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Do you must make money quickly?

One option is to sell your Amazon gift map balance. There room plenty the buyers because that your unwanted gift cards as Amazon sells plenty of things.

It’s possible to sell unused or partially supplied gift cards online and also locally.

How to sell Your Amazon Gift Card

As lengthy as the gift card balance is accurate, buyers room willing come buy gift cards using a selection of methods.

1. BuyBackWorld

BuyBackWorld buys unwanted gift cards and also old electronics. Girlfriend can get in your gift card balance and also receive an prompt price quote.

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Your payment alternatives include:

PayPalCheckDirect depositPrepaid debit cardStore credit

Choosing the BuyBackWorld keep credit lets you obtain a 5% redemption bonus. You might choose this choice if you want to buy supplied cell phones or other electronics.

2. Raise

Discounted gift map marketplaces favor Raise are a an excellent place to market your undesirable Amazon gift cards due to the fact that of the seller defense benefits.

You have the right to sell digital gift cards because that Amazon and virtually any other store or restaurant. All you have to do is enter the gift card serial number and also Raise will certainly verify the continuing to be balance before the listing walk live.

It’s feasible to sell Amazon gift cards for confront value, minus seller fees. However, Raise only lets select sellers offer Amazon gift cards but any type of seller deserve to sell other gift card brands.

When you make a sale, it’s complimentary to list your gift cards but Raise keeps 15% the the selling price. This dues is competitive with various other marketplaces.

Your payment choices include:

Direct depositPayPalCheck

3. Market on Reddit

Reddit is a renowned social media platform v a Gift map Exchange subreddit (thread).

You can write-up that you have an Amazon gift card and also its present balance. Then, you list what you’re ready to trade it for.

Your payment alternatives include the following:

Cash (PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, etc.)Gift cardsCryptocurrency

You may additionally see rather requesting an Amazon card and also see what they’re willing to pay.

It’s cost-free to sell gift cards ~ above Reddit however you will need to follow the ar guidelines. Gift map balances larger than $250 need moderator approval.

As an included layer of security, friend can additionally request the subreddit moderators to do a background check on a prospective buyer too.

There isn’t any seller protection and Reddit is riskier than utilizing a gift card marketplace.

4. Trade on Reddit

The Reddit Barter subreddit allows you to trade Amazon gift cards for other tangible items and services. Girlfriend may also see other world in require of your gift map if you’re ready to expropriate their item.

Trading allows you to protect against PayPal processing fees you have the right to experience v the gift map exchange subreddit.

Be certain to review the subreddit rule in the sidebar prior to listing your gift cards. Because that example, girlfriend might be able to barter a gift card for video clip games or various other services choose graphic design.

5. Craigslist

You can also sell gift cards in your ar on Craigslist. Be prepared to verify the balance of the gift card as soon as you meet with the buyer.

Most likely, the balance deserve to be confirmed using your smartphone or meeting at a windy Wi-Fi hotspot if you must use a computer system or tablet.

While you could invest some time and money to commute to the conference location, you will receive cash and do not need to worry about any transaction fees the you will encounter v online sales.

As always, friend can also trade her gift map for really merchandise too.

6. Facebook

The on facebook Marketplace is an additional potential sweet spot to offer your unwanted Amazon cards. The society media platform deserve to be more popular than Craigslist in her city.

It’s totally free to list her gift cards and buyers deserve to pay v cash or by debit card.

You don’t salary a transaction dues if you expropriate debit map payments.

Try listing her cards ~ above the facebook Marktplace and likewise local buy and sell groups. Be certain to check out the group guidelines come ensure you deserve to sell gift cards.

You can shot other Craigslist options to advertise your gift cards as well.

7. Offer on eBay

Another option is to sell your cards ~ above eBay. This is among the couple of ways you have the right to actually sell your map for an ext than retail price as global buyers take benefit of gift map exchange rates to purchase “cheap” Amazon cards in U.S. Dollars.

This type of currency arbitrage allows you come recoup the seller fees and profit.

