How to market Your Timeshare Yourself

Bidding taking leave to her timeshare? selling your timeshare ~ above your own is a viable option, but it calls for due diligence and also creativity. Read on for insight on just how to market your timeshare yourself.

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Jessie Gilmartin - Jul 02, 2020

How to offer Your Timeshare Yourself

Whether take trip interests have adjusted over time or you’re simply ready to perform away v your maintenance fees, the time might come when you great to part with her timeshare. Native tech developments to resort support, there are an ext avenues than ever before to offering your timeshare – one of which is to regulate the revenue on your own.

If you’re prepared to market your timeshare yourself, your first step must be phone call your house resort to conference the details surrounding your ownership arrangement. Past that, fine walk you through the procedure of putting together an engaging listing for your unit in ~ an attractive price, and how to attach with interested buyers.

Create an Eye-Catching Listing

There’s a hold of timeshares ~ above the resale market. If you desire to successfully sell your timeshare yourself, you’ll want to produce a listing that helps her unit stand the end from the rest. Being mindful of exactly what it is that you own is crucial, as these details will certainly make rather the difference as you method the marketing process. 

For example, even if it is you own a deeded or right-to-use contract is a huge deal, as RTU has actually an expiration date and also may be close to the end of that is contract. You might be comes up ~ above the finish of your timeshare contract, in which situation it might not be precious the problem of posting her timeshare for resale (not to point out corresponding with buyers who might be expecting lifelong ownership).

Impress Potential Buyers

Next, celebrate all that attracted you to your will in the an initial place! whether snow-capped peaks or calm shorelines, you want potential buyers to gain a glimpse the what they’re obtaining with a vacation in the locale.

There’s a hold of timeshares top top the resale market. You’ll want to produce a listing that helps her unit stand the end from the rest


Remember, your listing is up versus plenty of others, part in the same an ar (and v the same good amenities) as yours. So embrace your inner travel photographer and snap part high quality pics of your resort. We’ve put together some added tips to help you recognize your timeshare’s value and also create a listing it is bound come impress.

Set a handy Price

When it pertains to the logistics the pricing, the so vital to it is in pragmatic and consider her buyer. Holidays ownership is a lifestyle purchase, not a investment portfolio investment. As you technique the finish of her timeshare experience, holding the end for a revenue price comparable to that of your initial acquisition may finish up falling flat.

Remember, your listing is up against plenty that others, so take on your inner take trip photographer and also snap some high high quality pics of your resort


Potential buyers now have range of timeshare alternatives to pick from, such as fixed or floating weeks, or clues arrangements providing even more differentiation in seasons and also stays. Timeshare resales often go because that a fraction of their initial price and also then there are those looming maintenance fees. Simply put, when shown side by next in a marketplace, the resale that comes at a an ext affordable price point is walking to do the most waves.

Choose your Marketplace Wisely

In part cases, timeshare owner may be able to sell their unit back to their residence resort. If you’re certain you desire to sell your timeshare yourself, remember come take treatment when choosing the platforms you utilize. Timeshare Users team is a popular resource, with reviews on thousands of timeshares global and discussion forums giving insight to owners. And for those that aren’t sure precisely how to price, Ebay might be a good option.

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Facebook Marketplace is likewise an option, but though castle offer purchase protection and customer support, remember FB is not timeshare focused. If friend have any kind of hesitations about the various aspects of your will contract, it’s wise to occupational with an experienced in the timeshare industry. 

We’ve partnered v Timeshares Only, a marketplace through over 25 year’s experience connecting timeshare owner to buyers. Those more, if you concerned about the term of your sales cycle, you can always rent the end your timeshare on KOALA when TSO help you market your unit!

Get Connected

Whether you take trip via fixed, floating weeks, or points, there’s much to think about when offering your timeshare yourself. And also if you’re still not quite sure you’re prepared to sell, renting her unit have the right to be the perfect solution. Our team is obtainable at 1-833-KOALA-CO to aid you develop a stellar rental listing.