I recognize what you room thinking.. This can’t it is in a genuine thing. Surely you can’t sell offered underwear because that cash and also actually make a actual income. Review on for every the details top top this crazy lucrative side hustle that is about as easy as that gets.

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Seriously, there are women killing it by selling their used underwear digital for cash. And socks? Don’t gain me began on just how much money you deserve to make offering your provided socks ~ above the internet.

Now, I understand this next hustle isn’t because that everyone but I was freshly speaking come a friend who mentioned just how much she has actually made because she started to sell used underwear online and also I really feel this money do opportunity needs to it is in shared.

You don’t need to be in the adult entertainment sector or even remotely interested in that kind of thing in order to do money v your used panties and socks.

And the best thing is that you have the right to do it totally anonymously.

Keep reading for all the details to add the finest places to offer your provided underwear in 2021.


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Why Sell offered Underwear for Cash?

Why not? This is a next hustle that needs no qualifications, no investment and has no time limit. It’s also surprisingly in demand.

Until ns spoke to mine friend, ns figured, like countless that offered underwear to be a fetish native Japan.

I had actually heard that they sold underwear in vending makers over there and when i researched, i learned the while it started there, it is now well-known Worldwide.

Originally, Burusera, as it is recognized in Japan, was concentrated on the college girl/sailor uniforms that teenage girls wear in Japan and also it has progressed into a more general term because that selling used panties because that money.

While Japan actually has special stores called Burusera shops, in the remainder of the World, most underwear sales space done virtual on devoted sites and also even continuous marketplaces such together Craiglist.

Why selling Your supplied Panties for Cash is a great Side Hustle

Easy to start with no investmentFree to acquire startedIn demand with endless earning potentialCan be a quick and easy method to make extra cash in addition to your regular job

How lot Money deserve to You do Selling provided Underwear?

Making number of hundred dollars a month is not a with at all. Of food some people are do much an ext than that.

One of the sites ns reviewed below mentioned the the typical seller gets about 8 sales a month. As many panties sell for around $20-30 dollars a piece, you space looking at around $200 a month on the conservative side.

Obviously, friend will require to variable in the price of panties (buy cheap ones indigenous Amazon or Target) and also any seller transaction fees you have to pay.

In most cases, her buyer will pay shipping costs.

Is It just Panties Or various other Undergarments?

You have the right to make money offering your panties, bras and socks online.

I have also seen listings for provided masks, half eaten lollipops and other strange items.

I was in reality amazed just how much demand there is because that socks that have been worn.

Here is one Etsy listing for provided socks:


Is it legal come Sell used Underwear?

This is the large question that involves anyone reasoning of marketing their used panties. Are you going to get in trouble?

The quick answer is no.

It is no illegal to market your used panties in the USA, UK, Canada or Australia however I introduce doing research right into your own specific country and also jurisdiction to be sure. (I am no a lawyer and cannot provide legal advice).

A few things to think about when selling offered underwear because that cash


Selling used apparel in basic is legit and vital part of the is disclosure.

That’s to say, your buyer have to be conscious that they room buying offered clothing and are not duped into thinking they space purchasing brand new items (obviously people buying used panties space actually searching for used clothes so this need to not be an issue).

Adults Only

You have to only sell offered underwear come adults and also could be topic to prosecution if you are found to be offering items come an underage person.

You should be careful around this and likewise know the the onus is top top you and not thePanty offering Platforms to check that buyers space adults.

If you offer to someone underage also through an virtual platform, you will be liable.

Report your Income

If you offer on somewhere favor Etsy, you will certainly be listed with a 1099 tax form (US taxation payers) yet even if you sell elsewhere, girlfriend will need to report your revenue come taxes time.

Is is safe to offer my underwear online?

The pretty thing around this side hustle is the it is totally anonymous. Friend don’t require to show your challenge or fulfill anyone in person.Obviously, friend will have to ship her underwear to the buyer so you will need a return address.

To get approximately this, ns strongly introduce not making use of your home deal with but instead renting a PO crate from her local short article office. You have the right to buy the smallest one to for sure money as you won’t be receiving mail it in anyway.

