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Last night I determined to market my old cell phone on Craigslist and also I didn’t desire to wait a couple of main to get rid of it.

So I implemented the complying with steps and I to be able to sell it in ~ 2 hours of listing it.

Here are the advice I used to market my phone call quickly and also I’m sure they’ll assist you to sell your items on Craigslist quickly and at a kind price.

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Tips to market Items on Craigslist Quickly

Below space my peak tips on exactly how to make certain that your item selling pronto top top Craigslist.

1. Determine the sector Price

When searching for the industry price, you deserve to start by going to Ebay and also checking the ‘completed listings’ since this will show you what has actually sold and also for just how much. This will provide you an idea that what the need is for your certain item.

If over there is no demand then her item will certainly not market fast. One more option is to check current Craigslist listings in your area for comparable products and see what they space going for.

If you’re marketing a large ticket items such as a car or boat, friend can inspect prices online through sites favor Kelley Blue book or NADA.

2. Price the Right

Once you’ve done her research and checked the end the market price, you’ll desire to price your item competitively. You deserve to do the by pricing it similarly orslightly much less than one in a similar condition to yours.

For instance, when I sold myphone top top Craigslist there to be a phone like mine ~ above there for a $240 asking price, so I listed mine in ~ $220.

Remember, just due to the fact that something is detailed at a certain price, doesn’t average somebody will acquire that price for it. If there space items similar to yours listed, you’ll desire to have actually the better deal.

3. Be willing to Negotiate

You need to be ready to negotiate otherwise girlfriend may end up stuck with the item that you are trying to sell. People always feel much better about a purchase when they get a deal.

A an excellent expectation would certainly be to setup to market your item for 10-20% much less than the perform price. Once I sold the phone ns talked around earlier, I detailed it for $220, but in mine mind I intended that i would sell it because that $200.

One of the very first things the guy who bought my phone request me was what my lowest price was. Ns told that that i just provided it and the shortest I might go was $200. That bought it and did not even shot to negotiate any kind of lower.

4. Explain the items in Detail

Have this concern in mind once you perform the product, “What would certainly I want to know if ns were to buy this item?” right here are some great answers you might consider when identify what details to include in her description:


Does it have any kind of flaws, damage, and also is it totally functional?

The betteryou define the condition, the less awkward the conversation will be as soon as the person concerns look in ~ it because they will have clearer expectations when they check out the article in person.

If a person knows precisely what come expect once they’re comes to see your item, the chances of purchase are higher.

However, if friend list her item in “excellent” condition and also it’s complete of wear and tear, prospective buyers will likely walk away disappointed.


What space the particular characteristics? when I offered my old phone call I provided the screen size, storage capacity, processor speed, how plenty of mega-pixels the camera was, etc.

Some people are looking Craiglist for anitem with particular specifications, for this reason if you list the specs, girlfriend will have actually a much better chance of these types of buyers finding her listing.

For instance, if you are marketing a car on Craigslist, friend should think about listing the engine size, whether no it is 4 wheel drive, how numerous miles it gets to a gallon, current mileage, etc.


What comes with the item? Listing the equipment is important because it can be a factor someone buys her item over somebody else’s.

For example, as soon as listing a cabinet phone some accessories would include a case, a vehicle charger, or even an extra wall surface charger.

When marketing items such together cars, talk about accessories such together heated seats, strength windows, CD football player or DVD players, etc.

List a Reason

What is the factor you are offering it? This does not need to be long. One sentence should do. This means people know the “why” behind the listing and they will certainly be more comfortable around givingyou a call.

Sometimes if the price is as well low and also there is no reason, people may avoid call since they think it might be a scam.

Or they might think you’re trying to get rid of a bad quality item. If you have actually a great reason for selling, world are an ext likely to take a second look at your listing.

Telephone Number

You have to list her phone number to market it quickly. I in reality don’t also contact world with just an email address. Oftentimes those are scams or marketing ploys to acquire your contact info. Also, usage the digits like this: 602-555-5555.

Don’tdo this: 6 0 2 555-555Five. This is annoying since often I choose to speak to from my cabinet phone. If excellent right, I deserve to just touch the number when I check out the ad and it instantly places a call. If you perform it the latter way, this is not possible.

Special Features

Is over there anything about this item that is various from rather listed? If there is, make sure to placed that together well.

Share special functions without criticizing comparable listings – the goal is come share what the is about your product that makes it worth taking a look.

This might be the difference in between someone buying your or one more item lock find.

5. Take good Pictures

People desire to recognize the quality of a product before they will take the moment to come and also see it. If the photos of your item space taken from the Internet, that tells the the person who lives that you’re no crazy about revealing the actual condition of the item.

If girlfriend take negative quality pictures that space blurry or have poor lighting, they could make the item you’re do the efforts to offer look in worse problem than it actually is.

You don’t have to have an expensive camera to take great photos because that Craigslist, but it is crucial to make certain the photos are clear and also taken in organic daylight for the finest results.

Also, if over there is any kind of damage on an item, include a snapshot of that as well so civilization know increase front what come expect.

6. Offer Items in Batches

If you have more than one item come sell, list every one of the items in ~ one time, and check the “include an ext ads by this user” box as soon as you list her items.

This will aid you get more exposure for every one of the ingredient you desire to sell and might encourage potential buyers to pick up various other things they need or want that you room selling, even if they’re only at first calling about one particular item.

7. Permit Text Messages

The reality of the matter is that us live in a people where world would fairly text 보다 talk. If you allow text message on your advertisement people might be more likely come respond and also to come and also see your product.

Text messaging is an ext convenient for potential buyers and often outcomes in a faster solution time than interacting through timeless email.


If you want to offer your items quickly, climate you need to separate yourself from the competition.

By describing your item well, taking good pictures and making it easy for potential buyers to call you, you have a much better chance of marketing your items on Craigslist or comparable sites quicker than the competition sells theirs.

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These space tips that I have actually personally provided to remove stuff fast and also if friend implement them, you may be surprised to view how quickly you have the right to turn her stuff right into cash.