I have actually an expensive diamond ring the I want to sell. Ns am not in a sirloin or anything and also I simply want to get as much ago as i can. If it means waiting 6 months to a year, i am cool with that. I have actually looked right into auction houses and consignment shops and diamond wholesalers, but I would quite sell directly to an individual.

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I post it on craigslist and I got a lot of bites, but I am not sure exactly how to safely market such a an useful and small item come an separation, personal, instance stranger. I live in a huge city and I think over there is a sector out there because that this ring even though it was practice made and especially for the valuable stone it has. Any type of advice or tips would be immensely appreciated.

TLDR: how do i safely offer a tiny $4k diamond ring come a stranger top top craigslist?


At a police terminal or a financial institution or something comparable and because that cash only. No exceptions to the cash rule.

What about a cashiers check? have to I walk into the bank and also tell them what I’m around to do? How around the police station? Or would certainly they be bothered or refuse to assist in facilitating together a thing?

Just quick tips to think about -

If you have the right to somehow gain it appraised or donate by someone who could certify the diamond, climate a the person who lives wouldn't have to question the authenticity that the diamond, esp. If it's a an excellent deal.

Is selling directly, take it either cash, or wire transfer - consistent checks, cashier checks, etc. Have the right to be fraudulent. Yes, cashier's checks, also, can be fradulent. Digital services like payPal or venMo are prob better.

Definitely article photos v your ad.

NEGATIVE on agree payment via online business for anything related to craigslist. CASH only.

Even if those services case a payer can't pull your money back, if who hacked/phished someone ELSE'S account to salary you, the business WILL take it the money earlier - you cannot save stolen money.

If you desire to usage Paypal, perform the items on eBay whereby they have policies to defend you (and of course follow their rules 100%)


Have a couple of friends go through you and meet them at police station. Have actually one of your friends equipped if you space not armed yourself.

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Agreed. Because that something that expensive that can be "easily" swiped, acquire an armed friend to come in addition to you (and girlfriend be equipped as well).