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What's the Best method to offer a Car?

Driving under the road, I often see cars v “for sale” indications out on front lawns. Together a kid, i remember exactly how when my dad want to sell a car, he parked that on ours front lawn. So freshly when I chose to market my car, ns was a bit worried since I don’t have actually a former lawn. I live in one apartment community up top top a diverted hill. How would I market my vehicle when i live in a location where only my instant neighbors would watch it? ns didn’t desire to drive approximately with a “for sale” sign in mine window, and also I didn't know any type of local businesses well enough to ask if I could park in their lot, and although I have sold a few things top top eBay, selling a vehicle there didn’t it seems ~ feasible.

Then mine husband stated the obvious. “Why don’t we list it on Craigslist?” that asked. I decided to offer it a shot.

Below, you'll discover a glimpse at my Craigslist car-selling experience and also tips for what to do if you want to sell your car online, as quickly as possible.

How to market Your car Fast, Online

Do her homework and be realistic. list the vehicle for a fair, reality price. Pricing it too high will certainly likely bring about a long wait for a sale. Below, you'll uncover instructions around how to research and also check the blue publication value of her vehicle.Make the best first impression possible. Clean your car inside and out before you present it come prospective buyers. Make sure it smells clean, too.List the items on Craigslist, or some other site. See instructions listed below for posting strategically and protecting you yourself from digital predators.Post and also handle provides strategically. Below, ns share my negotiation stories and offer tips because that protecting yourself from digital predators. Remember: Honesty is the finest policy. be up-front v prospective buyers around the car's history, condition, and maintenance.Take the finest offer. That way you need to be patient. Also if you get a full price offer, don't take it it top top the clues if various other buyers are reflecting interest. Save track of the offers and also tell each the person who lives that you arrangement to take it the finest offer. Simply don't make them wait too lengthy for her decision.Close the deal. Below, you'll discover tips for handing the auto over and transferring the title.

1. Do Your Homework

Before you list your automobile for sale, that is necessary to do your homework. How much is that worth? exactly how much can you offer it for? this are vital questions to answer prior to posting your auto for sale.

I started this procedure by exploring the Kelly Blue publication value. Top top the website, that is straightforward to discover the make and model of your vehicle and a selection of values for trading it in or selling it yourself, in her area. Understanding that my vehicle had gone quite a few miles, i looked in ~ the value on the site for “fair condition” and “selling through owner,” and Kelly Blue book told me that my vehicle was worth simply over $3,000. Ns was shocked by the amount, together I wouldn’t pay the price because that my car if i were the buyer!

With that number in mind, I ongoing to execute my homework. I saw look at various other listings ~ above Craigslist in bespeak to know my competition. Because I was marketing a 2004 Hyundai Elantra, ns did a search for other Hyundai Elantras because that sale on the site. I compared age, mileage, and condition the the cars for sale. I believed some were overpriced, and also it offered me hope the I can get a an excellent price because that my very own car.

With every one of the details compiled, I chose on a final listing price that $2,500. Never having sold a auto before and completely unsure the what i was doing, I made decision to include the idea the “or best offer” to my listing price, and this turned out to be smart. An ext on the gem later.


A clean auto makes a an excellent impression: shake the mats and also vacuum the ago seat!

Rich Moffitt via Flickr Commons

2. Make a Good very first Impression

When you show the car, make certain it is presentable. Prior to I take it pictures, I gave it a good vacuum and wiped under all the surface in the car. I removed all of my personal items and hung increase a new car freshener. Quite smells put civilization in a an excellent mood. ~ above the morning that I detailed the car, I offered the car another wash. Every person who came to look in ~ the auto commented on just how clean it looked. Mental that very first impressions count.

