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Have you ever taken the time to go approximately your home and make a list of things that you desire to get rid of on Craigslist?

If you’ve never done this, I can tell girlfriend this is a great exercise in intended living and intentional spending since you can make money from offering things girlfriend no much longer use and also use the funds to salary off debt or acquisition things you will certainly use.

There is no fee to sell things ~ above Craigslist or advertise your garage revenue there. You simply need to produce an account, navigate to your city, and also create a new posting.

How to offer on Craigslist: Tips because that Selling

Here are a couple of tips and also trick for exactly how to market on craigslist the will help you make the most from your efforts.

1. Make her Craigslist short article Headline Clear

The vast majority of craigslist customers are hunting for something an extremely specific. For this reason the more of these civilization you can attach with, the much more your item will market for.

Make sure you administer a clear, descriptive title to permit searchers recognize what you’re selling. To explain, permit me offer an example. Ns recently searched for “patio furniture” ~ above Craigslist. Among the listings that come up had a title that merely said “patio furniture.”


This is obviously as straightforward as you could possibly acquire for a headline description. Now contrast that listing v this one that was the following one top top the page.


Notice exactly how much an ext detail this listing includes. By reading the headline alone you would understand that:

This is a 7-piece set.This is Martha Stewart-branded patio furniture.The furniture is an ideal for the end use.

When you offer buyers advantageous information favor that in the headline it rises the chance that they will certainly decide to click on your listing.

One point that you’ll desire to avoid, though, is filling your headline through subjective adjectives choose “beautiful,” “quality,” and “gorgeous.” Instead, include actual facts about the item, prefer the materials that the made out of, that is age, or the brand.

Also, prevent SCREAMING AT her POTENTIAL BUYER and avoid making use of tacky symbols (%$*$*&^).

2. Shot to Balance Clarity with Creativity

The most vital thing is come ensure your description is clear and exhaustive. Be certain to include everything over there is come know around your item, including dimensions, colors, and condition. Be certain to check manufacturers websites come get more details about your item to include.

But at the same time, friend don’t desire to bore human being to death with unimportant details or substantial blocks of text. Shot to acquire as lot information throughout to your potential buyers in a means that doesn’t do them feel overwhelmed.

Also, try to think of an imaginative ways to stand out from the crowd. When I looked up “computer repair,” a many ho-hum listings popped increase of world advertising your repair businesses. But the one below really recorded my eye.


The shelves complete of working computers somehow make me feel more confident that this guy had a legitimate business that could aid fix mine computer. Walk that mean that he’s any much better of a computer repairman 보다 the others? No. The ideal repairman could have actually been who from one of the other listings.

But there’s a an excellent chance that i would have actually chosen this man over the others just since his ad resonated with me the most. Spending a little extra time and putting a small extra effort into your Craigslist advertisement could really do a huge difference in exactly how well that performs.

3. Perform Every Item for Sale in Every Craigslist Post

If you are heralding a garage sale, make sure that your craigslist post includes every one of the items you are selling. Looking for a an excellent example? inspect out the garage revenue listing below.


Now, that’s the means to perform a garage revenue on Craigslist! Think that consisting of that level of information is overkill? Think again.

You merely never recognize who will be in search of that one item in ~ the bottom of the bucket. And even if you’re just selling one item, you might still desire to use a perform to describe the items in detail. Why? due to the fact that lists are easier to read than vast blocks the text.

4. Upload Photos come Every Craigslist Post

Potential buyers certainly prefer to check out a clear, well-lit set of pictures of the actual items you space selling. If there’s one action that can literally make or break how well her Craigslist advertisement performs, it’s this one. Your listing might be together descriptive as the job is long, but people won’t even get to your summary if friend don’t have actually a good picture to catch their eye.

When people are searching for things top top Craigslist, they room usually quickly scanning with dozens or also hundreds the listings within the span of a few minutes. If the picture on your advertisement is fuzzy, blurry, or dark, why would anyone prevent scrolling to click on it?

To aid you see what ns mean, examine out these two listings for leather couches.


The one ~ above the left has good lighting and also is shot native a perspective that mirrors some the the surrounding decorations. This helps to offer prospective buyers an idea of just how a item of furniture can fit into an all at once living space.

On the other hand, the photo on the appropriate has damaging lighting, is blurry, and is a head-on shot that doesn’t include any type of of the remainder of the living room into the picture. I m sorry one would you be more interested in buying?

5. Check Craigslist Posts and eBay Listings come Price her Listing

The very first step below is to know what her item is worth. Search comparable listings on craigslist or examine eBay for completed revenue results.


