In red states, invoice Wyatt sells T-shirts that say "Drain the Swamp." In blue states, they to speak "Fuck Trump."

On the morning after Donald trumped was chosen president the the joined States, bill Wyatt satellite in his auto in phibìc Carolina through cardboard boxes carrying numerous T-shirts he could no longer sell. "History made," read one, v a screen-printed graphics of Hillary Clinton elevating her arms in celebration. "President Nasty Woman" check out the other, accompanied by an image of the secretary the state put on dark sunglasses, the notorious blackberry in her hand removed.

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Wyatt, a longtime political merchandiser, had spent hundreds of dollars banking on the Clinton win that so plenty of polls and pundits had falsely predicted. In hindsight, he says he deserve to see wherein her project went wrong: She didn't have good T-shirts.

"We tried, yet she didn't offer us something to occupational with," Wyatt told me.

Clinton, that was criticized for appearing too stiff and image-conscious, specifically when contrasted to she boisterous, volatile opponent, embraced the campaign slogan "I'm through Her," i beg your pardon was printed on T-shirts and also hats for sale on her website. Yet Wyatt saw the endorsement, which commemorated an opposition come Trump as much as it did the opportunity of the country's an initial woman president, together patronizing and—even worse—ineffective.

"It's like, 'I'm v stupid,'" the told me. "I mean, that didn't make any type of sense."

Wyatt, who has owned the Los Angeles T-shirt shop Y-Qué for nearly two decades, knows a thing or two around slogans that sell. In 2002, the struck it large when the made a T-shirt bearing 2 now well known words: "Free Winona." The shirt came to be a national rallying cry, finishing with the actor it s her wearing the T-shirt on the covering of W magazine that year. (The shirt is tho in share at Y-Qué today.)

But once asked which Clinton T-shirt the designed before the election, Wyatt has trouble even recalling them. The graphics simply weren't memorable. One T-shirt, bearing a side profile of Clinton looking favor a young revolutionary through a slicked back hairdo, "doesn't also look choose her," the laughed.

Another, bearing picture of bill Clinton and Barack Obama emblazoned v the words, "I'm v her," was personally offered to Clinton's husband at a rally, follow to Wyatt. "The mystery ran behind me, every the means back to mine booth, to make certain they obtained the right size," the remembers. "He's a medium."

The differences in between the two candidates and also the ways in i beg your pardon they gift themselves come the American publicly weren't just evident on the dispute stages—they trickled under to your merchandising. " had basic message slogans that people would buy and wear and promote, and also she didn't really have a clean message," Wyatt called me. Over there was definitely nothing together memorable together "Make America good Again," a look at empty however boastful promise that became not simply a mantra that the far right yet a unifying fashion staple for the sea of pan sporting red trucker hats at Trump rallies together if they were sporting events.

"Think around it: The merchandising is the marketing, and everybody that gets one put on it, castle advertise," Wyatt said. "It's difficult when you're sitting there watching that other guy have actually 100 rallies, and also you know, everybody's making tons of money ."

Sales weren't constantly this dismal because that Wyatt. Ago when Bernie Sanders was competing against Clinton because that the autonomous nomination, he sold shirts choose crazy, co-opting punk rock logos from black color Flag, poor Brains, and the Misfits, and also simply instead of the band's name with Sanders's. Other T-shirts imagined Sanders together the guerrilla leader Ché Guevara, or boring grassroots campaign slogans like, "Feel the Bern" and also "Bernie or Bust."

Wyatt states he sold about 2,000 T-shirts while traveling to Sanders rallies about the country earlier this year. But after Sanders lost the autonomous nomination, sales slumped, and he fell into a "post-Bernie depression."

In the last weeks the Clinton's campaign, Wyatt sensed a new wave the excitement. Therefore he packed up the blank shirts he'd originally bought for Sanders, published them with new slogans because that Clinton, and also hit the road, offering T-shirts at she rally on choice eve in Raleigh, phibìc Carolina. By choice night, members that his sales team were already posted in ~ Javits facility in brand-new York City, whereby Clinton's success party to be scheduled, and Wyatt had planned to spend Wednesday afternoon selling T-shirts come euphoric revelers at freedom Hall in Philadelphia.

Instead, he headed to philadelph to test the end the sector on a new line of T-shirts and also trucker hats intended to appeal to Trump supporters: "Drain the swamp," lock read, a referral to the phrase Trump supplies as a metaphor for cleaning out the facility government.

On the West Coast, meanwhile, he'll continue to offer T-shirts that read, "Fuck Trump"—because there's no much better way to illustrate the starkly divided nation than with different T-shirt designs. The acknowledges the his sales setup has become schizophrenic, pandering to both the left and the right, but he claims it's essential for his company to survive.

"It's not easy out there, and also that's the reason why more than likely Trump won—because people don't have actually jobs, and you can't make money anymore," he said. "So if this is what i gotta do, this is what i gotta do. I don't have the deluxe of simply doing what I want politically anymore."

Wyatt claims he has reason come be pessimistic about united state politics. In 2004, he ran for president himself, as a Republican—partly in an effort to take votes far from then president George W. Bush, who was up for reelection, and also partly together a society experiment to see how much he could get. He arrived at the ballot in five states, but came to be disillusioned after discovering that some states do not organize primaries.

With his politics career long behind him and this election in the not-so-distant past, he's looking front to getting earlier to his family and his keep in Los Angeles and doing what the does best: making T-shirts. He's got a Trumpacabra and also a Trumpocalypse shirts in the works. And, in an answer to Trump's danger to arrest Clinton for utilizing a private email server, he's got an additional idea increase his sleeve: A shirt v Clinton's face on it, which reads: "Free Hillary."

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