3. Produce a Listing top top Craigslist

The following step was to develop a listing on Craigslist.com. It couldn’t have been easier. After logging into my account, ns was just a few clicks far from having a post ad. When creating an ad listing, store it simple and to-the-point. For a car, here is what come include:

the year, make, and also model of your carmileage (how countless miles are noted on the odometer)a brief note explicate the car’s problem (i.e. “excellent condition,” or “needs work”)your asking pricecontact information (I included my name and phone number, yet Craigslist provides the option of one anonymous contact email or text if girlfriend prefer)good photographs: Craigslist enables you to upload numerous photos that your car for free. Make sure that you show both the interior and exterior that the car. I didn’t choose the idea of having actually my license plate visible in the photo, so ns took the photograph at an edge to hide the number.

After girlfriend have shown your listing, your advertisement will it is in visible for buyers to see.

4. Short article Strategically

I posted my Craigslist ad for my automobile on a Sunday morning. In hindsight, that was a excellent plan, as people are regularly off top top Sunday and also able to vehicle shop at their leisure. When I noted the car, I assumed it could take main to offer it. I assumed i would spend a couple of evenings end the course of a couple of weeks reflecting the auto to prospective buyers. I was not all set for what actually occurred.

Two hrs after ns posted mine Craigslist ad, the call rang. The person on the other finish was interested in looking in ~ my vehicle and collection up a time for that evening. I was excited that I had actually a bite for this reason early! quickly after, the call rang again, and it preserved on ringing. I spent the whole day fielding call calls for the automobile and setup up times for civilization to concerned see it. Before noon, I already had several showings collection up for the afternoon.

5. Protect Yourself From online Predators

Make certain to black color out your license plate in your listing photos or take a picture at one angle that hides the plates.Don't make any type of promises come prospective buyers. Tell them girlfriend will take into consideration their offer and get back to them. If friend tell a human being that they won the sale, follow through on that promise.Ask for cash or a certified financial institution check. Girlfriend don't want to have actually to attend to a bounced an individual check.When they involved see the car, think about meeting in a liven public area fairly than offering your personal address.

Including the native "or finest offer" in your advertisement is regularly a an excellent strategy.

6. Handle Offers Strategically

After the first showing, I had my an initial offer. The man who take it a test drive available me $1,800. Ns was ethical with him that ns wouldn’t even think about such a low offer, specifically considering the there was fairly a many interest in the car. He boosted his market to $2,200. I told that I would certainly think about it and get back to him.

After the 2nd showing, i had an additional offer for $2,200.

As the day went on, I showed the auto three more times, and also each showing developed an offer.

By the third showing the the day, I had a full-price offer. Just as that offer came in, my mobile rang. The next human who was reserved to take a look was arriving. I had actually to think fast. At that moment, ns was 2nd guessing myself, wondering if I had actually priced the automobile too low. The overwhelming interest and stream of offers coming in made me wonder if I have to have noted it for a little more. In the moment, I made decision to take it a chance on making simply a bit more money.

I described to the woman that made the complete price market that the next prospective buyer was about to arrive. She looked at me confused and said, “But ns just readily available you complete price.” My answer was simple: “I evaluate your offer, however I think it would certainly be unfair not to display the car to this person who drove every the means out here."

I went on: "The ad stated $2,500 or ideal offer. If this the person who lives wishes to market me one amount over my questioning price, I will accept the highest possible offer. If not, then you will be the very first one in at complete price. I will certainly decide through the end of the day and get back to friend tomorrow.”

She was no happy, but she embraced my terms, gave me her call info, and drove away together the next prospective buyer pulled in.

7. Continue to be Honest

Throughout the entirety negotiation process, ns was moral with all prospective buyers. After the an initial full price offer, I showed the vehicle twice more and received two more offers, both the which were over asking price. As I promised to all the prospective buyers, i took the highest possible offer by the finish of the day.

Generally, we interpret “best offer” together a number lower than the questioning price. However, there is no reason that the ideal offer can’t be greater than the questioning price. I ended up offering the auto for $100 end asking. It to be a whirlwind day, and the buyer and also I were both happy v the results in the end.

Generally, we translate “best offer” together a number reduced than the questioning price. However, over there is no reason that the best offer can’t be greater than the questioning price.