For example, a current $10 card balance was offering for $12.50 after 5 bids with 4 days remaining. Another seller was offering a $500 map for $535.

Selling fees room 10% the the final sales price add to shipping fees. The complete fees deserve to be reduced than a gift card marketplace however you have fewer seller security benefits.

Advice to avoid buyer scams:

NEVER email the gift map number come the buyerOnly ship the map to PayPal proved addressesConsider just selling come buyers with prior optimistic feedback

In the past, novice sellers have actually only emailed the password to the buyer and not mailed the card. The the person who lives will instantly redeem the card balance and record a complaint.

If eBay or PayPal rules versus you, climate you must problem a refund and also lose the gift card.

Just exercise some common sense as soon as selling online v a non-gift map marketplace choose CardCash or Raise that offers an ext seller defense benefits. Doing so have the right to mean you earn a greater profit.

8. Offer on OfferUp

OfferUp lets you offer to regional buyers or mail your marketed items to far-off buyers.

Local sales are free but sellers pay a organization fee on item requiring shipping. The company fee is one of two people $1.99 or 12.9% the the sales price, whichever is higher.

9. Asking Amazon

You can shot asking Amazon because that a refund if girlfriend purchased Amazon gift cards or digital gift codes. A refund isn’t guaranteed however it’s worth questioning if you have actually a few spare minutes.

10. Flip Items purchased on Amazon

Are friend an entrepreneur that relishes the idea the thinking outside the box?

Selling items because that a profit that you purchased v your Amazon gift card is a prime instance of do money v retail arbitrage.

There is an extra step or two associated to make money, however it have the right to be an enjoyable experience and also more rewarding than offering it for a discount online.

Plus, if you are an Amazon element member or very own an Amazon credit card, you deserve to earn cash rewards that deserve to maximize your profit also more.

11. Regift the card to Family and Friends

The old adage, “A penny saved is a coin earned” still ring true today. Utilizing our forefathers’ wisdom, provide the gift map to your household member or friend together a gift.

If you planned on spending the very same amount of money regardless, you indirectly benefit if you got it together a gift.

Most likely, your friend will be no one the wiser the they obtained an unwanted gift card.

Since Amazon gift cards can be redeemed for thousands of digital and physical products, lock should have no problem spending it.

You won’t have the ability to transfer a current balance to one more person. Make sure you don’t redeem the gift password so you have the right to regift the balance.

If girlfriend don’t want to provide a gift card, you have the right to buy the gift in ~ Amazon after redeeming your card balance.

12. Buy for Non-Amazon element Friends

If you got your card together a gift, you basically have complimentary money sit in her wallet.

Your friends and family can not be prime members and also occasionally want to to buy exclusive prime items, however don’t shop Amazon sufficient to justification the $99 annual membership fee for Prime.

You have the right to buy the product and also have castle reimburse you because that the purchase. They gain their goods and also you swap your card balance for cash.

This can also be a an excellent option if you feel re-gifting is a poor idea.

13. Usage Amazon Pay

Amazon gift cards can likewise be redeemed at various other online merchants. V Amazon Pay, girlfriend might be able to shop in ~ an online keep you regularly visit and pay with Amazon cash.

This saves the problem of trade gift cards and also potentially shedding a couple of dollars in the procedure because of trade fees.

Amazon salary is totally free to use and brand-new merchants space being added all the time.

14. Buy Groceries in ~ Amazon

Amazon sells every little thing including groceries the are yielded to her front door.

It’s possible to bespeak these grocery store items:

BeveragesCoffeeCondimentsSnacksHousehold items

You may need to be a element member or live near whole Foods to order fresh produce and cold items.

15. Sell or trade to her Friends

Another local option is to offer or profession your card to a human being you know:

FriendCoworkerFamily member

Since you currently know every other, girlfriend might be able to get a much better deal than managing a stranger.

Once again, Amazon gift cards are akin to “plastic gold” therefore it should be relatively easy to market or do a trade.

