UPDATE: ns am no longer selling Plexus together an ambassador–But I have left this guide obtainable for those who space interested in learning more about it.

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I never ever saw myself ending up being interested in the selling aspect of an MLM. I’ve to buy my same share of straight sales products and enjoyed them end the years, but the idea of selling person-to-person sound scary.

And then ns learned about Plexus Worldwide.

It to be intriguing to check out Facebook posts about this very delicious “pink drink” and the distinction it to be making in people’s lives. This drink to be claiming come give people energy and also make them healthier.*

I wondered why others trusted this company and if it could readjust my husband’s life together well. Girlfriend see, in 2019 mine husband started feeling sick virtually daily. It gradually became worse till he started to shed his hair in random circle spot on his head and also face.

Seeing the hopeful posts about Plexus provided me hope that my husband’s gut health might be restored.*

I looked earlier at those posts and also paid attention to what others were saying about the products. “Want to feel better and it is in happier?”* asked one post. Maybe they were onto something. Ns wouldn’t recognize until ns did my very own research into Plexus.

The natural method of marketing the product through personal testimonials and also stories is what clinched me ~ above the company aspect.** when I learned around the product and decided to offer it a try, it wasn’t due to the fact that someone was pushy and also trying to make money turn off of me. The was because they cared about my family’s health and well being.

Becoming a Plexus Ambassador allows me proceed to to buy the commodities at a discount every month. So, even if I had chosennot to sell Plexus as a business, I would still have actually chosen to be an Ambassador for the wholesale discount!

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What is Plexus?

Plexus is a firm that offers a wide selection of assets claiming come be devoted to health and also happiness. These products assist your body gain rid of bad stuff and create much better digestive health. The ingredient in the commodities support a happy and also healthy lifestyle.

Megan Baldwin, Ruby Ambassador adds, “Plexus’ boutique heat of plant-based assets target gut health, help to balance blood sugar, and also reduce inflammation. It started as a breast health firm and quickly added more health-supporting assets to their line.”

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What is a Plexus Ambassador?


A Plexus Ambassador is someone who helps you find the right assets for your body. The company strives to be a company for everyone. Therefore, the Ambassador is the link in between the products and also the customers. Essentially, Ambassadors do money selling Plexus.

Additionally, you deserve to choosenotto offer Plexus, yet still become an ambassador because that the product discounts. There room no offering minimums simply to organize the ambassador status.

5 things to recognize Before becoming a Plexus Ambassador

Please spend 5 minutes learning much more about the firm and whether coming to be an Ambassador is the appropriate step for you.

Retail customer vs preferred Customer vs Ambassador

There are three methods to purchase Plexus. Below is just how to determine which method is best for girlfriend (or for her future client if you walk on to offer Plexus!).

an approach 1: end up being a retail Customer

Order together a retail customer if you space testing various Plexus commodities or simply placing a one-time order.

If you’re just looking to provide the product a try, climate purchasing together a sleeve customer is your finest option. This will enable you to try Plexus without committing come a monthly subscription.

technique 2: become a wanted Customer

Become a desired customer if you room placing a monthly subscription order of much less than $100.

You can collection up a subscription order and buy assets like Plexus SLIM because that a 5% discount as a desired customer. This will offer you the finest price without committing come any added fees. That means if you room unsure whether you will continue purchasing the product, you have the right to cancel her subscription at any time.

*Note: if your subscription costs an ext than $100 per month, please proceed reading the benefits of upgrading come an ambassador account.

method 3: come to be an Ambassador

Enroll together an Ambassador if you arrangement to resell Plexus or wish to collection up a monthly subscription stimulate of $100 or more.

If you end up being an Ambassador, girlfriend can obtain discounts on Plexus assets through the company’s website. Plus, you have the right to earn points because that recommending commodities to friends and also PV exclusive right to use toward totally free products.

Unlike a retail or wanted customer, an Ambassador comes through a yearly cost. The expense is precious it if you setup to acquisition a combo (3 pack) of assets for $99+and you setup to make at least three continuous monthly purchases.

As an Ambassador, you also have the choice to sell to just a couple of friends via indigenous of mouth or you can turn it into a business.

Plexus Ambassador Benefits

Discounts on every products; Unlimited accessibility to free training and resources; Person-to-person training and tips via team on facebook groups; Plexus website of your own; No-hassle- commodities ship directly to her customers; only $19.95 to come to be an Ambassador because that Plexus and start her business; earn commissions, bonuses, and totally free products; The products virtually sell themselves with testimonials.

Plexus Ambassador Cons

find your own customers; No collection wages earned or assures of make money in ~ all; have to sell a minimum that $100 every month to begin making a the supervisory board (this includes any purchases friend make); The Ambassador fee renews at $39.95 every year.