8. Close the Deal

Never having actually sold a auto before, ns made a the majority of phone calls to my father to make sure I didn’t miss a step. The process was fairly easy, however.

After agree the offer, I chose to provide the vehicle the next day come the buyer. Transferring the automobile made it less complicated for the buyer, as he didn’t have to worry about how to acquire the auto from my residence to his without plates on it. It likewise eased mine mind, as I didn’t want a complete stranger driving the vehicle home under my registration.After moving the car, I eliminated my plates and my it is registered sticker indigenous the window.I filled out the ago of the title and also exchanged it because that the money. I would suggest accepting only cash or a certified financial institution check, together there is no guarantee because that a an individual check.

When ns posted my advertisement on Craigslist, ns didn’t dream that the car would market so quick or the I'd obtain a greater price than I was asking. In the end, i am thankful that I obtained a good price for my car and also that the procedure went for this reason smoothly and quickly. I have had actually positive experience both buying and also selling dare on Craigslist, and also I would recommend posting or answering an ad there if you have to buy or sell a car.

Frequently request Questions

Who pays the sales tax?

The buyer constantly pays sales tax. In new York State, over there is a DMV type called a "Statement that Transaction" the both the buyer and seller fill out to facilitate the sales tax.

Do I need to remove the license plate when I offer my car?

Every state has its very own rules, for this reason you have to research her state's policy.

This article is accurate and true come the finest of the author’s knowledge. Contents is because that informational or entertainment functions only and also does no substitute for personal counsel or skilled advice in business, financial, legal, or technological matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: Why would you block out your plate number top top Craigslist?

Answer: Privacy, ns suppose. Ns was advised to perform so.

Question: where does the sales taxation come in when selling your automobile on Craigslist? who is responsible for it?

Answer: When an item is purchased, the buyer constantly pays sales tax. In NYS there is a dmv form that both the buyer and seller to fill out called the explain of transaction. That facilitates the sales tax.

Question: do I have to remove the current license plate if selling on Craigslist?

Answer: Yes, at the very least in NY girlfriend do.


Tracy Nissen top top December 29, 2019:

Have 1975 cj5 for sale 304 V8 practically every point mechanically. New. Environment-friendly with new Tan top


Ann cairnes top top November 22, 2019:

Mercury sable year 2005

1600 dollars good solid car recent workdone

Michael top top October 21, 2019:

Leather sunroof 4 wheel drive brand-new battery 700 disagreement touch display with remote tinted windows

Cyndi ~ above October 25, 2018:

Donna, great and some useful information, yet if friend didn't think you had actually priced that low, climate what accounts for such an insane number of calls and also for your wondering if friend had? would you psychic divulging the year, make, and model in ~ least, to help some of united state newbs out? Thanks.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) indigenous Upstate new York top top October 07, 2017:

I think you could try Craigslist because that this together well.

Bob on October 05, 2017:

Whats a good place to offer Exotic Cars

Donna Hilbrandt (author) native Upstate new York on august 10, 2017:

BeeBee: I lived in an apartment community that to be a closeup of the door circle. I permitted test drives in ~ the community, as there was plenty of roadway to test it out. I resided in the perfect spot for this, together a driver would need to drive previous me to obtain away with my car. Plus, ns think there has to be some element of trust. I intend you can ask for your driver's license to host or take a picture of before allowing a test drive. An excellent question!

BeeBee on July 06, 2017:

How go you manage the check drives. I would certainly not acquire in a vehicle with a stranger and also I would not hand end the car keys to a stranger. Ns would fulfill them in ~ a regional gas terminal or police station, yet they room going to desire to drive the car. How did you handle that?

Donna Hilbrandt (author) from Upstate new York top top February 06, 2017:

I wasn't mindful of the charge. Thanks.

Justin Ball ~ above February 01, 2017:

Great advice ! Craigslist dues $35 currently I believe. Is it precious it to salary the $35 and try to market your auto there. Or listing your automobile on other free listing website ? Pretty lot is Craigslist worth making use of for $35 fees ?

