Hello, therefore I’ve been buying and selling on eBay for 15 years now, (100% feedback rating). Freshly I’ve made decision to try to offer a valuable collectible (around $4000) and also I’m nervous about getting ripped off by a shady buyer, having actually never sold anything everywhere near that amount. What deserve to I execute to defend myself? i am planning on filming myself boxing the item, request a signature upon delivery, and also getting the parcel insured, is there anything rather you recommend?

Also, if someone with negative or no feedback purchases the item, have the right to I publication the sale?

Thank you because that any and all help!


No one is walk to clock a video clip of me packing a parcel and walking it come the write-up office to fix a dispute. On an ext expensive items you deserve to track and insure delivery but that won't protect against a buyer making a bogus case for SNAD or damages in transit. I would certainly look at options such as on facebook or various other groups. At least you don't have actually ebay obtaining in the way and "helping".

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I don’t recognize why everyone is informing you not to do it. I’ve sold a number of high value items without an issue. Don’t stroked nerves recording yourself due to the fact that it won’t aid with any type of disputes either.

If you’re really worried you deserve to have FedEx package and ship the item because that you and insure it. They ruined a Tiffany lamp i sold and also paid out the insurance insurance claim pretty quickly.

Otherwise just make certain you delivery it priority or registered v signature confirmation. If the buyer wants a refund too don’t mess roughly with partials. Every or nothing.

Make castle pay now .. Although ns don’t get people , who bought 2 of my items and never paid & cancel your account , so from now on I just do pay currently .

Take payment via bank transfer only.

In addition, i would never rely top top postal solutions or the buyer with an object that has actually a worth that high.

Collection only.

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DON'T! ns am going with it now with a comparable valued item. The buyer is speak the item is not as described even though it is as described and it have the right to basically it is in proven with ebay's article system. They are still siding v the buyer even though lock basically recognize it's not right. Worst part is the they stick you with the return shipping even though that is costly. Ebay is literally the worst company when you are a seller. PLEASE protect against them, they will certainly burn you.


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