Secondly, be mindful that Craigslist buyers will want to negotiate or even barter. Being open to these points will minimize your profit, but will increase your possibilities of selling.

6. Satisfy the Craigslist buyer in a windy Place and Bring a Friend

Avoid having actually a potential seller come within your residence or visit you once you room alone. If you’re in a bind and need to sell alone, run on a phone speak to with a friend and have them wait and also listen while you complete the transaction.

If it’s a garage revenue you room having, keep your home doors locked.

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7. Expropriate Cash Only

For all of Craigslist’s good points, it’s likewise become infamous for attracting every manner of scam artists. Craigslist scams come in every shapes and sizes. Yet you have the right to avoid nearly all of them by following one main dominion – only deal in cash. Period.

Really, that’s just around all you should know. However if you’d choose some an ext details, inspect out the tips the Craigslist management themselves have written increase on just how to prevent scams.

Do not administer payment to anyone you have not met in person.Beware offers entailing shipping–deal v locals friend can satisfy in person.Never wire funds (e.g. Western Union)–anyone that asks you to is a scammer.Don’t accept cashier/certified check or money orders–banks cash fakes, then hold you responsible.Transactions are between users only, no 3rd party offers a “guarantee”.Never provide out financial information (bank account, social security, PayPal account, etc).Do not rent or purchase sight-unseen–that amazing “deal” might not exist.Refuse background/credit checks till you have met landlord/employer in person.

As long as you take it the proper precautions, you deserve to take full advantage of Craiglist’s massive reach while also keeping yourself safe.

8. It’s her Community

While you’re acquisition the appropriate safety steps don’t forget to be friendly and also smile. Your regional Craigslist community is generally going to it is in the people you space living and also working next to.

Use the opportunity to do connections and also enjoy the interaction. Craigslist reports that numerous users phone call them about friends and also even far-reaching others they’ve met when buying and selling top top the service.

Some various other considerations ns have:

It’s essential to recognize what sells on craigslist. Anything can be marketed on craigslist, but it doesn’t median you should market it there.

Unique, collector’s items have to be exposed to a more comprehensive market using eBay.Anything the is small and conveniently mailed should also be a candidate for eBay or a larger market of some sort.

I’ve marketed a lot of things ~ above Craigslist: TVs, computers, tickets, kid’s toys, and even a car. If you’re walking to offer a automobile or any kind of high dollar value item where cash isn’t an option, then consider a payment escrow business to manage the exchange the money in between you and also the buyer.

Finally, you might want to also list her items on few of Craigslist’s competitors. Right here are some other renowned classified listings apps and websites the you might want to inspect out.

The an ext places the your listing deserve to be checked out the far better chance you’ll have of getting a hit!

What Sells quick on Craigslist?

Some items sell better on Craiglist 보다 others. Below are a few things that have a call for selling fast on Craigslist:

Furniture: Solid-wood furniture sells particularly well ~ above Craigslist due to its reputation for lasting such a lengthy time. Hardwood furniture can likewise be simple to refurbish and also sell for a profit. Mine wife and also I as soon as bought a solid-wood coffee table because that $20 ~ above Craigslist, spent $20 on provides to resolve it up, and also later offered it because that $80. That’s a rapid $40 profit!Yard equipment: There’s a hot market for lawn equipment on Craigslist since yard tools are regularly too big for people to market on eBay or Amazon.Cars: If you’re acquiring ready come buy a brand-new car and you very own your old one complimentary and clear, why not shot selling that on Craigslist? dare sell fast on Craigslist because people prefer to protect against dealership hassles and also fees. And if you have actually a mechanical background, flipping car on Craigslist could end up being a major side hustle.Appliances: comparable to garden equipment, appliances market well on Craigslist due to the fact that their size makes them impractical to offer on other sites.

And, think it or not, there’s a many of revenue potential in flipping appliances, too. Sound too an excellent to be true? check out our podcast to mark below.

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How come Sell and also Resell Washers and also Dryers top top Craigslist

We interviewed LaJuan Stoxstill-Diggs, aka Mr. Craigslist Hustle ~ above the podcast. He constructed a successful service selling washers and also dryers top top Craigslist.

In our podcast interview with LaJuan, the is very candid around his techniques and how girlfriend can get started. LaJuan discusses his story, just how to find great washer and dryer sets, how to market them because that profit, and also all the small details that go into this next hustle.

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LaJuan didn’t protect against with his very own gigs. He’s shared his expertise with the civilization in the type of his famous ebook, The Craigslist Hustle. Discover out all around his book and his success with marketing that on Amazon in the podcast.