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never Use Your actual Email attend to

When posting and responding come an ad on Craigslist, you have actually the choice of using your real email attend to or a Craigslist-provided proxy email address. Safeguard your really email attend to from spammers and scammers by opting because that the Craigslist address.

The anonymized Craigslist email deal with is good for posting ads on the website without revealing any kind of identifying information beyond your an initial name. However, even if girlfriend opt for the proxy email as soon as responding come an ad, the seller quiet sees your real name and also any personal details detailed in your email signature.

To safeguard your actual email address when responding to an ad, consider a disposable e-mail address, such as one indigenous Mailinator or GishPuppy, come conceal her identity. Using one of these alternative email solutions preserves anonymity transparent the whole transaction.

Shop in your ar When possible

Craigslist advises: "Deal locally with folks friend can satisfy in person." This method eliminates lot of your risk of being scammed. Yet this advice comes through its very own security risks; it's crucial to take it precautions (see below).

satisfy in a publicly Place and also Don't walk Alone

For her safety, always meet the buyer or seller in a windy place, such together a coffee shop. Bring a friend to angry the transaction and keep an eye out for her safety.

Some police departments carry out a designated area in your parking lots where you can fulfill a the person who lives or seller. These locations are video taped and also monitored by police officers.

Don't satisfy in a diverted place.Never invite strangers into your home.Always take your cellphone v you.Never go alone.

Never offer Out personal or Financial details

Some scammers post job listings top top Craigslist and say they must run a "credit check" ~ above responders. This is a ploy come steal your an individual information to acquire credit cards in her name or command some various other kind of identity fraud.

In any kind of Craigslist transaction, never offer out an individual or jae won information. Always meet in person, lug a friend, and deal in cash or use a secured or proxied form of payment such as PayPal come avoid providing your credit transaction card details to the seller.

stop Using Money-Wiring services

Craigslist alerts that anyone who asks girlfriend to use a money-wiring business is most likely trying to scam you. Cable transfers it seems to be ~ to it is in the service of choice for criminals (especially foreign ones) perpetrating shipping fraud and other virtual scams.

never Buy miscellaneous Without see It in Person an initial

When purchase an item, don't trust the snapshot posted on Craigslist. Sellers occasionally use an image from the internet to misrepresent the product they're selling.

If you want to purchase the item, examine it out in person before making a deal, and follow the above safety tips for meeting a seller in person.

eliminate Geotags indigenous Pictures before You short article Them

If you take a photo of things to sell on Craigslist, be careful. Photos taken through a GPS-enabled smartphone may have actually the physical ar of where you take it the snapshot embedded in the EXIF metadata, which is part of the picture's record header.

While friend can"t check out the gps geotag information in the picture, thieves utilizing an EXIF metadata viewer applications might have the ability to read the location information to assist locate the item.

Craigslist doesn"t specify whether or not it gets rid of geotags, as some virtual sites do, so it"s wise to remove geotag info from your photos prior to uploading them to Craigslist.

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Use one EXIF geotag removal app to eliminate the geotag details from your pictures before you post them online.