as soon as it come time to decision if you should gain out of your Welk will timeshare, you might be questioning if it’s possible. The an initial step to marketing your timeshare should constantly be to contact your resort. Welk may have referral program or owner sources to assist you weigh your options. In enhancement to this, we deserve to offer a little more insight to aid you sell Welk resort timeshare. Fidelity real Estate is an expert in the timeshare resale industry.

Welk will Timeshare


Unlike many names in the timeshare industry, Welk is a family-owned company. Additionally, Welk is an RCI affiliated timeshare brand with seven resorts the are renowned for offering a deluxe travel experience. Welk has locations in Mexico, California and Missouri to name a few.

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RCI holidays Exchange

Since Welk is an RCI affiliated resort, owners have the right to use the RCI holidays exchange network to trade time at their residence resort for time at another. Before you start selling your timeshare, take into consideration if you’re really all set to part with it. Have actually you tried utilizing vacation exchange? possibly you’re searching for somewhere brand-new to travel. RCI can help. Call them or contact your will to watch if her Welk timeshare resort is eligible.

Rent out Your Timeshare

Did you know you can let others rent your timeshare? take into consideration letting girlfriend or family members sheathe the maintain fees because that a year and also let them use your timeshare if you won’t it is in able to. By renting her timeshare, you can still very own it because that the years you are ready to use it. Or, alternatively, you deserve to rent it out while girlfriend wait for the right buyer.

Can I offer My Welk Timeshare?

If you’ve currently called her resort and you have chose you want to market your Welk resort timeshare, we can help you get started. Our process is simple. In ~ Fidelity genuine Estate, we have actually over twenty years of experience in connecting buyers and also sellers. While no one have the right to guarantee how quick your timeshare will certainly sell, we have the right to guarantee that we will certainly be through you every step of the way.

How do I sell My Welk Timeshare?

We deserve to assist you in offering Welk timeshare if you are current on your timeshare payments and do no have any type of outstanding loans. Our procedure is simple. Get began by filling out aform on our websiteor calling one of our agents at1-800-410-8326 (410-TEAM).One of our licensed actual estate agents will provide you a free consultation to walk over the services we can provide to you.

Then, we will create a listingfor your Welk timeshare.Should you decide to expropriate our services, there room zero up-front fees. Us will work-related together to create your Welk timeshare listing and set the offer price. This is approximately you, however your certified dealer can give you an estimate of what other Welk timeshares are offering for at her resort. Transparent this process, girlfriend will have direct interaction with your agent and also we can readjust purchase prices and also such accordingly.

Accepting an offer on her Welk Timeshare

Once an market is make on her listing,we will contact you to go over the details. Fidelity actual Estate agents have the right to facilitate the negotiations because that you.


If you decide to expropriate the offer, we will certainly draft increase the contract of sale because that both next to sign.

Once contracts room written and signed, it’s no over yet! The resort that your timeshare is linked with has the best of first refusal (ROFR), which method they deserve to step in together the buyer. If this happens, the will will end up being the buyer of her timeshare and also accept the regards to the contract. If the resort refuses the offer, the sale continues with the initial buyer.

Navigating the ideal of an initial Refusal

Once the ROFR is waived through the resort, us can direct you to a reliable title company that will transport the title the end of her name. The title firm will process the title transfer and also send the brand-new title and also documents come the resort and the ar the resort is situated in. This can take a tiny while depending upon the title company and the county your will is located. It is in patient, though, due to the fact that it’s almost done! And, your Fidelity real Estate is with you every action of the means to save you updated on the process.


After the title is moved out of your name, girlfriend should call the resort (Welk in this case) come confirm. Perform not avoid paying your maintenance fees till you confirm through the resort, HOA or mortgage lender that the ownership is no longer tied to you. Till this is done, you will still be responsible for paying the maintenance fees.

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Get Started marketing Your Timeshare currently by Filling the end the kind Below! One of our Licensed actual Estate agents will contact you as quickly as possible.