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Whether you"ve been with LuLaRoe because that a while now, or you simply signed increase … or possibly you"re simply thinking about signing up, this post is because that you. No matter why you"re searching for ways to grow your LuLaRoe business, I"ve gained you covered.

UPDATE: Why ns stopped marketing LuLaRoe and also what taken place when ns left the cult

I"ve helped numerous direct sales consultants and little business owner thrive and create financial flexibility for themselves. It"s what i was born to do! If you have any questions at all, let me know and I"ll it is in happy to aid you v your business as well. Keep in mental that i am no a consultant, therefore if you"d favor to join LuLaRoe i recommend authorized our team to gain the ideal head start possible.

7 means to thrive Your LuLaRoe company as a brand-new Consultant


1. Set goals. obviously your an initial goal is to earn earlier the money you invested on your inventory! but what"s next? follow a couple of YouTubers along their journey together you figure out what your purposes are going come be.

My favorite LuLaRoe YouTubers include:

Monica Lynn – tells her story of offering $10,000+ in 2 weeks! Vanessa – a plus dimension gal that rocks all the look at she wears; 3 months in she sold $22,000 in march alone! LuLaRoe502 – two gals the tell you around everything native earning the investment back, come planning and hosting pop-ups. Ns love these girls, and their videos! Tiffany chef – talks about the investment, exactly how to earn it back, and also more.

2. Know her why. running a LuLaRoe business is a most work! If you don"t have a solid “why”, you are going come burn out rather quickly.

Why questions include:

Why did you authorize up? Why space you placing all this job-related in? Why space you going come stick through it? What"s your “end game”? What"s the suggest of law this?

Knowing her “why” is necessary to any kind of business, however especially one you"ll be investing $5,000+ into!

3. Brand yourself. LuLaRoe is already branded. When you see LLR leggings, you recognize they"re LLR! Now, you should brand yourself. This includes service cards, yard indicators for your pop-up shops (so civilization know exactly how to discover your party!), return address labels and even extra brand to include on her bubble mailers. On a side note, be certain to invest in a high-quality heat printer. Thermal printers just use toner, so it"ll save you fairly a little of money printing it every in black and white.

Why no advertise while her LLR assets are in transit? Be sure to purchase some banners and car sticker labels or magnets if you plan on proclaiming in human being at merchant events, etc. If you deserve to purchase organization cards indigenous, ns recommend purchasing them from due to the fact that they"re the highest quality and way less expensive.

4. Be prepared. inspect out this list of “must haves” the you"ll desire to purchase before launching her LuLaRoe business. Watch all the videos friend can; sign up with groups and also take loads of notes! get your inventory device read, and make certain you order your rolling racks (I like this one since it"s highly rated, has actually two levels, and also is affordable; stimulate 3-4 relying on your inventory), no-slip hangers (in colour like hot pink), a tripod (even if you"re simply using a cell phone), chalk board, and also dress kind (this one"s my favorite).

5. Work with various other reps. part LuLaRoe consultants obtain super territorial, and also don"t also want other reps in your group! That"s therefore catty and silly; don"t be that way. Joining other LuLaRoe groups and hosting multi-consultant pop-up shops space both great ways to job-related with other LLR folks the can help you grow. Girlfriend can aid them grow, too! probably you have actually a print they don"t have. Offer to send that to their customer because that them, and then they"ll “owe” ya one. Or perhaps they deserve to trade friend a print that you really want. One of two people way, functioning with various other consultants is the method to go. Don"t see them together competition.

Melanie is the very first LuLaRoe consultant i met, and also she"s wonderful! I"ve in reality done a testimonial for she on the blog and would love come see some of you affix with her.

6. Stay organized. speak to any kind of consultant and also they will certainly tell you the being organized is a must. You"ll need spreadsheets and also a LuLaRoe perform tracking device in place. If you can, set a room aside for an office and/or stock room. You"ll require a spot come take great pictures, v plenty of organic light – or a good lighting kit prefer I use for my photography.

7. Plan ahead.

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nothing is 100%, so you require to have actually a plan. A 3 month plan, a 6 month plan, a 1 year plan, a 5 year plan! setup an leave strategy just in situation something correctly happens and also you have actually to obtain out. Over there are numerous ways to make her money ago even if your organization ends up gift a full flop: offer it earlier to the agency and salary a 15% restocking fee, or offer it to another rep at your cost. So also if you aren"t make a profit, you"ll make most or all of your investment ago in the worst situation scenario.