James Wnd on November 30, 2016:

The actual crooks room the automobile dealers short balling your trade in.

I marketed my last 2 dare on Craigslist and it obtained me the true worth of mine cars. How? I'm honest. I present what I'm selling in a great light and I don't stupid around. Cash only. Title signed over with the keys. Goodbye.


Donna Hilbrandt (author) native Upstate brand-new York on respectable 20, 2016:

I respectfully disagree, Greg.

Greg on august 19, 2016:

The lady had actually a ideal to it is in unhappy. You space misrepresenting the phrase "...or finest offer." This way you will certainly either take the sell price OR you will take a finest offer. If someone provides the asking price, they have met her terms.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) indigenous Upstate new York ~ above July 13, 2016:

I honestly didn't think I had actually priced it low.

Zeb on may 20, 2016:

You were gaining so countless calls since you placed your auto much to short for what the was in reality worth. I average really that should have actually been the very very first thing friend thought. Climate again if you simply want to market the car then offer the car.

Authenticz HubPage from north America on February 01, 2016:

Thanks Donna for giving us much more faith ~ above Craigslist! good read.

Antonio top top November 14, 2015:

This method doesn't occupational as quickly when selling newer cars that space worth more. Much more people readily have 2500 in cash than 10k. I've offered cars under 3k really easily ~ above craigslist, but struggled through cars that are much better values yet cost more.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) indigenous Upstate new York ~ above June 07, 2014:

manuel morales: ns am a person who supplied craigslist. Ns am no craigslist, nor carry out I occupational for them. This was an moral account of a personal experience. Many thanks for reading.

manuel morales top top June 06, 2014:

Hello craiglist

Donna Hilbrandt (author) native Upstate new York top top April 13, 2014:

Leonard: there were others through appts ~ above their way to watch the car. Would it have actually been ideal to not give them a possibility to view the car? over there is no dead in marketing to the highest bidder. Ns was honest and up front. I have actually nothing to be ashamed that in getting the highest possible price for my car. I needed the money, and also the human being who bought the auto was happy through the purchase. I would perform the exact same again. You, the course, have a best to your opinion and to not take part in a bidding war.

Leonard top top April 10, 2014:

Let me see if I have this right! Someone showed up ~ above time and also offered friend your full asking price and also had to leave since you decided that you wanted more! shame on you! Your problem for the human who simply showed increase didn't host up because that the person who was standing best in prior of you! ns personally wouldn't address you!

Donna Hilbrandt (author) native Upstate brand-new York on respectable 27, 2013:

Stephanie Henkel: do the listing finish makes it easier for the seller in mine opinion. Who wants to create an ext work and headaches for themselves. Happy you had luck too.

Brianlokker: Craigslist is great. I am thinking of using it to offer a large furniture piece that I want to obtain rid of.

Millionaire Tips: that wasn't so lot "smart thinking," together "thinking on my feet"!

Thanks anyone for reading!!!

Shasta Matova native USA on august 27, 2013:

Congratulations on your Hub that the Day! ns am glad you gained so lot interest and also so countless offers on her car. The was smart reasoning to price the auto under the vain to obtain the car sold fast and also to permit the buyers complete with each other so you can get the best price.

Brian Lokker native Bethesda, Maryland on respectable 27, 2013:

Donna, this is an excellent information and also is presented very thoroughly. (Well written, too!) I've had terrific results marketing items on craigslist, both in brand-new Jersey once I live there, and also now in the DC area. I haven't ever tried selling a auto on craigslist, yet I will store your advice in mental if the chance arises.

Stephanie Henkel indigenous USA on respectable 26, 2013:

Excellent info on marketing a auto on CraigsList! I likewise had very good luck help my son market his van in NY. Marketed it because that a an excellent price in just a weekend. Her list of info to encompass in the listing is really helpful. As soon as we were looking for a automobile for my granddaughter, it was amazing just how many world omitted crucial fact from your listing!