If you are in Canada, you have the right to actually get a return attend to for complimentary if you sign up because that Canada Post’s Flex shipment program.

Once you have actually the attend to issue sorted out, over there really space no various other safety pertains to with marketing your underwear online.

Where have the right to I Sell supplied Underwear for Money?

There room a few places to market your used underwear because that cash.

You deserve to look at websites that only deal with used underwear or you have the right to look right into marketplaces that allow these kinds of sales.

First, allow me tell you the absolute best place to market underwear online. I have the right to guarantee come you that is not whereby you think.

The best Place come Sell provided Underwear

Drumroll please…. The best place to sell offered underwear for cash is Etsy. I know, ns was shocked too.

I have actually written a lot aboutHow To start An Etsy keep Successfully and it never emerged to me the there was a vast market for underwear on the site.

Socks, underwear and bras space really famous on Etsy and also you can make pretty good money passively.

Here room the sales because that the critical 30 work for among my friends who sells her supplied panties ~ above Etsy. (this is for simply 7 bag of panties).


How to Sell used Underwear ~ above Etsy

Do a rapid search top top Etsy for provided underwear and also you will view that people are death it.

To obtain started top top Etsy, first of all you will have to open your very own Etsy shop.

Remember come not use your genuine name everywhere on her shop name (read more: exactly how To Name your Etsy Shop).

You will need to provide Etsy your genuine name and SIN because that tax objectives though.

If you want to acquire started for free, use this link and you will get 40 cost-free listings (normally 0.20 a listing).

You can look right into my Etsy tutorials for step by action guides to opened your very own Etsy Store:

How To begin An Etsy keep Successfully

How To make An Etsy save Website In Minutes

Printable Etsy keep Planner

How lot should you sell your panties because that on Etsy?

On average, panties seem to be listed at roughly 19.99-22.99. Friend can shot that price come start and then go greater once your save gains traction.

Tips for Listing Your supplied Underwear ~ above Etsy

Include tags like panties, provided panties on her listingBuy the padded envelopes from the dollar keep for shippingUse an alias. Never present your face. Take front view and a side view photos of friend in the underwear (be the a bra, socks or panties)If you don’t desire to obtain a PO Box, you can uses the buyers resolve as the return deal with or simply omit the on her envelope

Other areas To offer Your used Underwear for Cash

While Etsy is definitely the finest place to offer your underwear because that cash appropriate now, you can additionally look into some of the web page that specialization in offered panties and also bras.

Sofia Gray

Sofia Gray is among the larger sites because that selling used panties. They carry out not take any type of commission from the seller therefore you acquire to save 100% of the earnings you earn.

Sofia Gray will offer you your own storefront come advertise your used underwear so friend can regulate what to list and how lot to list it for.

According to Sofia Gray, the average seller top top their site sells 8 bag of panties a month i beg your pardon is a nice next hustle income (especially if girlfriend are selling on various other sites too).

Check out Sofia Gray Now


Pantydeal touts itself together the World’s #1 marketplace for used panties. Through Pantydeal, you have the right to sign up because that free.

You will have your own online store and can set your very own prices, and also chat v buyers.

Pantydeal is fully anonymous although i will point out that several sellers present their deals with in photos.

The pretty thing about Pantydeal is the it is cost-free to list your items to add sellers save 100% the their earnings (no listing or transaction fees).

You will acquire paid via PayPal or with gift cards for selling on Pantydeal (it’s in between you and the buyer to species payment).


Snifffr.com is an application where you deserve to buy and sell used panties anonymously.

The website works pretty much the same with Pantydeal.com wherein you have actually your own personal shop, chat privately to arrange the sale and then ship your underwear directly.

There room no transaction fees ~ above Snifffr as the the person who lives pays to privately post with you.

A pair of various other neat functions of Snifffr – a “fake check” to ensure that sellers are real.

Snifffr likewise answered a inquiry I had actually been wonder “can males sell your underwear digital for cash?”. Apparentely, correctly they can and Snifffr has a entirety “Men’s Underwear” section.