You Don’t need to Sell Plexus to end up being an Ambassador

There room two different reasons you could want to come to be a Plexus Ambassador: to acquire the product in ~ wholesale pricing (cheapest) or to do money marketing Plexus. You deserve to be one Ambassador for one or both reasons—there are no rules.

However, if you just wish to do a one-time purchase, climate the price of becoming an ambassador might not be precious the save of purchase the commodities wholesale. If you desire to buy just one or two products, then you should end up being a customer. Yet if you setup to to buy a combination of assets on a monthly basis (for at the very least 3 months), then becoming an Ambassador is worth it!

The Ambassador Compensation Plan and also Bonuses

If you want to do money as an Ambassador, then you’ll want to salary close attention to this section. Plexus has actually an remarkable compensation arrangement with opportunties to knife bonuses because that sharing assets that work.

As a Plexus Ambassador, you have the chance to make about anywhere from $300 per month to nearly $40,000 every month.** convert that come a yearly salary and also many people find it possible to quit your day jobs. Each level that sales reached gets friend closer to progressing in the Plexus level and pay, which rises your earning potential.

Welcome Package:

As a new ambassador, you can purchase a welcome parcel that arrays from $99 to $199, depending on present promotions and also product needs. This deal permits you to meet the initial purchase needs to begin making money marketing Plexus. It also lets you endure the benefits of the product so the you can honestly recommend them to her customers.


Each step of the Plexus level and also pay scale earns you an ext in commission. “With each rank promo in Plexus, you have the chance to nearly double your monthly paycheck. A one-time cash bonus is accomplished at each rank, and also commissions increase as the size of her team grows,” claims Baldwin.**


In enhancement to the commission, Ambassadors have actually the opportunity to knife a complimentary Lexus and also profit shares in ~ the company.**

Leaders Vacation:

Ambassadors in the Emerald Level and over also knife an all-expense paid holidays for 2 to Maui every year.**

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Your Upline and Downline

The upline is the pecking order line that Sponsors/Ambassadors extending upwards native an Ambassadorship. This way the person who recruited you into the company (your Sponsor) and also the greater levels from that person.

Just prefer in a brick and mortar company, there is you, your team leader, her manager, her director, etc. The same line goes for you, her sponsor, their sponsor, etc.

The downline contains those listed below the Ambassador, hence generating an revenue from those under their line.** as an Ambassador, you come to be a sponsor for various other Ambassadors who authorize up under you, “and together your team of Ambassadors grows more comprehensive and deeper, you development ranks in ~ the company,” states Baldwin.

Many Ambassadors do money by selling the product alone and/or structure a team. It is encouraged that you incorporate these techniques to maximize your earnings.** friend don’t need to assume a management position till you’re ready, but the opportunity is always there.

Plexus Ambassador Reviews

We require to attend to the elephant in the room: bad reviews. As with most companies, Plexus has its same share of an unfavorable and neutral reviews. Why? due to the fact that it’s not magic. There room health issues that stem deeper 보다 gut health.* It’s OK, and many time wise, to step earlier and top a doctor around your needs.

Additionally, not every Plexus Ambassador is effective at marketing the products. This deserve to lead to negative reviews around the company structure and the opportunity to do money through it. But as with any kind of business, it’s going come take tough work and also consistency to become a effective Ambassador.**

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and also Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any type of disease.

**Plexus provides no promises of income or benefit you might earn together a Plexus Ambassador. Your success counts on her effort, commitment, skill and also leadership abilities, and how efficiently you practice those qualities. Please check out the Plexus yearly Income Disclosure Statement.

14 quick Steps to become a Plexus Ambassador

If the earning potential of an Ambassador would make all the difference in her life, take into consideration joining Plexus in their Ambassador program. No issue if friend only need a pair hundred extra dollars every month or thousands, the Plexus Ambassador program deserve to fit into any kind of lifestyle.**

Or you have the right to follow this steps simply to get the commodities at wholesale pricing. There’s no push to sell unless youwantto.

1. Select The choice to Enroll together an Ambassador

Open Plexusworldwide.com in a different tab to come to be an Ambassador because that Plexus and also start your undertaking in simply a couple of minutes. Save this tutorial open to acquire a finish overview of the process (Step #4 is important!).


2. Check You Would choose to obtain Started

Select get Started to start the process.


3. Entry Your straightforward Contact Information

Plexus needs your country, language preference, first and critical name, email address, and also phone number to obtain started.


4. Choose a Password and also Ambassador

After typing your information, that is time come secure your account through a password and then choose an Ambassador.

Selecting an Ambassador is vital step friend don’t desire to miss. If you perform not pick your Ambassador, one will randomly it is in assigned to you.

5. Stimulate an annual Membership

I know an annual membership seems like you’re being locked right into something you don’t even know if you’ll favor in one month indigenous now, allow alone 12 months! think me, ns was skeptical about doing it at first, too.