16. Offer Them for Bitcoin top top Purse

Purse is a Bitcoin marketplace that allows you get payment in Bitcoin. Shoppers ~ above Purse develop an Amazon wish perform of item they desire to purchase.

You redeem your gift card so they deserve to purchase your item and also you obtain paid in Bitcoin.

You have the right to earn a larger profit than just selling your card because that cash as you do money shopping.

17. Exchange It for Cryptocurrency

If friend have ever traveled overseas, you have most likely seen the money exchange booths in the airport terminals. Paybis is one online variation of the for crypto currencies.

You get in the balance of your Amazon gift cards and Paybis will certainly instantly quote the exchange price for Bitcoin or other digital wallets including PayPal and also Skrill.

If you accept the quote, your gift card is soon sold and the payment process will be initiated into your payment account.

There is a 24-hour holding duration for new customers. In ~ this time, only physical U.S. Issued gift cards room accepted.

18. Have a Raffle

If you are a company owner or trying come raise money for charity, you deserve to raffle her Amazon gift card. You might not directly profit indigenous this option, but, it can be a unique way to “pay the forward” as part of a charity raffle.

Bloggers and also website owners have the right to partner with Rafflecopter to offer away one Amazon gift card. Contestants have the right to receive entries by authorized your email list, sharing short articles on society media, or commenting on specific blog posts.

There might not it is in an entrance fee, but, raffles often tend to attract brand-new visitors that have the right to generate income for your blog.

It just takes three minutes to produce a giveaway and you have actually the possibility to lure long-term subscribers. The sounds prefer a pretty good opportunity.

19. Donate her Unused Gift Cards

It’s also possible to donate your unused gift cards to charity organizations. You deserve to look because that a regional charity that buys food or important items in ~ Amazon.

Another alternative is to buy items through your gift card and also donating them. Examples can encompass canned food or baby diapers.

If a charity will write girlfriend a receipt because that the donation, you can insurance claim it together a charitable contribution at taxes time.

Some charity gift map websiteslike Gift Cards 4 change will accept gift card donations.

This might not be the most lucrative option. However, it help a great cause and gives the funds to who that demands the money more than friend do.

20. Gameflip

Gameflip will certainly let you sell Amazon gift cards and egift cards on its online marketplace. You simply list it because that sale (it’s free to execute this) and also wait for an offer.

Gameflip take away a little fee from you after her card is sold. However, their site doesn’t speak what that fee is there is no you starting the offering process.

If you market your gift cards because that cash, her proceeds will acquire deposited to her Gameflip wallet. Indigenous there, you deserve to request payout via PayPal or direct deposited right into your bank account.

Bonus: you may have the ability to earn a bit an ext from her Amazon gift map by selecting to usage the revenue proceeds come buy from Gameflip.

21. GC Spread

You deserve to sell her gift map on Gift Card spread after entering her card balance and seeing the buyback price.

Most payment are sent by paper check in ~ 10 work of receiving your card or gift code details.

22. Barter because that Services

You may additionally decide come barter her Amazon balance because that homeowner activities.

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Some instances include:

Dog walkingHouse sittingPet sittingMowing your lawnYard work

For example, you deserve to pay her teenage ar to complete these micro-tasks. Not having actually to perform the work-related yourself have the right to be an ext valuable than marketing your card for cash.

23. Buy Items girlfriend Need

If you’re not happy v the selling price or trading options, you have the right to keep the card and buy items her need.

Amazon sells almost everything and while their prices are not constantly the lowest, you acquire to spend complimentary money and also save money in the lengthy run.

Some items you could buy include:

Baby diapersBandages and first aid suppliesCanned foodChristmas giftsClothingEbooksLightbulbs


It’s really easy to sell or profession your Amazon gift cards. Because there is a steady need from buyers, you have the right to sell your undesirable gift cards for the lowest trade fees and also even make a profit.

Both you and the the person who lives win and you get to to walk away with some extra cash in her wallet.