Messages time on on facebook Messenger

P.S. Ns agree this process isn’t yes, really seamless but it gets the task done.

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