However, it’s a relatively small price to pay to start up an entire business possibility that can potentially earn you countless dollars every month.** with this in mind, the $19.95 promotional price isn’t so bad.

Plus, if you determined not to make money selling Plexus however would fairly buy the commodities for yourself, the remarkable discounts you get will be much much more than the $19.95 because that the annual Ambassador membership.


*These statements have not to be evaluated by the Food and also Drug Administration. This product is no intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any type of disease.

**Plexus provides no promises of income or profit you might earn together a Plexus Ambassador. Her success depends on your effort, commitment, skill and also leadership abilities, and also how properly you practice those qualities. Please view the Plexus annual Income Disclosure Statement.

6. Choose a Welcome Pack

Now, because that the funny part! choosing your Welcome Pack means you can pick from the variety of commodities Plexus sells at discounted prices. This is the perfect possibility to test out the products so that you have the right to sell them come others and also tell them about your first-hand experience.*

As a bonus, the Plexus service model is various from various other businesses in that most successful Ambassadors use and also see improvements while using the product.*


Example options:

The TriPlex Welcome fill (pictured in the middle) is among the most renowned combinations Plexus offers. It’s design to piece your gut of negative bacteria and replenish it with an excellent bacteria.* It contains SLIM, the acquainted “pink drink,” i m sorry aids hunger control and weight loss.


7. No Interested in to buy Yet? friend Can choose to Skip

If friend decide not to purchase a welcome pack, you will certainly still must sell at the very least $100 worth of product prior to you deserve to earn a commission. Bespeak the load will immediately put you end the threshold so that you deserve to potentially earn money as an Ambassador best away.**


You’ll need to confirm:


Note: many successful Ambassadors use the products and also let the results assist sell the product.*

8. You’ll immediately Start a Monthly Subscription Order

If the monthly subscription is no for you, girlfriend can easily cancel this online.


9. Go into Your Identification

Plexus adheres to federal taxes regulations and also therefore must have actually this information from you for you to proceed with the Ambassador program. They require to recognize who they room paying.**

If giving your Social security Number (SSN) makes you uncomfortable, Plexus accepts an employer Identification Number (EIN) together well. Friend can apply for a complimentary EIN top top the IRS website (available during US company hours).

You will also give your new Plexus organization a tradition URL. I supplied the very same name that I usage for mine blog, but you have the right to get an innovative and use your name or a an imaginative name that you have the right to later apply to a team.


10. Include Shipping and also Payment Information, review Order

Finish the last steps and confirm your order to end up being a Plexus Ambassador!

11. Welcome come The Team!

When you check your bespeak of the Plexus Ambassadorship and also Welcome load (if you decide to acquisition one), friend will automatically be component of the team.

12. Include a file Image

This helps me and your customers obtain to understand you. Take a take self or pull your favorite picture of yourself from Facebook and also upload the to her account!

13. Take a Look at Your custom Storefront!

Explore the choices your new business site and also storefront offers. Your storefront have the right to be found at https://shop.plexusworldwide.com/yourstorename– usage the practice URL you made decision to view your storefront.

14. Evaluation Your online Office

View your digital office and take time come get familiar with the business side of Plexus. Discovering your dashboard/office will aid in your success. Notification all the crucial features of her dashboard. Learn just how to easily navigate to the locations you will need as you construct this business.**

Login in ~ https://login.plexusworldwide.com/

My Dashboard: This is the “home page” that your digital Office. You’ll see a picture of every one of your simple activity here.

My Business: This choice will show your account details that you listed when signing up. It will additionally show you who your Ambassador is and what your brand-new Ambassador id is so that others can join her team.

Training Center: Get accessibility here to loads of free resources and also training to help you learn the business, products, and increase her earning potential.**

Incentives & Recognition: right here you will see the Plexus salary level you have actually reached and how nearby you room to the next level. Additionally, you’ll uncover incentives you have the right to work towards and also your recognition.**

Sharing Plexus: conveniently share your storefront through others to start selling Plexus.**

Shop: include to your collection at home and also shop assets for yourself! Or use the shop come learn about products other customers room interested in so the you can ideal refer them to the products they will certainly love.

*These statements have not to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any kind of disease.

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**Plexus provides no assures of revenue or profit you may earn together a Plexus Ambassador. Your success counts on her effort, commitment, skill and also leadership abilities, and how successfully you practice those qualities. Please see the Plexus yearly Income Disclosure Statement.

Tips on how to be effective with Plexus

As with any type of business, the much more you put into it, the an ext successful you will be. If you want to have actually the highest earning potential by selling Plexus, here are some vital tips you deserve to implement to acquire you started.**

Join an active Team the Sellers

Find someone that is proactively selling Plexus and also join their team. It’s much easier to sell when someone is cheering you on!