Donna Hilbrandt (author) indigenous Upstate brand-new York on march 22, 2013:

Luisj, i was certainly thinking on my feet to acquire cash in mine pocket. Thanks for reading and also commenting.

luisj305 native Florida on march 22, 2013:

I have never thought about the finest offer lot being higher than the questioning price, the was a well played move. A good strategy scored you $100.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) from Upstate brand-new York on march 19, 2013:

Thanks, sj21

sj21 indigenous USA on in march 19, 2013:

Congrats on marketing your auto so quickly!!!

A really helpful site to use for offering automobiles ~ above craigslist is Craig Upload
http://craigupload.com through this website, you can produce individual albums come upload the pics for each car, track viewing statistics of her ads, and also create HTML based templates. That user friendly and there space no ads.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) from Upstate brand-new York ~ above February 03, 2013:

hawaiianodysseus: thank you! i was reasoning on mine feet, as I want to acquire the many money ns could, as any type of seller would. I hope my an approach inspires others.

davidmurree: great luck v your sale. I hope the is successful!

David Murree indigenous USA on February 03, 2013:

I think this guide will assist me offering my honda civic

Hawaiian Odysseus indigenous Southeast Washington state on February 02, 2013:

Awesome hub, Donna! friend painstakingly take it us v the whole process, step by step, and established one "outside the box" method of looking at the concept of ideal Offer. The was indeed a brilliant move on your part.

Best wishes for continued success here on HubPages!

Donna Hilbrandt (author) from Upstate brand-new York on September 19, 2012:

Thanks, vespawoolf. Marketing a vehicle is a an overwhelming experience, however I to be so happy I made decision to execute it through Craigslist. It was fast and easy, and also I was happy to uncover a good buyer. I hope your family members has success selling your car. I appreciate the read and comment.

Vespa Woolf native Peru, southern America top top September 19, 2012:

Selling a auto would it seems to be ~ overwhelming come me, so this is a substantial accommplishment! i don't have much suffer with Craig's list, return we just bought a camera the way. It to be a an excellent experience and also I would do it over again...but a car! Wow. This is a an excellent list of steps that would make the process easier. I'll re-publishing it v my husband's cousin together he discussed selling his vehicle on Craig's list. Thank you!

Donna Hilbrandt (author) indigenous Upstate new York ~ above September 15, 2012:

Thanks, rajan. Yes, there were good comments top top this one. It provides me happy that people joined in and created a conversation. I evaluate the read.

Rajan singh Jolly indigenous From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. On September 15, 2012:

It was nice analysis your endure with marketing a auto on Craigslist. The comments too make a good read.

carol stanley indigenous Arizona on august 16, 2012:

Great information. And also it is always great to know a success story.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) native Upstate new York on respectable 16, 2012:

lauramaryscott - many thanks for reading and commenting. An excellent luck v your sale.

writer20 - happy to check out that you had actually success too. That is an excellent to have options.

Joyce Haragsim from southern Nevada on respectable 16, 2012:

We marketed our old 1999 SVU to Enterprise car Sales through no hassel at all. Right they have a $700 catalyst they offered us $2100 because that our wreck, all assumed the body and also insides were good the engine essential a many work , that's why us started searching for a regular auto to conserve on gas.

lauramaryscott native Boise, Idaho on august 16, 2012:

donnah75, congratulations on her Hub the the Day. I forgot to cite that in mine previous comment. Your article was fine done. You are a good writer. Thanks for sharing.

lauramaryscott from Boise, Idaho on august 16, 2012:

donna75, thank you for sharing this details with us. I have a sign I want to sell. My youngsters wanted me to market it ~ above Craig's list but I chose eBay and had just one viewer. Now that I have your short article to use as a guide, ns will shot Craig's list. Thanks.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) indigenous Upstate brand-new York on respectable 11, 2012:

ripplemaker: Wow, ns am therefore excited to discover you the I have been nominated because that a Hubnugget. Many thanks for letting me know, and also thanks because that reading.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) from Upstate new York on respectable 11, 2012:

jellygator: Thanks. I looked into selling with a dealer, yet as friend said, the market would have been method to low. I suppose that is a more convenient option, but I didn't mind showing the automobile to buyers myself. Auto dealers must make a profit, so they will gain cars together cheap as possible I suppose. Many thanks for reading and also commenting.