Naughty Connection

Naughty connection is a newer site devoted to the buying and selling of provided panties.

I saw panties and also lingerie because that sale ~ above the site for more than $45 a item so it is a an excellent option to try.

Unlike the an initial two sites, Naughty connection takes a 15% cut of the exact same to cover your costs. Your just option v Naughty connection is inspect payment ideal now.

One special attribute of Naughty link is that you likewise sell your photograph sets and also videos which makes it comparable toOnlyFans.

Worn Desires

Worn desire is run by a previous panty seller. In addition to offered underwear, I observed lots of different items because that sale indigenous lollipops, offered masks and also feet pics.

I walk not find the Worn desires website as easy to navigate as few of the various other sites. Keep in mind that that is cost-free to authorize up as a seller and also Worn Desires take it 15% board of directors from her sales.

Sexy Delights

Sexy Delights is a new UK based site that supplies all type of products. The is different from the web page I’ve already mentioned in that there is a member fee for sellers.

From what I have the right to tell, the site is still in beta however you can sign up now to get accessibility as soon as the launches.


You have the right to start your very own OnlyFans creator account and also sell your offered underwear to her fans and also subscribers. This is a an excellent option if you room interested in selling photos and also interacting with fans.

This isn’t the best option if you want to stay fully anonymous and not display your face at all.

How come Sell offered Underwear top top Craigslist

If you are not as interested in shipping and also selling her underwear online, you can look right into Craigslist.

Many people make crazy money offering underwear on Craigslist however bear in mind that you carry out not have the safetynet of using a site.

You can select to exchange the items in human being (I carry out not recommend this) or you have the right to ship the panties when you have actually received payment. The worry with this is the the person who lives performing a chargeback or a claim on PayPal.

How come Sell provided Underwear on eBay

While ns am a substantial fan ofselling used items top top eBay because that a profit, I do not recommend selling your used panties this way.

First of all, that is against the eBay TOS, together outlined in theirUsed clothes Policy;

“Used underwear and also socks room not allowed, also if they space clean. Examples incorporate boxer shorts, panties, briefs, diapers, and also athletic supporters. Bras space not thought about underwear. “

So if you desire to sell used underwear on eBay, your only option is to market your bras. Anything rather will gain you quickly banned from the site and potentially cause you issues with PayPal.

Tips For selling Underwear Successfully

Stand out From The Crowd

Do her research and also look in ~ what the successful sellers room doing and take this for inspiration.

Try and also be as unique as possible – uncover your own niche if possible.

Take an excellent Photos

You don’t have to display your confront in the photos yet the brighter and clearer the images, the more chance you have actually at obtaining sales.

Try different poses and also positions to appeal to various sellers.

Provide comprehensive Listings

Tell buyers as much as feasible about the item you are selling.

Include details together as:

MaterialWhen and also how friend wore the article (to exercise etc)How long you wore it forAs lot information about yourself together you desire to give

The an ext information girlfriend can give them, the less complicated it will certainly be to stand the end from the crowd.

Buy in Bulk

To an increase your profits, buy mass pairs of underwear from Walmart or Target and sell them supplied for more money.

For example, if you can source your underwear for $1 a pair and then offer them because that $30 a pair, your profit margin is insane!

Don’t execute anything you space not comfortable doing

One thing around selling your panties digital is the you will get private messages and special requests from buyers. This can be a an excellent way to make extra money however don’t feeling obliged to execute anything you don’t desire to.

Look beyond Underwear

In addition to marketing your supplied socks, panties and also bras, inspect out the websites I provided above for various other ideas.

I noticed the used confront masks room really popular and other used garments items.

One of mine friends got readily available $200 because that a bottle of her offered bath water!!

Final thoughts On offering Your Underwear for Money

As crazy together it sounds, you deserve to sell supplied underwear for cash without offering your soul.

Socks, bras and also other used clothes items sell prefer crazy and also can do you a the majority of money.

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Try out a few different sites and selling platforms in order to increase your sales and also make as much as possible.