I see articles on craigslist because that concert ticket that space going because that 50 dollars each. The original price (including business charges) seems to be 42 dollars each as soon as I make the efforts to obtain them online. Is this no illegal? ns am in Virginia and can’t uncover laws top top Google.

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The concert is not sold out, just looking to watch if I have the right to get much better seats (it’s GA).

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Unless you room a ticket broker or go with a brokerage the is. Try stubhub.com if you desire to get much more than friend paid.

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tablack01 can you give a resource for that information, since I don’t think the is illegal come re-sell tickets the you have purchased for personal use.

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As far as ns know, it’s called “scalping” and it’s illegal. The reason that the is illegal is the same reason that bootleg is illegal. Dare proceeds for any kind of event is an alleged to walk to those who bring the event abut, and also those are distributed according to an inner system. X amount because that the performer, x amount because that the manager, etc. For an ourside resource to purchase then re sell tickets and make a profit is taken into consideration the same as piracy. Or the is illegal because that the exact same reasons.

It varies through which state friend live in. The legislation in the state the the occasion doesn’t use to you uneven you live in that state. Here are the state laws:

Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Alberta (CA), Manitoba (CA), Ontario (CA)

No more than face value.

Connecticut, north Carolina

No an ext than challenge value add to $3.


No an ext than confront value add to $1.

No sale of multi-day or multi-event ticket that have been used at least once for admission.


Only the initial purchaser, a charity or a licensed broker may sell for more than confront value.


No more than confront value to add $2 (except that a ticket broker license is granted by the state might charge for details additional expenses related to acquiring and also selling the ticket).


No more than confront value for events held on state own property and also athletic contests in ~ Mississippi colleges and also universities; no boundaries on other events.


No an ext than challenge value for sporting events; no borders on various other events.

New Jersey

No an ext than challenge value add to the greater of 20% of the ticket price or $3.00 (except the a registered ticket broker or a season ticket holder might accept a premium of up to 50% that the price paid to acquire the ticket).

New Mexico

No much more than confront value for college athletic events; no borders on other events.

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New York

No an ext than confront value plus 45% of the ticket price because that venues seating more than 6,000 and also no an ext than face value add to 20% for smaller sized venues.