Michelle Simtoco indigenous Cebu, Philippines on august 11, 2012:

It pays to recognize what to do and the very first thing is to perform your homework...true true. By finding out your competition and learning the other crucial details deserve to make her price competitive....you have much more chance of success!

Congratulations on her Hubnuggets nomination. Correct this hub is.... Https://discover.hubpages.com/literature/August-20... Wow, double success! Congrats!

jellygator indigenous USA on august 10, 2012:

Great job! i was readily available only $2,000 because that my van from a dealer in 2008, and it quiet Blue publications at over $4,000 in 2012. I've never taken why people sell to a dealer when they can gain a much far better price from a private party, who deserve to save by buying straight from the seller. I arrangement to usage Craigslist once I sell.

saumey on respectable 08, 2012:

I have sold number of things top top Craig's List, SUV, 4-wheeler, clothes. I love it.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) from Upstate new York on respectable 07, 2012:

Thanks, GiblinGirl. I also thought it to be going to it is in complicated. I kept calling my dad asking, "Is the all? Did ns forget anything?" that knew it would certainly be therefore straightfoward. I will note that i live in NY, so ns don't understand if the procedure changes through state. Thanks for reading and also commenting.

GiblinGirl from new Jersey on august 07, 2012:

Great information. Offering a automobile seems choose it would certainly be so complex but friend really damaged down the steps right into an easy collection of instructions. Ns love my car, but if I ever before do decide to market it, currently I know just how to go about doing it.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) native Upstate new York on august 06, 2012:

Billionaire4545: ns love for free! That is among the things about Craigslist that attracted me to market there. Awesome the you sold 5 dare there. Many thanks for reading and commenting.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) from Upstate new York on august 05, 2012:

Thank you, jcevans2009. Ns think the times led to the high interest, as human being are searching for an affordable, an excellent car. A exclusive deal might be a better deal for every parties if it goes smoothly. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Judith C Evans from Boise, id on respectable 05, 2012:

Congratulations top top HOTD! many thanks for posting this account of her experience, and for sharing useful tips -- especially throughout these challenging economic times. I voted up and also useful because that this informative hub.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) native Upstate brand-new York on august 05, 2012:

Thank you, jpcmc. Ns was worried about allowing test drives. The first pair of viewers came with an additional person who remained with me if they take it a check drive. Ns figured if lock drove up in a car, climate they were coming ago for it. Ns don't think it would certainly be not correct to urge that you go v them as soon as they check drive. In this day and age, we must always protect ourselves.

JP Carlos indigenous Quezon CIty, Phlippines on august 05, 2012:

Congratulations. Craiglist is really helpful when it concerns selling. Yet do try to protect yourself indigenous "buyers" I check out in the news some car nappers that pretended to it is in buyers of cars. They take it the auto for a test drive and he gained robbed.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) indigenous Upstate brand-new York on august 05, 2012:

Thanks so much, urmilashukla23. An excellent luck v your auto sale. Ns hope that goes and also mine did.

Urmila from Rancho Cucamonga,CA, USA on respectable 05, 2012:

Very much information hub. We have to sell ours car and this post will definitely help us out. Craigslist is a great source to usage for this purpose. Many thanks for sharing her experience. Poll up.

Congrats top top Hub the the day award!

Donna Hilbrandt (author) from Upstate brand-new York on respectable 05, 2012:

Thanks, suzettenaples! it is in reality featured today. I was so excited when I saw it this morning. Many thanks for reading and commenting.

