There are particular regulations that use to Tennessee, and also you should follow them when selling a vehicle in any of the counties in this state. The regulations facilitate the smooth transport of the car from the seller to the purchaser. It likewise helps friend to protect against potential legit conflicts.

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Visit the county Clerk"s Office

The clerk"s office provides guidelines that will help you through the process. When you are marketing your car to one individual, you have the right to do for this reason safely at the ar clerk’s office, where you will finish the transaction through the buyer.

Complete the Paperwork

The details at the earlier of the title certificate should be completed when signing end your automobile to the new owner. Both next are compelled to fill out the document. In case of an error when filling out the document, friend will need to correct that in the presence of a notary. Release the error with a line and also fill the end the correction in the nearest space available. Friend are required to submit the certificate of title and also Odometer Disclosure Statement come the buyer. You may also be compelled to administer a invoice of sale that should contain information around the revenue price, date of sale and your name.


Never use whiteout or erase the failure on the location certificate. This will assist you to protect against voiding the document, together you will be forced to use for a duplicate certificate if it happens.

Apply because that a Duplicate Tennessee location Certificate

You have to fill out an applications for a Duplicate Certificate of the title (Form RV-F132) in situation you have a damaged or shed your title. Girlfriend can complete the form in person or mail in ~ your regional office. Friend must carry out proof that identification when filling the end the application such together a Tennessee driver’s license or birth certificate.

Produce an Emissions Certificate

You should administer the buyer v emissions experimentation information, together in Tennessee, the emissions investigate is required. Also, have your car inspected before you market it. Girlfriend will need your vehicle registration to obtain an emissions certificate.

Provide the Vehicle background Report

It’s your duty as a seller to provide the buyer v a vehicle history report. Carry out your auto identification number to gain the report. Girlfriend can attain your vehicle history report v the website.


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