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Some human being bought Girl Scout cookies to go through a bouquet of flowers. istock

An Indiana-based Girl Scout named Sabrina called Fatherly"s Lizzy Francis that she profits off of the countless last-minute Valentine"s work planners in she area by setting up a booth to sell cookies in ~ a neighborhood florist shop.

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"You gain guys who are like "I forgot flowers!,"" Sabrina toldFatherly. "And climate they"d see the cookie booth and also say, "You recognize what, it"s not the same old chocolate. This is perfect.""

According to Fatherly, Sabrinatypically sells more than 1,000 crate of cookies each season thanks to she crafty strategy to the cookie-selling game.

In 2018, a 9-year-old Brownie and also her father collection up shop exterior a marijuana store in Edmonton, Canada.


Elina and Seann Childs appeared on TV after offering cookies in prior of a marijuana store. CTV News

Elina Childs sold out of her cookie supply in under one hour, when she and her father Seann based your cookie stall outside a marijuana store. Elina sold 30 crate of cookie at $5 apiece, make $120 in just 45 minutes.

"It amazed me how conveniently they went," Seann toldCBC. "Even world in cars driving ~ above the way there would certainly stop and also roll down their home window and ask for cookies."

While Elina is technically no a Girl Scout, yet rather a Canadian Girl Guide, her fathersaid that was inspired by Girl Scouts in California who had actually employed comparable tactics to sell their cookies.

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A Colorado-based Girl Scout recently put a shirtless photo of Jason Momoa on the boxes and called lock "Momoas."


Unsurprisingly, she offered out the Momoas in no time. Shutterstock and also Steve Granitz/WireImage

With the help of her mother, that is a marketing professional, Girl enlightenment Charlotte Holmberg rebranded her supply the "Samoa" cookies as "Momoas" and also plastered a shirtless picture of the "Aquaman" and also "Game the Thrones" actor on the box.

The Girl Scouts of Colorado mutual Holmberg"s marketing strategy top top its FacebookandInstagram pages ~ above February 13 and also she went viral quickly after. The story got so lot traction, in fact, the Momoa self fielded some questions about it top top the red carpet before the 2019 Oscars.

"I love Girl enlightenment cookies," Momoa called Entertainment Tonight. "I was waiting to get some totally free ones. I"d love some."

Many Girl Scouts watch college campuses together cookie-selling hot spots.


college students love Girl scout cookies. Marit & Hoomas Hinnosaur/ Flickr

A 13-year-old Girl Scout named Skyler called the everyday Nexus the she has actually sold cookies exterior of the college of California, Santa Barbara, campus for the previous two years, she. She has her sights collection on marketing 3,000 box of cookie in 2019.

"There room a the majority of really enthusiastic people and it"s constantly a law to be here," she said.

At the college of Georgia, Girl reconnaissance cookies produced so lot buzz that the college student newspaper created an post to aid students find a booth during the 2 sales job on campus.

And Beth Hagovsky, the manager of Student management and activities at St. John"s University, provided her position on campus to aid her daughter sell cookies.

"Last year when we walk this, ns knew i was sit on a yellow mine as the human being who reserves the tables external the dining hall," Hagovsky said The hawk Newspaper. "Needless to say, mine daughter offered the many cookies in the troop critical year."

One Girl scout channeled her inner Cardi B with a rap about selling cookies.

Kiki Paschall go viral through her Girl Scouts-inspired rendition that a Cardi B song. Kevin Mazur/Getty; Shutterstock; Shayanne Gal/Business

Kiki Paschall, 10, native California, looked to industry her Girl Scout cookies by filming a video clip in which she rapped about selling cookie to the track of Cardi B"s "Money."

The Girl Scouts that America common Paschall"s video clip on its offical Twitter page, whereby it has received an ext than three million views. Even Cardi B identified Paschall"s creative effort through a retweet.

It"s no surprised that Paschall walk on to sell much more than 1,000 boxes of cookies.

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Chris Rock's daughters brought their convoy to market cookies at the 2016 Academy Awards.

chris Rock helped his daughters' Girl Scout troop raise $65,243 at the Oscars. Kevin Winter/Getty pictures

When chris Rock held the 88th annual Academy Awards in 2016, he allowed his daughters" Girl Scout troop to market cookies during the show.

The young saleswomen showed up to sell Peanut Butter Patties come Kate Winslet, thin Mints come Christian Bale, and other seasonings to a variety of celebrities ~ above hand.

"Reach right into your millionaire pockets and also buy some of my daughters" Girl enlightenment cookies," absent told the audience.

Rock later on revealed the the troop had raised a whopping $65,243 on the night.

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And "This Is Us" star Mackenzie Hancsicsak marketed Girl Scout cookie from her table at the 2019 death awards.

Hancsicsak is maintaining her career options open outside of Hollywood. Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Apparently exhilaration isn"t the just skill "This is Us" star Mackenzie Hancsicsak has in she arsenal.

The 11-year-old actress, who plays young Kate ~ above the struggle NBC series, offered Girl Scout cookie from she table in ~ the 2019 display Actors Guild awards. She even tweeted come alert other attendees of where to buy a snack.

Some Girl Scouts in Greenville, southern Carolina, struggle the jackpot by waiting out in the cold.

A guy with no connection to the convoy members spent hundreds to obtain them out of the cold. Flickr / Brad Owens

A handful of Girl Scouts indigenous a Greenville, southern Carolina, troop were recently the recipients of a cool gesture.

Kayla Dillard, a parent that was v the troop, told that a man bought seven boxes because that $40 and also told the girl to store the change. But, shortly after, he went back to purchase every one of the cookies the troop had actually to save them out of the cold weather. Every in all, the guy spent $540 top top cookies.

Dillard later on posted around the man"s mega cookie purchase on Facebook, and also it conveniently went viral.

Many Girl Scouts use their cookie sales to assist the military.

Buyers can donate cookie boxes come US military personnel v the Girl Scouts Gift of Caring business project. Paul Morigi/Getty images for Girl Scouts that the USA

Girl reconnaissance cookie enthusiasts have actually the possibility to donate cookie to the US armed forces through the Girl Scouts Gift of Caring business project. According to the Girl Scouts of America"s official website, "100% the the proceeds remain in the ar to money Girl Scout tasks and community company projects" ~ the expenses of the cookies space covered.

In 2018, Girl Scouts nationwide collected much more than 200,000 boxes, or virtually $1 million worth, of cookies for members that the united state military.

And, at lengthy last, Girl Scouts have adopted innovation.

You have the right to now buy Girl Scout cookie online. Girl Scouts

In the past, potential buyers were often turned far if lock didn"t have actually cash to salary for their cookies, yet innovations prefer mobile payment apps and also mobile credit-card reader have readjusted the cookie-selling game.

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"We love Venmo," a sixth-grade Girl Scout named Olivia said the daily Nexus. "We took over $1,000 top top it at our UCSB cookie booth. Not all troops usage it but we think the is a must."

And now, Girl Scouts space able to create websites v which they can sell cookies throughout the cookie-buying season, however buyers have to actually recognize a Girl scout in order come be invited to acquisition the cookies online. Cookie lovers who don"t personally understand a Girl scout can find a neighborhood cookie booth through entering your zip code on the Girl Scouts website.

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