Suzette Walker native Taos, NM on respectable 05, 2012:

Great article. You provide really pertinent and good information for offering a vehicle on Craigslist. Congratulations ~ above the sale of the car and also congratulations ~ above HOTD. I must have missed this on the job it was featured. Anyway, an excellent presentation, fine done and also well written and also photographed. Poll up!

Donna Hilbrandt (author) from Upstate new York on respectable 05, 2012:

mary615: thank you for your support. I am happy you common that you likewise had a confident experience.

cclitgirl: give thanks to you! ns hope you have actually success offering your car.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) native Upstate new York on august 05, 2012:

Thanks, internpete. It to be a gamble to take it the possibility that i would get an offer over asking, yet I figured the there was enough interest in the auto that I can take the opportunity that someone can walk away. Ns am glad it worked out. Thanks for reading and also commenting.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) indigenous Upstate new York on respectable 05, 2012:

john000: ns was shocked by the response too! I acquired a couple of calls even after ns took the ad down. Many thanks for reading.

Cynthia Calhoun from western NC on august 05, 2012:

Congrats top top HOTD! I'm glad i came throughout this - it's an excellent knowing about the experience of others. I'm thinking around selling my beloved emphasis for a slightly bigger car and also of course ns was going to sell it ~ above Craigslist. But, i would have been really nervous. Now, I have the right to just re-read this hub as soon as I've comprised my psychic to carry out it. Many thanks again!

Mary Hyatt from Florida on respectable 05, 2012:

Congrats top top HOTD! girlfriend were very wise in the means you handled this sale. Friend did your homework and also that was smart. Ns bought my son a used auto on Craig's List and was really happy through the whole deal.

I poll this Hub UP, etc.etc.

PS: I'm happy come be complying with you!

Peter V from in ~ the coast in Florida on respectable 05, 2012:

Great information and story! ns really preferred your allude that 'or best offer' does no mean lower than your asking price! Nice work selling the car, and also congrats top top Hub the the Day!

John R Wilsdon from Superior, Arizona on august 05, 2012:

Very good detail about how to use Craig's List. I was yes, really impressed through the number of calls you fielded. I had no idea there was that kind of website traffic from making use of it. Ns will certainly use Craig's list the next time I sell a car. Poll up.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) indigenous Upstate brand-new York on august 05, 2012:

DzyMsLizzy: give thanks to you for reading and commenting. I am so i m really sorry to hear of your negative experience. Ns live in NY, so ns wonder if area provides a difference. I was likewise selling a regular, day-to-day car. I wonder if an item is worth an ext or rare if that invites much more scammers and crooks. Either way, say thanks to you for sharing your story, as people need every the perspectives easily accessible when they go into into a jae won transaction. That is too bad we have actually to address the negative in life, however you repeat me to be grateful for having actually a an excellent experience.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) native Upstate new York on respectable 05, 2012:

Thank you, tobusiness. I have had an excellent experiences both buying and also selling. The is certainly a good option because that some.

Liz Elias from Oakley, CA on respectable 05, 2012:

Interesting. We had the precise opposite experience. My husband knows cars, and also he was selling a COLLECTIBLE vintage 50th anniversary execution Nissan 300ZX (Nissan/Datsun shift year with both brand surname badges and also the 50th anniversary emblem badge!). The KNEW what the auto was worth in the market, also though it to be no much longer even provided in the "blue book."

We advertised it therefore on Craigslist, for substantially LESS than its collectible value, (and did all the other things you suggested in her article).

We waited for e-mails. (We have actually a private unlisted phone number, and did not want to short article it publicly.) We got only a pair of e-mails that were evident foreign scams. The listing expired. Us re-listed it number of times, v the same results the first time, in ~ which suggest I included a statement in ~ the bottom that the ad, informing interested parties the the vehicle was for sale, cash only, come in-person buyers, and that no foreign offers, shipping or other 3rd party agents need apply (these room virtually guarantee to it is in scams, according to Craisglist's own guidelines).

We never ever got an additional inquiry, and my husband gave up v that avenue, and ended up nearly giving the auto away to a neighbor across the street that turned around and also failed to document the requisite paperwork, therefore that us were mailed a parking ticket! (In CA, you carry out NOT ever remove license plates--they move to the new owner.) We educated the court that the automobile had to be sold, noted proof, and the last we saw of the car, it was being towed away. Since we can not purchased to salary the impound fees to acquire it back, we were very sad, together we realized that the automobile was more than likely going come the crusher rather of a collector who would evaluate it.

I'm happy it functioned for you. We've had some success through Craigslist for selling furniture items, but as the economy has continued to deteriorate, that, too, has ground to a halt.

Congratulations on HOTD, however, and a well-written article. Vote up and interesting.

Jo Alexis-Hagues indigenous Lincolnshire, U.K on respectable 05, 2012:

Congrats. Because that hub that the day. A very timely informative hub, most world are feather at means to conserve money and every little bit helps, ns would have actually never believed of Craigslist for marketing or to buy cars, give thanks to you for sharing.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) native Upstate new York on respectable 05, 2012:

Thank you, dbuddhika! i didn't think i would gain this excited, however I have the right to hardly save myself!

dbuddhika on respectable 05, 2012:

Congratulations on Hub of the Day

Donna Hilbrandt (author) native Upstate brand-new York on respectable 05, 2012:

Great point, Jason. One of the factors I favor Craigslist is that it is a local listing and permits people to meet challenge to face. Ns wouldn't have actually done a transaction that wasn't in person. I wasn't aware of that particular scam, yet in ours world, we constantly have to have our radar up for the scammers. Thanks for share that.

Jason F Marovich indigenous Detroit on respectable 05, 2012:

Amazing to hear that so lot interest in your vehicle on Craigslist. I'd choose to take this opportunity, and it more than likely doesn't use as lot to huge sales choose cars, yet there is a recognized scam ~ above Craigslist wherein the buyer refuses to meet and also instead supplies to send a certified check. As soon as you cash the check, lock say, they will certainly send who to choose up the goods. Unfortunately, the inspect is a phony and also the bank will hold you responsible. I'm leery of Craigslist, yet I likewise know human being that have actually made many of sales through no issue. But they insisted on completing the transaction in person. (The thinking the scammer offers for not meeting is that they room disabled, deaf, etc).

Donna Hilbrandt (author) from Upstate brand-new York on august 05, 2012:

Glad I got you thinking, gingerka. Thanks for reading and commenting.

gingerka from Colorado on august 05, 2012:

I took pleasure in reading her article and it offered me some food because that thought. Thanks

Donna Hilbrandt (author) indigenous Upstate brand-new York on respectable 05, 2012:

Thanks, starsteam. An excellent luck through your search.

Dreamer in ~ heart from northern California on august 05, 2012:

What a timely post for me to read as i am looking for an additional older Ford Taurus. Thanks~

John MacNab from the banks of the St. Lawrence top top July 30, 2012:

My pleasure donnah75. We did the very same downsizing trick.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) native Upstate brand-new York on July 30, 2012:

John: the does seem that everyone is make the efforts to market a auto these days. It must be a sign of the times. We downsized from 2 cars come one in stimulate to save a couple of dollars. Many thanks for reading.

John MacNab indigenous the banks of the St. Lawrence top top July 30, 2012:

Congratulations, donnah75. Whereby I live in landscape Canada, every 2nd front lawn shows up to have a car, or boat, for sale. Some of the prior lawns are being provided by city friend who have nowhere to display their vehicles.

Donna Hilbrandt (author) from Upstate brand-new York top top July 29, 2012:

Carol: an excellent luck v your sale.

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Kashmir56: thanks so much!

Thomas Silvia indigenous Massachusetts ~ above July 29, 2012:

This is all an excellent and useful information because that anyone looking come this, good advice and tips !

Well done and vote up and an ext !!!

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